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Monday Meowsie News…Update The Royals


I know that all of my readers remember the cry to “Save The Royals”…click HERE  for Part One: The Rescue…click HERE for Part Two: The Back Story and click HERE for Part Three…Social Media Rocks!

As many of you remember…I had “Writer’s Block” at the last of the posts…


…it was a tough road…but the toughest road was for the pawsome two adopters…Mom Rhonda, who adopted Emily…

Emily with the pretty eyes

Emily with the pretty eyes

and Mom Laura who adopted both Brutus and Marigold (brofur and sisfur)…

Marigold and Brutus

That rescue has had its share of trials and tribulations…both of the adopter furramilies had so much to deal with…from how to integrate the new Royals into the other cats in the home…and then…all of the Royals required dental work which we all know is HUGE costs.

Then Emily in Utah became very ill…and her new Mom Rhonda faced that challenge of how to cover the cost of her medical care…but Miss Rhonda never gave up.

…Emily flirting for her GrandPawrents…heh..heh…

Next, Miss Laura who adopted the brofur and sisfur Marigold and Brutus…she learned a day before receiving them that her landlord would not allow for two more cats…so Miss Laura had to go through the expense of moving her hufamily to a new home in a short week…but she did all of that to be able to joyfully receive Brutus and Marigold…Angel Mom Rose’s kitties.

Marigold 1

Now for the very very sad Monday Meowsie News…sweet, precious Marigold developed “wet” FIP…

….From June 3rd, when Marigold is still feeling sort of “OK” to June 11, when she was sliding fast toward the Bridge…Mom Laura was ever at her side.

Purrlease visit Mom Laura’s post to memorialize precious Marigold…click HERE…again, Purrlease leave words of encouragement for Marigold’s huFamily, furrAmily and especially for her Mom Laura.

Nellie’s Mom Barb created this lovely graphic and badge…purrlease feel free to add it on your blogs to let Marigold and Miss Rose know that you remember them…

Merigold-New-500x500notext copy

…the badge graphic…


I am proud that Mom Linda and I had some part in Saving The Royals…and we are all…including Dad Peter…shedding leaky eyes over Marigold’s run to the Bridge.  Mom Laura did just what Marigold needed…Mom Laura gave her release from pain, and suffering and sent her to join her Mom Rose whom she greatly missed and Mom Rose is waiting for Marigold with Beau…it is a joyful reunion…just ask Pepi Smart Dog

Precious Marigold…you will not be forgotten in our home…nor in your Mama Graces’ home…nor in many homes around the world…Fly sweet Marigold to a joyous reunion with Mom Rose…and wait for Mom Laura…she will join you in her own time too…she luvluvluv’d you so well…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…The Cat Blogosphere is holding an auction to help Mom Laura…she is over $4000USD in the final care of Precious Marigold…I have donated some more @tinypearlcat woofie and kitty hand painted stones…purrlease visit Marg to add your donated items if you can…and email Marg at margaretmsan at gmail dot com with any items you are willing to donate.

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33 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…Update The Royals

  1. Such a wonderful story, even though there is a sad ending. We know Marigold is back with Mom Rose. Our mom has shared several tears the last few days talking with Mom Laura.

  2. It is so sad about Marigold. Mum saw the story on facebook! I must get her to find some stuff to give to the auction!

    love, Austin xx

    • oh that would be so great Austin. What a tragic ending to such a brilliant rescue effort. Mom Laura is just broken over it. Anything you can donate to auction will help. I have put up more woofie and kitty stones of course MOL…my current faves! Mom may just look through her jewelry box too cuz she doesn’t wear half what’s in there anyways…now that she is retired!

  3. Oh we’re so very sorry a about sweet Marigold. One thing’s for certain…she was loved by a whole community of kitties and humans. (((purrs))) to her loving human.

  4. theislandcats on said:

    We are so sad about Marigold. We send purrs to Laura who we know is hurting very much.

  5. This is so sad. It’s tearing Laura apart. All that money nd she couldn’t save little Marigold. I hope the rest of the family is OK and you won’t have to update this story for a long long time.

    • you and me both Ck. Miss Laura moved from one home to another; all that moving expense; then all the vet care expense from dentals to now this. I don’t think she is part of the “1%” and probably this has put her over an edge financially. I wish I could help her more…sigh

  6. Flynn on said:

    I was so sad to hear about Marigold. Mom Laura gave her so much love and gave her the best care. My purrs go out to her.

  7. All of these hoomans and kitties have been through so very much. WE are so sad to hear about Marigold. WE hope Brutus will not grieve too long for his sister and we know Mom Laura’s heart is breaking.

  8. Oh, that’s so sad. Poor Marigold. Now she is together with her Mom, but it’s so hard to say good bye.

  9. da tabbies oh trout towne on said:





    all wayz



  10. That was such a lovely post. It is just too sad that Marigold had to go to the bridge so soon. Laura sure did try her best. And thanks for the shout out about the auction.

  11. I am so sad that dear Marigold suffered that awful fate and I pray the others are okay.

  12. so sad Savvy at least the others are doing well and in time Marigolds family will see her again,snuggles Speedy

  13. Oh that’s really sad news xxx

  14. Oh so very sad…..we truly remember the difficult time with The Royals but we know that all the animals over the Bridge are happy to welcome all newcomers who will forever live in our hearts. Thanks for letting us know about the auction too Savvy.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  15. Sending hugs to all of you!

  16. janetblue on said:

    Our purrayers go out to all the kitties and mommies. How tragic for Marigold. It doesn’t matter how long a kitty is in it’s human’s heart…it leaves paw prints and a deep love and devotion. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  17. Our hearts broke here too when we found out the sad news about Marigold. I’ve already been by the Heaven Sent blog and left my condolences. 😦

  18. We are stunned to hear about Marigold, Savvy. Mom is very sad. Our thoughts are with Mama Laura and everyone who helped rescue the Royals. We know how loved she was.

  19. meowmeowmans on said:

    We’re heartbroken. As you know, Tracey and I were the last leg of the transport for Brutus and Marigold. We handed them off to Mom Laura. We will visit her blog now.

  20. Oh, poor Marigold and poor everyone who was involved in saving all of these kitties with all the emotional ups and downs. I am glad Marigold is out of pain and is now beyond harm at the Rainbow Bridge with so many great pals to welcome her.

  21. catfromhell on said:

    We is happy that wes could helps. Me was so furry sad about Rose and then so HAPPY that the Royals gots to goes to new homes! Then this…
    We sends all our love and purrayers!

  22. This is a very moving story all along… Marigold and her human Rose will be watching over Emily, Brutus as well as Ms Rhonda’s and Ms Laura’s family now.
    Lots of purrs to all of them.

  23. We’re so sad about Marigold. We’re sending loud, healing purrs to Mom Laura at this sad time.

    The Florida Furkids

  24. Me n Mum iz so bery sowwy to read dat marigold went to Da Bridge…da only guud fing iz she will be wif Miss Rose again….leaky eyez here n hard to type…Mum where’s da tisshue?? 😦
    Pee Ess: Mom Laura did da right fing!!!! ❤

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