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Part Three: Operation Save The Royals…


Part Three: Social Media and Pawer of The Paw

I guess you know I have been trying to report on the many lessons learned from the events surrounding Operation Save The Royals…(OSTR)

I started a four part series three weeks ago, and this is Part Three.  I had to get my thoughts together so I made some paw notes first…


….then I got writer’s block…


…so I didn’t get Part Three done in time for post deadline last week…but at least I moved past my writer’s block…thanks to Mom’s head rubs and ear massages…and she also gave me a lot of soft strokes over my heart…to help free it up to speak…

So…I decided to do what Mom suggested…write from my heart…not my head…

savvy writing from her heart

…to do that I need to state my disclaimer up front…I had writer’s block ‘cuz I was afraid I would offend someone by not mentioning all they did to help Operation Save The Royals.  My apology up front if I leave anyone or anything out.

Remember…I am writing from my heart…I have lots of feelings about how impawtant the use of social media was in making this Royal Rescue pawsible—specifically…

  • Paw Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Face Book

I said it in Part One—it took a village to make Operation Save The Royals a success.  That village is a global village.  Help in all shapes and forms came from inside and outside the USA because it was pawsible…because of social media.  Sometimes I hear peeps make fun of Paw blogs and Twitter Anipals and Anipal Face Book pages…we are a force to be reckoned with when we set our collective minds to getting something done to save or rescue our furriends around the world.

village of paw pawer

And because we all use our PAW PAWER!!

I am proud to be a small part of this great ole’ big pawerful community.  If we wanna get something done…we do what the peeps find so hard to do…we collaborate!

fb 4

How We Used Our Paw Blogs

  • ML posted about QM Rose’s passing and the plight of The Royals on her blog, KC & The Giggleman Gang
  • ML also posted a memorial for QM Rose on The Royals’ Blog
  • So many of us posted on our blogs asking for donations for ML to cover Rose’s burial costs; to help raise funds to provide transportation for The Royals once we found them and in the beginning to help find homes for Marigold, Brutus and Emily.  Sparkle was one of the first to get the word out…click here
  • The Cat Blogosphere continuously posted to keep everyone updated on events as they happened…pawsome repurrting for sure!  Click here to read an update provided as this rescue was unfolding.

…I worked on all my blog posts with great care and attention…

savvy blogging

How We Used Our Face Book Connections

  • A Group was created on Face Book (FB), some time ago, so that our peeps could chat peep to peep…the CWB Group (Cats With Blogs I think it stands for).  Most of the FB communication happened here and it happened lightning fast
  • We all “shared” information on our own FB pages once we learned something in this Group
  • The transport, Cute Heads, who helped get Marigold and Brutus to their new Mom used FB to plan and stay in touch during transport.  Miss Dorian who coordinates Cute Heads, and writes her own blog Your Daily Cute, always sets up a new “Group” with the names of the kitties being transported.  The drivers all communicate among themselves within this closed Group…very efficient and effective.  Click here to read about the transport that Marigold and Brutus hitched a ride with to reach their new furrever home.
  • Miss Dorian set up a Save The Royals Face Book Group and we communicated inside this Group if we were directly involved in raising funds, our transport—and of course the new Moms for The Royals were in this Group too.

…we spent a ton of time messaging back and forth…thank Ceiling Cat using a keyboard can be done one paw pat at a time…heh…heh…tap….tap…tap…tappity…tap…tap

savvy on Face Book

How We Used Twitter

  • All of us who have Twitter handles sent out Tweets to share information with other Anipals on Twitter and in hopes of getting “Re-Tweets” of our requests for help in raising funds for this operation
  • Miss Dorian sets up a special “Hashtag (#)” for each transport so that the drivers and fosters can all keep in touch on the road and in making plans for hosting the kitties overnight. Click here if you wanna know more about what “hashtags” are used for on Twitter…they are furry impawtant!!
  • For any who don’t know Twitter very well…having the ability to “Re-Tweet(RT)” increases getting our message out a hundred fold…whatever we “Tweet” goes to our followers…I only have 550, but Anipals like Cathy Keisha, over 2000 followers,  and Sparkle, almost 6000 followers.  When they RT (meaning they copy my Tweet message and send it out under their own Twitter handle/name) my message, then I have expanded my reach by another 8000 plus…see what I mean???  And these are Anipals from all over the world that care about saving and rescuing animals. paws got tired from so many Tweets…

savvy tweeting

For me, the lesson learned is how Pawerful all of us are when we use our “Paw Pawer”…meaning all the social media we use every day to share our lives with each other and our humans…our Paw Pawer moves mountains!!!

In case you missed the first two parts of this series…you can read Part One: The Rescue Plan, click here and for Part Two: The Back Story Where It All Started, click here.

Many make light of social media…but paw bloggers and Twitter anipals and Face Book Paw Pagers all know the truth…we are a mighty force.  We are global, we are fast, and we are committed.

Now there should be a Part Four in the series “Operation Save The Royals”…but that part will be shared with you all by The Royals themselves once they are completely settled and all healthy in their new furrever homes.

I know Emily will post when she is up to it, her new family blog is Angel Junior, Orion, Sammy and Emily. Marigold and Brutus will tell their story once they are ready using their new family blog, Heaven Sent Me Cat.

…here are some more recent photos of The Royals with their new siblings…(you can bigify and hold cursor over photo to see captions)


Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss Don’t forget to come by tomorrow for my First Blogiversary Pawty!! Find out who won the hand painted Woofie and Cat stones.


Cody, from Cat Chat Caren and Cody is celebrating his birthday on April First…same day as my First Blogiversary…so hop to Cody or back to me…woo hoo…CELEBRATE!!!

