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Monday Meowsie News


I hope you will all find the focus of my next 4 weeks on Mondays exciting, moving, amazing, thought provoking, and in the end so joyful you will be thrilled.


Most of you know I was helping, with my Mom, to Save The Royals…they are 3 adult cats who were left suddenly without their huMom, known to many as QM Rose (QM for “Queen Mother”).  Emily, 9 years old, and Marigold and Brutus, 7 years old and brofur and sisfur were left with no home and no loving Mom or Dad.

We asked permission of those involved in their rescue to begin telling this story because Mom kept a record of sorts as it was unfolding. I had to catnap on this a bit before I came up with a plan for sharing this tale with all of you…the plan…

Each Monday, starting today, I will post a four part series:

Part One: The Rescue Plan

Part Two: The Back story…Where It All Started..The Royals Roots

Part Three: The Power of Paw Social Media

Part Four: The Joyous Ending As Told by Emily, Marigold and Brutus

Hope you find something in this series that makes you purrleased to have come by to read it…

The Rescue Plan: It Starts

  • February 25: in the Face Book (FB)  Group CWB (cats with blogs where the peeps talk) someone comments “has anyone else seen this?”…Rose and The Royals
  • Moments later this is posted: Missy Blue Eyes, more information about what has happened
  • 206 group members are learning that a much loved and long time cat blogger, Rose, has died suddenly. And they also learn that Miss ML (known for her pawsome work as a cat blogger for many years and for her dedication to the Cat Blogosphere where her cat KC has been a long time Repurrter)…anywho…Miss ML has let everyone know she has whisked Miss Rose’s 3 cats from being PTS and they are in a shelter.
  • Miss Rose lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey and Miss ML lives in Maryland
  • We also learn that Miss Rose’s family refused to participate in making her final arrangements and would not offer any financial help.  Miss ML accepted the responsibility all on her own…and many in the CWB group immediately chipped in to help her out.
  • Feb. 26 Miss Rhonda, Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy,  will give a home to Emily  but she needs transportation for Emily, from New Jersey to her new home in Utah.
  • Feb. 26 I am reading after Mom got back from her vacation and I see all the chatter and it looks like we can help.  So, Mom, Dad and I have a furramily meeting and agree we all have to do without something…but we offer to help pay to fly Emily to her new home if a peep will volunteer to make the road trip (we did not know there were 2 other cats at this time needing rescue)
  • Feb. 26 Miss Dorian, Your Daily Cute, offers to help with setting up transport from New Jersey to Utah!! But it will take a few weeks.
  • Feb. 27 Miss Laura, Heaven Sent Me Cat, says her Maxie needs new siblings…she will take Marigold and Brutus who desperately needed to be adopted together…YEA!!! BUT…Miss Laura lives in Massachusetts
  • Miss Dorian, she coordinates animal rescue transport called “Cute Heads” and she has a transport already traveling the weekend we can rescue the cats, March 9-10.  It is coming from Florida all the way through to Maine, passing right through the New Brunswick area!!…another YEA!!!

The Problem

  • Feb. 25-March 1…we can’t find where Miss ML placed the cats!! They are NOWHERE to be found.
  • We learn that the Animal Control of New Brunswick placed the cats for Miss ML, but they are not telling us where
  • Miss ML has fallen very ill; then her cat KC becomes very ill and rushed to the vet where Miss ML takes a fall and is taken to emergency…we are still waiting for word on both their conditions…
  • March 1…my Mom calls a private rescue group in New Jersey to ask if they know the Animal Control people in New Brunswick…maybe they can intervene and learn where they put the cats
  • Animal Rescue Force tells her the AC people use a kennel called Blumig…Mom calls and YEA!!!…Emily, Brutus and Marigold are there!!!  WE FOUND THEY ROYALS!!

The Rescue

  • We need $1100 USD to bail the cats out of jail.  In less than 48 hours, the CWB group donates enough to cover that 
  • Another long time cat blogger, TK Furrever Home, donates more than enough for Miss Rhonda to fly from Utah to New Jersey to break all three cats out of jail, hand off Brutus and Marigold to a foster Miss Dorian set up, and then bring Emily home with her.
  • Miss Dorian sets up the rescue transportation for Marigold and Brutus to be picked up in NJ and taken to Connecticut where another CWB member will take them and drive them the rest of the way to their new Mom Laura in Massachusetts.
  • OH Noes!! MOUSES!!!  WINTER STORM WARNINGS…IN MARCH!!!…now we worry…will Miss Rhonda’s flight from Utah to Philadelphia (close to her driver’s home) be cancelled??…Nope…it’s on time…she makes it .  The Animal Control peeps are not nice…now it is Friday morning, and will Miss Rhonda and her ride, Miss Carol, make it to the meet up site on time?????…they are gonna be late ‘cuz of weather…MOUSES!!…they arrive 45 minutes late…but THERE THEY ARE! BRUTUS, MARIGOLD AND EMILY!!!
  • As of Saturday March 9, Emily is home in Utah.  As of Sunday, Marigold and Brutus are…wait…let me check in with the Face Book group created by Miss Dorian for all the rescue drivers…oh…ok…Marigold and Brutus are now handed off to their ride from CT to Massachusetts. They will get to their new Mom Laura by midnight tonight.
  • The transport moving Marigold and Brutus is also rescuing another 6 cats…moving them from Florida and North Carolina up the eastern coast to Virginia, Rhode Island and as far as Maine.  You can see and learn about all the cats rescued this weekend by clicking HERE.

