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Monday Meowsie News…


As I said last Monday…”I hope you will all find the focus of my next couple of posts on Monday Meowsie News  exciting, moving, amazing and thought provoking.”


“Most of you know I was helping, with my Mom, to Save The Royals…they are 3 adult cats who were left suddenly without their huMom, known to many as QM Rose (QM for “Queen Mother”)…click HERE for the first post.

The remaining posts for this series are:

Part Two: The Back story…Where It All Started..The Royals Roots

Part Three: The Power of Paw Social Media

Part Four: The Joyous Ending As Told by Emily, Marigold and Brutus

The Back Story: Lessons Learned

LESSON ONE:  Virtual furriendships/friendships have great meaning, importance and provide much needed support in times of need.

  • 2006: two very good human friends, ML, Missy Blue Eyes, and her friend Deb, Taylor Catsssss, rescue a Mama Cat and her 4 kittens (Houston,TX SPCA Shelter).  They start a blog to help promote someone adopting this family…Grace And Company
  • Miss Rose, in New Jersey, sees the kittens and asks for two: Brutus and Marigold; Rose and The Royals 
  • Miss Marilynn sees the kittens and the Mama and asks to adopt all 3…Mama Cat Grace and Audace and Ruse…she continues the blog called Grace and Company over time.

…ML’s bloggy…

beach house header

…Miss Deb’s bloggy

polka dot header

…and Miss Rose’s bloggy…


…and the bloggy created to rescue Grace and her kittens…

Grace and Company 2013 Alternate

And so, the connections started that will eventually save 3 adult cats AND see that one human has a humanitarian ending to her final resting place.

…all because of peeps who are called “Paw Bloggers”

 Fast forward…several years…

  • Miss Rose adopts a cat named Beau when his huMom dies…Beau lived his last years well loved by Miss Rose…she will be paid back in full upon her own death as others step in to rescue her beloved Emily, Marigold and Brutus
  • ML moves to Maryland area to be near her dear friend Deb
  • ML and her KC cat become involved as Coordinator and RePURRtor for the Cat Blogosphere
  • Miss Rose remains in close touch, virtually, with ML…they may never have met in person but I am too new to paw blogging to know for sure
  • Somewhere in this time; after ML moved to the East Coast—Miss Rose makes sure her landlady knows to call ML if anything happens to her and her cats need care.  Thank Ceiling Cat that ML had paperwork signed by Miss Rose that named ML as the person to be informed. Miss Rose’s family had already abandoned her, so it was good that ML was there for her.

 February 10-19…2013

  • At some point ML learns of Miss Rose’s death on February 10 and by the 19th, she has The Royals moved to a shelter/kennel…no one knows where for sure at this point
  • ML lets people know that Emily has an adopter, but needs transport and that Brutus and Marigold need an adopter
  • Many donations are given to ML’s bloggy from the USA and outside the USA to help ML support the humanitarian placement of Miss Rose in her final resting place

LESSON TWO: Keeping FURRamily safe if something happens to our Guardians

  • Mom and I hope that we all learned how impawtant it is for FURRamily Guardians to make sure someone will care for us if our HUfamily is lost or incapacitated.
  • Click HERE to read from one source about steps you can take
  • Mom and Dad have already changed their will to make sure I am cared for if anything ever happens to them when they are off on one of their “Get-Aways”…and they made sure there are funds to care for me.
  • I know I won’t live longer than Mom and Dad…but they both know…life delivers the unexpected…

Thank you Miss Rose and ML for providing us these Lessons to Learn…

For those who may never have known The Royals over time…here are some PAWSOME photos…ENJOY!

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Mom Linda and I apologize if we  have left out any of this Back Story…and we regret if we misrepresented any history in any way…we are only one year in Paw Blogging and our hope was to capture the “back story” as others have told us.

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42 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…

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  3. Oh Savannah & Linda…what a fabulous back story!!! I have already felt the love from PAW bloggers here & now have seen what we can do if we put our energy together…whether it is a rescue or a camping trip……it is just all so wonderful!!!!!\I await installment three with anticipation!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen.

    • Hey Nylablue! and Part Three will be focused on the power of social media in getting animal rescue accomplished and its power in keeping people connected to a community even when they do not have a local connection. hugs, Savvy

      • 😉 Nylablue is not back yet…you are talking to the ‘staff’, lol…..I am really enjoying your series. I have it in my Will that if I die b4 Nylablue my petsitter Anne is to be contacted & she is to take NB to Vet to be PTS as no one would take care of her… never knows what Life holds….I sure want to outlive Nylablue I can tell you!!! Sherri-Ellen.

        • you are wise and yes, I think we will outlive Savannah, but we drive a car, we cross a street…and heck…in San Francisco last year an older man was crossing a street and was hit and killed by a cyclist who did not want to stop his bicycle at a stop light. Life delivers what it delivers and sometimes we don’t get a ‘head’s up’ before the delivery shows up. As I said Miss Sherri-E…you are wise

          • Ah ahucks Miss Linda…I am blushing!!!! I had Mingflower in my previous Will also….I started making Wills when I was 30 because my brother Dale was murdered that year @ 25 yrs old. It hit me full force that Life could be snuffed out b4 we could blink & our 4 leggeds must be protected….
            You are pretty wise yourself Miss Linda. xo

  4. Wow you are one expurrrrt blogger! We catch up soon.
    Private smokey.
    Deploying today

  5. mollieandalfie on said:

    That was fantastic Savvy and we loved all the photo’s.. Well done on the camping trip, what fun is was 🙂 Have a wonderful Tuezday..Luv you xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Wow what a lovely post xx

  7. Thank you for pulling this together. This is a purrfect example of the caring and love of the people in the CB. It’s so amazing how close the humans become through blogging in a social network. Our mom has been the recipient of this care and love over the 5 years she’s been blogging and this story is one that needed to be shared.