Texas, my totally PAWSOME furriend and partner in our VBP Bog Hop is also having a birthday pawty on April FOURTH…

And…Mollie is hosting a pawty for her SECOND birthday…April SECOND …

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44 thoughts on “Part Three: Operation Save The Royals…

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  2. It’s a lovely story! Some great things happen because of social media.

  3. Great post, Savannah! Social Media is pawsome, it can help so many furry friends in need. You made a good point about the writers block. Writing from your heart is writing and you’re always doing it, as far as my instinct knows 🙂

  4. Power of the moggie is highlighted again 🙂 well done Savy for a great post xx

  5. meowmeowmans on said:

    Wow, Savannah, you sure did a great job of recounting what all went on to save the Royals! It’s an amazing group we’re a part of, isn’t it? We were so honored to be a part of the transport to get Brutus and Marigold to their new mom, Laura!

  6. Our mom has been the recipient of the outreach and goodwill of the cat blogging world. We have a Twitter account, but Mom Paula just hasn’t had time to figure it all out, so we’re sticking to FB and the CB right now. Thank you for all you did in helping the Royals find their new forever homes.

  7. Great post Savvy! Yes, some scoff at Social Media, not just Paw interactions. My Auntie Pauline, for one, says she can’t be bothered with Social Media but she’ll always help if I ax her to. She was willing to fly to Utah with Emily but by that time the other plans had been made. The anipals have always been a great, supportive group and I’m glad I can help, if only by DJing Pawties and stuff.

  8. It was so awesome to see everyone come together to rescue Brutus, Marigold and Emily and get them home! Social networking and our blogs save lives! Can any of the naysayers say the same?

  9. spittythekitty on said:

    Hello Darling! I was verreh excited to read the concluding segment of this wonderful story! Your Mom worked soooo hard on this; you should be super-proud of her! The Humans are often dull and useless, but once in a while they really step up and Do The Right Thing and we must reward them for it 😉 XOXOXOXOXO Oh, and Happy Easter!

  10. Great post, Savvy! We anipals really are a force with which to be reckoned, aren’t we? Amazing story! One EVERYONE should read.


    PS. Thanks so much for includin’ the picture of me with you, bloggin’ side-by-side. I liked that!

    PSS.. There’s a FB group for our peeps? Please… tell me more. purrs

  11. badkowalik on said:

    The Power of the paw is pawsome!
    Happy Easter!

  12. Amazing what we can do when we only try, isn’t it? (Take that, humans!)
    A lot of pawties coming to drink a glass of milk or catnip tea to the Royals =^.^=

  13. Thanks for this post, Savannah – it’s great to read about good things and it feels soooooo good :o) btw: I thought we need a mouse for the compawter, but now I know: we need a cat too :o)

  14. APAWZ APAWZ APAWZ!!! Diz iz a pawsum blog account how soshell media werkz fer da guud of us 4 leggedz…you did BUNDERFULL Savannah!!! ❤ Nylablue n mum Sherri-Ellen

  15. We are always amazed about how us cats and doggies can come together to help our friends with the help of Social Media. Looking forward to your party tomorrow. We loves parties, but they are making my diet very hard. ~Scylla

    • awwww…Scylla girl furriend! Come hang out with me…I lost 2 pounds in a year, that was my shelter fat, and I am keeping it off mostly cuz Mom and Dad control everything I can get in my mouth! And ok, ok…I play a lot harder and more often now. I never ever played at the shelter; heck, I never left my cubby bed except to sneak food at night and use the litter box. paw hugs, Savvy

  16. It’s a tale of the powers of social media used for good instead of evil. Nothing is worse than writer’s block in 3D. Yikes! Thank God you’re past it.

    Love and licks,

  17. That was a great job well done Savvy!power to the Paws!xx Speedy
    P.S Happy Easter!

  18. Oh, Savvy, thank you so much for this post! This is great, and it really gets to the heart of something our head peep wanted to write about six months ago on her human blog but never could articulate properly. You did a great job, writers block and all, of explaining how powerful social media is and how it can turn into an amazing force to help.

  19. Lots of peoples complain that stuff like facebook and twitter is ruining the world, but look at what can be done with it! The Royals could not have been saved so quickly had it not been for social media. Good job, Savannah, in telling the story of how they were saved. And congrats to everybuddy who helped!

    Happy Easter!

  20. Awesome post, Savannah. You have done an absolutely wonderful job of telling this whole story — from beginning to end (so far, anyway) and from so many different angles. I’m so glad you got rid of your writer’s block … this is a story that needs to be told, again and again. People need to remember that there are usually many ways to solve a problem (or a series of problems!), and your post points out not only some different ways, but also some of the people who made it work. Excellent work, Savannah!! We love you! =)

  21. What was done for the Royals was amazing…You’ve done a great job here Savvy explaining how the anipal community can rally for a cause like this…so many people with such good hearts…You are all pawsome! Gizmo & Beth wish you all a joyful Easter

  22. The animal rescue community is alive and well obviously…….and indeed it “takes a village” sometimes to accomplish things and the village certainly didn’t let The Royals down. All of you deserve BIG HUGS. I hope all three kitties are happy in their new homes always and forever. Happy Easter Savvy!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  23. Such a great post sweet Savannah! I am so happy it all worked out for the Royals. Social media is amazing and has helped us save hundreds of critters.

  24. We have to admit….our humans can get it together and do good things when they set their minds to it. If only they were so efficient when it came to feeding and treat time! 😉 Thank you for sharing the story with everyone Savvy. COD knows our Meowm hasn’t felt up to it.

  25. So many people are to be commended for their help with the Royals! Kudos to all! If you ever need any one else to tweet too I have over 3700 followers @catchatcaren and will gladly tweet!
    Thanks for the birthday shout out to Cody and we will be stopping by to see Savannah too, there are TONS of kitties with birthdays tomorrow!

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