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Thursday Orderly (VBP) Day…VBP Is Back!!


What a week this has been!! I hope efurryone enjoyed hanging out in my BEAUTIFUL CONTEST WINNING TENT at Sammy’s Camping Trip!!  Click here to see us on our last night…we had a a gigantic paw_15px.jpg bonfire on the beach after spending two night in the woods.

In case you missed my tent…here it is…

Savannahs Tent

…my bags have my special San Francisco luggage tags and I brought parasite paw_15px.jpgspray for everybody; you can see I also had a beach brolly paw_15px.jpg, towels for the beach day and I had Frisbees for my woofie furriends to play with and I brought my special peacock fev-vers for all us kittehs.  And I had a splendid paw_15px.jpg array paw_15px.jpg of noms for all…from grilled fresh trout to grilled burgers to salad and even some nice cold blue water.  And I brought photos of some of my furriends who I thought might not make the trip…some did after all!

And of course, Nellie came over for a visits and Cathy Keisha, my BFGF, was my guest for the camping trip.  Hence, two beds!  Oh yeah, and I had an en suitepaw_15px.jpg discretelypaw_15px.jpg hidden litter box….its inside the plant bowl!!

I had to get everything into my Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel and it was quite the packing challenge I can tell you!!

savvy packing 2

I got everything there..but then I had to get it back and it was like all full of sand, pine needles, fish guts, bugs, and various left over items and whatnot…

So today is not only Getting Orderly Day for Mom and Dad…but I am returning my Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel to its Orderliness as well.

Just look at all those vines and leaves stuck in there…sigh…

FLTT Inspection 2

…it took a lot of work…but I finally got the last of my peacock fev-vers out…and now my tunnel is ready for play time again…

FLTT Inspection 3

You know this is the start of another VBP Blog Hop…help yourselves to my badge…

Once you publish your VBP post anytime from today through next Wednesday, come on back and use the blue linky tool to enter the blog hop…

I also want to join the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop with this post. And my Thankful is for having had the pleasure of knowing two very good furriends who had to dash to The Bridge this week…Sauce and Eric. So many have already written and posted pawsome celebrations of their lives…I just wanted their families to know how much they meant to me and Mom Linda.



…and Sauce


And one more new furriend made a most unexpected dash to The Bridge. He is not known to many of you…but he was known and loved by many who volunteer with Cute Heads Cat Rescue transport. His name is Lestat and he was saved from a kill shelter in Florida and he was loved by his foster Mom and all those who transported him in their attempt to get him to a sanctuary and cat rescue ranch in Illinois.

angel lestat

So sad, but he could not bare the stress of having been abandoned by his family at a shelter, then the travel and so he made his trip to the Bridge just before arriving at the rescue ranch. He was only 2 years old.  Please click here for his most moving memorial by his foster Mom Dorian Wagner known to all for her wonderful cat rescue work and recently for her part in Saving The Royals.

Click Here to See More Wonderful Blogs

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Paw Pats, Savannah

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39 thoughts on “Thursday Orderly (VBP) Day…VBP Is Back!!

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  2. That is very sad about Lestat. I wonder if transport of animals like that is worth it.

    • I think it is Rumpy; there were 12 other cats saved that weekend through transport. Some have already been adopted into furrever homes. They would all be dead now if they had not been removed from the kill shelters and placement found for them until they can be adopted out. And Lestat knew a lot of love the last weeks of his life which he would never had known. He and his two sisfurs were not even spayed nor neutered when surrendered to the kill shelter by the man who owned them; he and his wife divorced and she left and he took her cats to the kill shelter. Who knows if they had ever been vaccinated either.

  3. I’m so sorry for the lost of your friends. That’s so sad!

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  5. Just entered your blog hop! It didn’t want my URL for my blog hop article, so I’m adding it here. I ended up using the basic website link instead of the article. :=o)

  6. Your tent is AMAZING !!!!! What a fun and exciting time you guys have been having. Woo!Hoo!
    I am a Rainbow Bridge Ambassador and meet all pals at the bridge and drive them, in my Pram/Stroller to their Welcome Banquet, just like Lestat’s.
    He had a wonderful banquet where all his family and pals had gathered to greet him.
    As soon as we cross the bridge we get all our new stuff! (I got new eyes and new kidneys and Lestat got all his new stuff too.) Our bodies are refreshed and renewed! We can eat anything and do everything and we only have happy memories.
    Please tell Lestat’s family when they arrive at the bridge one day, he’ll be there to meet them, but until then we’ll keep him busy laughing, nomming, playing and napping.
    They will be a forever family again…not just yet.
    Sorry my comment is late, but I’m here now. : =o)
    Thank you for joining Thankful Thursday Blog Hop – always appreciate you joining our fun. Look forward to reading more of your posts.
    *waves paw* :=o)

  7. Congrats on your pawesome tent.
    Sorry to hear about your friends xxx

  8. Wait a sec … your tent won!!!!! Whoa! I knew it would cos you and me together can’t lose.

  9. EEoowww Savannah…yer tent waz pawsumly cozy n me lubbed hanging iwf you n CK & Nellie…we shure had fun!!!!
    Me iz so sowwy about Eric n Sauce n hansum Lestat…he lookz like he waz part Sacred Birman like me….me wuud dash to Da Bridge wifout me Hu’Mum fer shure too!!!! She IZ da best!!!! She eben did me laundry fer me yesterday 🙂
    Hab a guud weekend
    Lub Nylablue n her Mum too

    • Pee Ess: Mw sent Mum over to Dora’s blog to leave sum nice werdz 😉

    • oh Nylablue, I love you too so don’t dash off…not now…you stay close to your Mum and hang out with me in paw blog world…more fun to come!