    • It was my pleasure Truffle and Brulee and Miss Paula. I am glad I did not mess up the facts too much. I hope readers don’t get tired of hearing me do one more post about the lessons I learned from being involved in this long distance rescue.

      • We know we won’t get tired of it. We want to be able to send Mom ML to the posts once things in her life straighten out and when she’s comfortable blogging again. She will love the story of how the CB came together to save the Royals.

  8. This is a great series. Even though I’ve been blogging a few years longer than you, I didn’t know any of this or the people involved until the QM passed. Sadly, my peeps never made a will but has an agreement with a friend that she will take TW’s cat, although at the time of the deal, Nicky was her cat.

  9. spittythekitty on said:

    Savvy, darling, it is so good to read about these lovely ladies and their kitties. Fank Ceiling Cat that people like your Mommy stepped up to make sure these sweet kitties found loving homes as their Mom Miss Rose wanted for them. It is a tribute to your Mom and the others who went the thousand-extra-miles to make sure this happened.

    Can’t wait for the Next Installment! XOXOXO

    • Thank you Spitty…and I know your human had a part to play in this as well…and alas…the 3 Royals are having their own health struggles as Miss Rose was clearly not able to give them much needed vet attention over the last year or more…not because she ‘didn’t want to’…but because she ‘could not afford’…bummer all around, paw pats, Savannah

  10. It is wonderful community for sure! And thanks for all that your mom and dad do Savvy. The thing I find so hard to understand is how Miss Rose’s family didn’t want to know??

    • to be honest Austin…families are like that just about everywhere in the world. Not always predictable nor accountable for family members who are in need. Frankly, my Mom has no one but Dad. Mom doesn’t have any contact with her older brother like for 20 years and not with her younger sister for about 2 years. Mom could drop over and they would not know nor care. It is what it is. Dad’s family is a bit better, but all are across the USA from us and NONE of them have any cats or dogs…so…they have provisions in their will for me and any other furrAmily that comes along…

  11. Mum has let her close furiends know what to do with us AND it is in her legal will too.

  12. Granny and I are completely in awww… 🙂

  13. A most impressive operation. We are quite awestruck!

    The Chans

  14. thanks for filling us in!

  15. I cannot express how wonderful it is to be a part of the CB…this story is what true friends are all about.

  16. Savvy thank you for doing this and keeping this little piece of CB history. It is very impawtant on so many levels, and it is a teachable moment. We are so glad that all three of Rose’s kitties were able to find new forever homes, as it was so special that Rose gave Beau his chance when his first Mom, Cathy died. The circle is complete now. This shows the power and compassion of the CB.

  17. It is so amazing the miracles our little kitty community can work!

  18. Hi Savvy…you’ve won you’ve won!you’ve won one of my note cated sets sweetie,please send me you address to,xxxx Speedy

  19. You are so right, Savannah, we have to make sure our furry ones are cared for if something should happen to us! I’m so glad the royals are all safe and sound now!

  20. This is very valuable information sweetie. Thank you for posting it.

  21. catfromhell on said:

    Great post. Me is so furry glad yous is posting about this, me did not know the back story.

  22. Wow! I’m totally impressed with what you all are doing. Mom & Dad are in the process of adjusting our wills too and better provisions will be made for us 4-leggers.

  23. This is fascinating. Thanks goodness for all the kindness in the world – virtual and real.

    Love and licks,

  24. Thanks for part2 of the story, Savannah. You’re right, Thanks Ceiling Cat for the signed paperwork. I hope all would make sure that the best friend is provided…

  25. Good job. What an overwhelming task for your Mom, Savy. Sending her nosebumpies and whisker kisses for doing all this work on this post. Happy Monday! xoxo

  26. What a wonderful idea to tell the back story so that HUmans and their li’l darlin’s understand how important our “virtual” connections are … although I consider them all quite real! Bravo, Savannah and Linda, for excellent information in this amazing story. We, too, are sure that QM Rose is fully at peace now, and we purr and pray that ML and KC and Deb are all in or returning to good health.


    Marilynn, Grace & Company

  27. Lovely photos, and well done everyone on such a good job!

  28. Whee cannot wait to hear more of this thought provoking series.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  29. I need to check and see if Jen has made arrangements for us.

  30. Dear Sweet Savannah! You and your Mom, Miss Linda, have done a wonderful deed in helping and then documenting the story of the Royals. While our hearts break for the lose of Miss Rose we know her spirit is lightened by the care her sweet Royals has received. Our HuMom is truly impressed by those in the Paw blogsphere. It seems that it is true, you can tell the measure of a person by how they treat their four-legged family.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

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