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Getting My Sunday Easy Going…


I had a great nap yesterday…in my tent, of course!  I have my pal Sammy, One Spoiled Cat, to thank for this idea!

Thanks Sammy!!

So Mom snapped a photo…and I decided I wanted to give you a challenge…in comments, tell me which way my chin is facing and which are my front paws and which are my backs paws…


Paw Pats. Savannah

peeEss...Camp Sammy starts tomorrow!! Be sure to visit him first thing to vote on the best decked out tent…ahem…and of course, I mean, no pressure…but if wanted to…you could, well, you know…ummm…you could VOTE FOR MY TENT!!

peeEssEss…for those who remember Operation Save The Royals, and the part Miss Dorian of Your Daily Cute played in getting Brutus and Marigold to their new Mom…you might want to know she has another kitty transport this weekend, from Florida all the way to Illinois with 11 kitties going to find their furrever homes and live in safety and comfort after being saved from kill shelters.  Her Cute Heads transport and drivers totally rock!!  Mom and I have been cheerleaders this weekend, following them all the way and cheering them on. Hope you drop over to check out this group of adult cats and lots of kittens being saved.

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25 thoughts on “Getting My Sunday Easy Going…

  1. LOL Savannah can’t make you oit for heads or tails…seriously you have purrfected kitty yoga sweet girl!!!! xo Sherri-Ellen.

  2. spittythekitty on said:

    Your chin is pointing toward 1 o’clock, and the paws you’ll have to figure out yourself. Ha ha meow!

  3. We LUVS the Cute Heads transport team!

  4. Hooray! I am so glad the Royals are all settled!

  5. YAY for the Cute Heads Transport Team!!!
    And a HUGE YAY for Dorian!!!

  6. hmmmmmm….

    Your chin is pointing UP, and we see a front foot, back foot, front foot, left to right.

    WE THINK!!!

    • MOL you’ve been lookin’ at cats in weird positions for too many years!! Yes, my chin IS pointing UP…and my two front feet are hanging over my face, on either side, with the pads showing and my left hind paw is stretched across in front bwwaahahaha

  7. We can’t tell what’s what and goes where, Savy! As long as you’re comfortable, who cares!

  8. As long as you’re comfy Savvy that’s all that matters…..I lay in some strange positions too,xx Speedy

  9. You are ALL scrambled up, Savannah! BTW, you want to hear something truly WEIRD? My human dreamed that she met you last night! She totally has the cat blogosphere on the brain, which means she is right where I want her! Bwahahaaaa!

  10. Salute, this is your Purrime Ministerettes. Naps are very essential for anipalkind. We even has Secretary of Naps in cabinet.


  11. We love how your chin is sticking up with those front paws framing your face, Savvy. We get in funny positions sometimes, don’t we??

  12. mollieandalfie on said:

    Room for one more Savvy 🙂 MOL xx00xx
    Have a wonderful Sunday

    Mollie and Alfie

  13. I can’t tell! You been takin’ contortionist classes or somethin’?

  14. There are paws and tails EVERYWHERE!! I have no idea what side is up in that picture. My head is spinning.

    Love and licks,

  15. Ha, back paw is definitely all the way up over your nose

  16. You look comfy sweetie. I think your two front paws are flat on the blankey and your hind paws are stick up in unusual positions. You really know how to make the moves!

  17. I think you position is a “gordian knot”, Savannah ;o) Oh wow a whole truck load of kitties …. and I agree, Lestat is a cool kitty ;o)

  18. Are you doing some yoga under there Savvy BOl
    See you at camp!

  19. Gee Savvy…….I can’t tell one paw from the other much less where your chin is!!! You’re all knotted up but I know how COMFY that kind of position is too! Glad you’re enjoying your private tent. They’re GREAT aren’t they? See you at camp………

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

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