      • Fankz Savannah n Miss Linda…me haz no tentshun of ‘dashin’ anywhere!!!! me wantz to stay wif Miss Sherri-Ellen fer as long as me can!!! She really iz a guud CatMum n me lubz her alot!!! me lubz you n yer Mum n so many here in da pawblog world….don’t wurry dat sweet gray head of yerz ok Savannah???
        xoxoxoxo Nylablue xoxoxoxoxo

  10. Of course you was going to win you have a picture of Archie 🙂

  11. congrats on winning the best dressed tent Savvy but sad about you lost friends too,xx Speedy and mum

  12. What a pawsome trip (and tent), Savy. We think your particular style of camping is called “glamping” . (think glamorous camping) Hope you have a great Friday. XOXO

  13. spittythekitty on said:

    Gosh, my Stoopy Human’s Floo has kept us outta touch with all KINDS of fun stuff! Shoot–I wish I had gotten to see the inside of that really super-cool tent! Well, we are pretty much back now and we will just have to catch up!

    P.S. Now, just because Spitty loves many beautiful LadyCats does not mean he is not completely sincere in his sweet words to each! He *did* get all fainty over the tail curl and the peeping pawsies!

  14. Well done Savvy. But so sad about Lestat. So many of our furry blogville pals seem to have left for the Rainbow Bridge so far this year. It is very sad and like my Zac, Lestat was too young.

    • We still can’t stop leaky eyes for Lestat. He was beautiful and we watched a cute video of him and heard his sweet soft chirpy voice…we melted…and all this week we have been following his sister Callie’s updates; she also was terribly sick once she got to the sanctuary; she and LEstat were in the same carried. Anyway, she has been getting IV’s and being hand fed; but today, Friday, she may have turned a corner for the better…crossing paws big time

  15. You are one busy kitty. I just let Mom get all my stuff in order. It gives me more time to relax….

    Love and licks,

  16. Savvy you’ve got a lot going on there and wow that is exciting.

  17. The worst part of any trip is putting away the stuff when you get home! MOL

  18. orientallily001 on said:

    So glad you made it home, safe and sound. I was pretty lucky ’cause all I had with me was my sleepin’ bag. The peep tried to design a tent for me but… uh… well… that didn’t really work out. And the crate of mushrooms I took were eaten – OBVIOUSLY – so I didn’t have to cart that home. Just me, my sleepin’ bag and a little sand.


  19. mollieandalfie on said:

    We had such a fun time Savvy, I’m having to sort out all my bags..MOL Big conCatulations on winning 🙂 🙂 It’s a sad time at the moment, so many friends are going to the Bridge..xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. This has been such a sad week – I am glad there has been some fun too!

  21. catfromhell on said:

    Dearest Savannah
    Me is so glads that yous winned! Me voted for yous! And boy, yous lugged all that stuff through your tunnel!?! Wowzers! Mes goes camping so much, me braked down and gotted a trailer. Me hates having to gets up and goes outside in the cold to use the littler box when me stays in a tent. Me is old and likes my comforts! Me had a great time and me was so happy yous could come and visit me too!
    PS Mommy has finished one of your pictures, but she forgotted to tells yous she had posted it for yous to see! #2 is started

  22. Zowie – what a great camping trip that must have been. Yes, we are sad here too cuz of all the pals crossing that bridge. Wish we could put a lock on it.

  23. Well congrats on winning the contest. I promise I will join the vbp next month. Poor little free little one. Know that you were loved.

  24. So many furriends have left for the Bridge. This is so sad.

  25. You tent was just the best Savannah – and I love your tunnel (could you put this street workers in your tunnel please and send them to nowhere?) I’m so sad that all those kitties had to go…. and I feel sorry for them and their families.

  26. Sorry I missed the tent, my “help” has not been very helpful lately. I has missed you girlfriend. If you has time come enjoy my garden, the DOGS are showing everyone around today, so we can relax in the Hummingbird Cottage. ~Scylla

  27. Glad you’re back safely and congratulations on your win. It was so very well deserved. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Such hard times

  28. Your tent was pawsome! I hope you didn’t take too many bugs home with you – your pawrents probably wouldn’t like them in the house.
    It’s sad to lose friends.

  29. Savvy your tent was amazing…Props to your staff for getting it all together…So sorry to hear about all the furriends that have gone on this week…For sure they’re all enjoying a wonderful sun puddle OTRB

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  31. Glad you’ve got all your camping gear sorted out Savvy…..sure was a fun trip! We are sad about all the friends who have gone over the Bridge lately – how extremely sad that poor little Lestat passed at such a young age. We know the bridge is a wonderful and happy place….but losing friends is always hard.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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