the rescue

The Statistics to Rescue The Royals

  • We generated over 300 pages, single spaced, of messages, comments etc. through our 3 different Facebook Groups in our efforts to find what happened, raise money, find the cats and set up transportation and keep everyone involved updated
  • We did this through social media: Paw Blogs; Face Book; Twitter
  • In 8 days everything was put in place  to make sure Miss Rose’s beloved cats had new furrever homes and would have transportation to get there
  • There are 41 drivers involved in the ground transport of all the cats being rescued Mar ch 9-10 through Miss Dorian’s Cute Heads.
  • We raised approximately $2,500 in less than 60 hours to cover Miss Rhonda’s travel expenses from Utah to rescue Emily and to cover the boarding costs for The Royals and for their 3 health certificates.
  • Mom and I don’t know what has been raised so far to help Miss ML cover the costs of sending Miss Rose to her final resting place
  • It took a village of about 250 people to rescue The Royals and 6 more cats and if asked…”would you do this again?”…I know that each and every one of them would say “YES!!!”

The Royals


Emily HRH

Marigold (young)


Marigold (hard to find photos of her without Brutus hogging her space MOL)

Marigold 1

Mancat Brutus

Brutus Mancat

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…as I end this post…I learned that Brutus and Marigold have been passed to Mr Kevin who will drive them to their new Mom Laura…and I am seeing so many of the other cats rescued by Cute Heads arriving at their furrever homes…how PAWSOME is it that Operation Save The Royals ended up being a part of an even bigger rescue operation!!…no one has it better than us in this PAW Social Media Community!!…just sayin’…lots of leaky eyes in our home tonight…sigh…

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93 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News

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  6. Super story , super rescue esffort…Momz and I will be following each of your Monday installments

  7. We love these rescue stories. Tears.. yes, of joy 🙂

  8. That was SO beautiful, Savannah! Thank you for this wonderful report about how this amazing and love-filled rescue all came to be. You made us get all teary-eyed (In a good way).

    We felt so honored to get to hand off Brutus and Marigold to their new mommy.


    Kevin (meowmeowmans)

    • lots of tears on Sunday night watching the Cute Heads FB group as all the drivers were delivering all the cats; we even saw Miss Kiera delivered in Maine where she will have her babies!! What a moving experience. Thank you Kevin for your part in this and for all that you and your wife do to help save cats and dogs. Pawsome!

  9. YOWSERZ!!!! What a pawsum & fabulouz story!!!! You all did so much work to get the Royalz to safety. Me Mum sayz Miss Rose iz lookin down frum Spirit World n she iz at peace!!!!!
    Me iz breathlezz readin diz story xoxo Nylablue..

    • oh I hoped you would read it today Nylablue, WE knew you and Miss S-E would love it! More to come next Monday

      • Hi Savannah..Sherri-Ellen here….I cried like a baby reading this part of the story!!! I have to say this blog community is absolutely amazing…I feel like I have walked into a cyber Paradise. All the people who helped to rescue & save the Royals are amazing & that of course includes you Miss Linda!!!
        I can hardly wait for Part 2!!! Love & best wishes Sherri-Ellen.

  10. It is wonderful the way everybody helped save the Royals and get them to their new homes. You have done a great job on reporting it.
    Could you email us. There is something we want to ask that we don’t want to put in the comments.

    • oh just saw this! yes, email from Mom’s personal account coming lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net. And thank you for your compliment. I tried to make it easy to read and exciting and there is still much I left out that was all part of what made this so challenging; it could have been a book MOL

  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and heart-warming story. It truly is the power of the paw when we can all come together and do something this great.

  12. hay we are home again… the troops did well and smokey is still on his diet….. well he tries……. so call us up….. hooahhhhh….. the captain deploys next week…. oh that is a heavy heart thing.
    captain Fokker….

  13. spittythekitty on said:

    Wow! Such a huge logistical task!!! It’s truly amazing that people came together in such a wonderful way to save these kitties and you tell the story just like a movie! Can’t wait to hear more ~ XOXOXOXO to you and your MOMMY!

  14. We’re so happy that The Royals were rescued and have happy homes again. It is amazing how everything came together so quickly…so many humans working together. Thanks for sharing the story, Savannah…it’s a great one!! oxoxox

  15. Thank you for the wonderful summary of everything that went on. We don’t use Facebook, and though it’s been obvious for a while that there’s a lot of communication between the cat bloggers that goes on using FB, we had no idea how much. Thanks for sharing the whole story for us. Thanks to everyone involved in the huge rescue effort. Our head peep has leaky eyes at all the happy endings.

    • we don’t use Fb much either; but lots of cat bloggers do I guess and there is a group that must have been around for a while where the peeps who call themselves “cats with blog” interact and Mom got invited to join a few months back. She just happened to check in after her trip to Maui and “KABOOM”!! There is was…hugs to you all Ashton, Pierre and Newton

  16. What a wonder, what a story. Had me in tears, holding my breath……..Cats matter, people matter, I learned this from your terrific post. THANK YOU!

  17. Bilbo bunneh on said:

    Fank you so much for telling dis bunderful story. It’s truly heart warming. I read it dis evening and will now goes to sleeps wiv happy happy thoughts. What pawsome power social media has to change lives. Fank you again. Hugs hugs. Bilbo. Xx

  18. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savvy Doll, wez way behind az usual but youz noze wez luv’z youz and will’z alway’z be there 110% ( VCB ) that’s a point and star for the blondes..MOL What people’z haz to realize youz don’t juzt blog’z for fun, youz save life’z. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  19. Savvy this is an pawsome posting! Thank you for giving us all the details. Mom does not have FB and we are so glad everything has worked out for everyone.

  20. How totally awesome! We’re so very glad the Royals have new homes!

  21. Thank goodness there are such loving, caring people in the world. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  22. It’s an amazing tale, I’m so glad they’ll all have new homes.

  23. That’s heartwarming to know that so many people helped make it all happen

    Soo glad that The Royals are saved 😀

  25. We are simply amazed at how everything came together. We knew some of the story from FB but this had some details we didn’t know. ~Scylla

    • it was a real nail biter Alasandra! If it could go wrong, it sure tried to! And when that late snow blizzard appeared, I was so relieved I had put Rhonda on a non stop flight both ways. If that plane left, then was going to land in Philly! Rhonda does not have any credit cards, so I used mine to purchase the flight, her hotel and I gave her 7000 of my Starwood membership point (It was a Starwood property she stayed at) to pay for one night to save money. Dee, whom I don’t know, gave Rhonda $2000 to use for her travel to go get Emily. We were both flabbergasted but it gave us freedom to book a more costly flight to get non stop. And Rhonda has already reimbursed me fully and returned whatever was left over to Dee. I found a hotel by the airport I thought was nice, clean and safe…I was worried as Rhonda doesn’t travel a ton and I used to travel as part of my business for 25 years. Then her driver was late picking her up because of weather and we feared the animal control would not wait, they had been very difficult and uncooperative this whole time. Rhonda really came through. I was proud of her. So much more went on than what I could put in that post and some you do know from FB. Sorry if I repeat…hugs, Savannah and Mom Linda

  26. Thank God for people like yourselves. Many blessings to all of you and to the cats and there new forever homes.

  27. This was the most amazing transport and we sure do thank everyone that took part in all the work to get these cats to their homes. It is just amazing how the blogging world can come together to get things done. We thought you told it all very very well. It is nice to see it all put together. We read about it on Facebook but it was nice to hear about it all at once. Thanks a bunch.

  28. WOW. Words cannot express what a great gang of folks the CB are.

    Excellent reporting, Savvy!! We think a news agency would LOVE this story…

    • Wish we knew how to get it to one, not sure but would try if you have any tips. It was amazing…Mom Linda spent so much time at all hours…and she and Miss Rhonda had so much messaging on FB back and forth and then they texted the whole time Miss Rhonda was traveling. Mom had a nice long nap on Sunday MOL

  29. I have witnessed some awesome social media cat rescues… I’ve even been instrumental in a couple… but I think this has to be the best one so far! I am so proud of our little community for coming through for these kitties and getting things done!

    • pawsome, huh Sparkle? And to think we not only saved The Royals, but there were 6 more kitties that got delivered to their furrever homes this weekend. And Miss Dorian is running another transport this coming weekend with 11 kitties being saved.

  30. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    total way awesum soooper kewl furtastic !!!! may God bless de lives oh everee one who helped out…ten fold……


  31. wow!thanks for sharing Savvy,xx Speedy

  32. I’m so happy you recapped this for us. M was trying to keep up, but got lost in the process. We did help out with some of the cost and were delighted to do so. Feel so bad for ML with all her problems and she did so much to help the royales. The blogosphere and Twitterville rock – such wonder animal people. Thanks to your mom too for all she did.

    • Oh, this was simply wondrous! We are hoping that before my next Monday post we will learn how ML and her cat KC are doing. And, we don’t know if ML needs anything more for Miss Rose’s burial…so very very disturbing, but our community came together. And yes, without Twitter, FB and Paw Blogs, this would not have happened as well nor as fast.

  33. catfromhell on said:

    This has been a incredible rescue! So many of our furrends is involved. We is so happy that it has turned out well.

  34. Phew nice to read something positive 🙂

  35. Well done Savvy! We look forward to reading all of it, even though we helped Meowm live thru it!!!

  36. Thanks for sharing the part 1 of this story with me. you are an excellent investigator, Savannah. It feels good to read how much people tried to help the Royals. But I feel sorry for Miss Rose, I have no clue what happened between her and her family – but to refuse to participate on the final arrangements and to
    abandon the cats to their fate – that makes me really sad.

    • it is a very sad thing Easy. Part Two will talk about that; it could happen to anyone really. No one knows what family may or may not do once we are gone; Mom and Dad are changing their will this week to make sure I have a place to go in case something unexpected happened to them…seriously…just driving a car is dangerous for our peeps

      • I agree Savannah, we did this too. you never know what can happen. I’m there tomorrow for part two. Thanks for informing all of us.

        • oh part 2 will be next Monday i am doing every Monday for next 3 Mondays. I have to find out a bit more information before I can do post Number 2 The Back Story. This will be more about how Rose came to have the cats; who Rose and ML are and how they are two of the first cat bloggers started in 2005 I think. Amazing to learn all this as people like you and I are relatively new to paw blogging. Here they were doing this 7 years ago! It is a most interesting and touching story of women who formed friendships via their blogs and the friendship was what saved the cats and what made sure Rose was properly buried.

  37. How inspiring! What drama! TW got leaky eyes last night even though she didn’t think she would. Dorian is a wonderful person to be doing this kitty transport thing. TW even said the next time she has to adopt, she’ll look to save one of Dorian’s kitties even though that makes her feel guilty cos there’s plenty of NJ kitties that need homes also.

  38. Goodness gracious me, that was complicated! Well done everyone involved. How frightening not to even know where they were for a time. Lovely story 😀

  39. We’re so happy there is a happy ending for the Royals! We’re sending Mom ML an email message to let her know they are okay and to find out how KC and Mom ML are doing. We’ll let the CB know when we hear anything.

    • Purrlease do let all of us know how Miss ML and her KC are doing. This is still such an open worry in our CWB Group. And I could let others know in my Monday post next week. Thank you for coming by to read. paw pats, Savannah

  40. This is the most wonderful summary and we too are leaky eyed. The CB is awesome and we are very proud to be amongst such good people. THANK YOU to everyone. Rose was a special FB friend to mom and she was very sad to hear of her death. Purrs.

  41. We’ve followed this from the start and are also very proud to be part of such a wonderful, caring group!! The Cat Blogosphere Rocks!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  42. Absolutely wonderful!! And … it’ll be fun to follow Laura’s new blog to see how Mr B and Marigold do. Does Rhonda have a blog, too?

    • Hi Miss Marilynn!! So relieved you liked our summary. So much to tell and share and it was hard to decide how best to do it. And yes, Miss Laura and Miss Rhonda will have lots to blog about and we can’t wait to follow too…paw pats, Savannah

  43. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    This story is a beautiful example of that saying, ” it takes a village”. We look forward to hearing more about all the details involved in making this miracle. We like to think the Royles QM is up in heaven send down blessings on everyone who helped her furbabies.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  44. What a wonderful story like a movie but better.

  45. We are so proud to be members of the Cat Blogosphere! We have been happy dancing all night long knowing our good furriends are safe in their new homes. purrrrrrrr

  46. What a totally amazing rescue story – on so many levels…..everybody chipping in to bring a happy ending to a very sad story. Many hugs to everyone who helped to make this wonderful tale turn out so perfectly.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Hi Sammy, Mom and I are hoping you can get your Mom Pam to tell us if she thinks we did OK in writing this part. It was hard to know how to convey so much detail without boring everyone to pieces; so @dashkitten suggested bullets and that’s what we did. Thanks so much for hanging in with us Sammy. We are working hard this week to get back to regular visits

      • Savvy my Mom thought you and your Mom did a wonderful job telling the “back story”… wasn’t boring at all….it was good to know just how much goes into rescuing animals. It’s not EASY…it’s a challenge and this is a perfect example of how important it can be to animals who need a home quickly. Bravo!

        Kitty Hugs, Sam

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