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I Was Rescued…Will You Help Others Like Me?


This is my favorite post of the whole week…

Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy

I get to remember and share stuff  I am so very thankful for…and this day is a special day…around the world…it Is…


Remember Me ThursdayPlease spread the message and make sure that your friends and family dedicate Thursday, September 26, 2013, to remembering the millions of orphan pets who lost their lives over the last year. On this one very special day, right here, you will be able to light a candle to bring awareness to the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption and encourage communities to opt to adopt and reduce the millions of orphan pets euthanized each year.”

My Dad Peter lit a candle in honor of two feral cats he and Mom Linda rescued…Ace and Mister…I hope you will light a candle for all the animals you have helped rescue from being PTS…AND for those you can help in future…this is impawtant…and PURRLEASE…post, re-post, Tweet and Face Book share this special day…let’s help the WORLD hear our voices for all those who cannot speak…Paw Hugs for all that you do…

For those who cannot speak…

My former shelter..Contra Costa Humane Society (CCHS), as many others…have wonderful adults cats, and woofies….waiting for their furrever homes…they are the fortunate ones…they are in ‘no kill’ rescue shelters…but only just by a second were many saved…like me…

I was selected for destruction on the very day my savior, Miss Tammy  (you can LIKE her on FB), from my former shelter, stepped forward and said …”I will take her for foster…”…my intake photo…

Intake photo

…it is life saving to foster even if for only 24 hours…my foster was only for 4 days…until I was placed at my former shelter Kitty Corner

Outside Bldg

…here I am now..


PURRLEASE…Remember those we have lost…so we can all pull together to rescue and find furrever homes for those still in shelters…especially those in “kill” shelters…

I am such a fortunate adult rescue shelter cat…and I hope my life continues to be devoted to helping others like me, cats or woofies, find their furrever homes…

And so I join Pepi Smart Dog in his special Blog Hop…Thankful Thursday…click on the badge to visit many other Thankful blog posts…


Paw Pats, Savannah

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48 thoughts on “I Was Rescued…Will You Help Others Like Me?

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  2. Savannah, your post was so well done and thoughtful. We are so glad you were saved and found your forever home. So many of us would otherwise missed this wonderpurr opportunity to know you. We lit an online virtual candle ’cause Mom no longer burns real ones…a couple of incidents of clothing and fur catching fire. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. I’ve been tweeting and mentioning this event for over a week. Now that it’s finally here, TW can’t help me blog about it. We did light a candle for the little kitty they found in an island offf 495. TW thinks someone must have dumped it out of their car maybe on 9/11 hoping someone would find it since they saw it 9/12. TW called Linda and the Union City person who takes care of the feral colonies but last she heard, they hadn’t seen the kitty and neither has TW seen it again. She’s hoping it went to the feral colony she was told was close by.

  4. I’ve just donated an old mobile phone to my local rescue society.

  5. Mum adopted me! I is a rescue cat. We wish we could rescue everyone.

  6. We’re purring for the day when all kitties and woofies have wonderful forever homes.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Savannah, you were one of the lucky ones like me. Shelter cats that found a furever home. We’re purring for all those that weren’t as lucky as us.


  8. Savannah you are a GLOWING example of just how meowvelous rescue kitties can be! Enjoy your day with your Mom and Dad!

  9. We will always, always remember them sweet Savannah!

  10. randomfelines on said:

    we are thankful all those groups coming together to make sure you were saved!! we lit our candle as well

  11. we were both gotcha’d from the contra costa animal shelter too (pinole branch) and there were many other kitties there. i hope they got furever homes too.

    we remember the ones who left a mark on our mom’s heart.

    • screee!! that is where Miss Tammy found me just before they were going to PTS me!! Then I was taken to Contra Costa Humane Society’s Kitty Corner in Pleasant Hill and lived there a whole year and no one wanted me…until Dad and Mom found me! Do you still live in this area?

  12. I remember – today and every day. When Binga was rescued from the Lacy Street Animal Control in 2000, there were lots of other kitties who needed homes… I wonder how many of them did…

  13. Mags Corner on said:

    We hope this event brings a lot of sweeties to their loving forever homes as I know you do too sweet Savannah. We love both those pictures of you. You have come along way in your loving forever home sweet girl. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. We hope all animals find a loving happy home! Woooooowoooooooo!

  15. when Mum findz da linky we will lite a candle!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum ❤

  16. Hi Savvy…..we lit a candle this morning in remembrance and we hope that before this day is out, lots of animals are adopted or fostered or otherwise saved and have a chance to be as lucky as we are!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  17. Savvy your story plays out 1000’s a time a week. So many waiting for a home and just in the nick of time someone steps up and a reprieve. WE are so glad that you found your forever and ever home and our dream is that every animal would. Spay/Neuter helps so much keep down the number of animals in shelters and if only more people would do this for their animals it would be a life saver. We lit a candle.

  18. What a great post, Savvy. So many things for which to be thankful.


  19. Is that an electric brush, that makes you jumping, Savvy? I added it to my FB page. I wish every animal would have a home and a family. It’s important to light a candle, every light can make this cold world a little more warmer.

  20. It is a pawsome event. I hope it will help!

  21. I reblogged this. Important message

    • Oh thank you so much! We just learned about this international event on Tuesday …Mom came back from her trip early so she could help me with a post…please be sure to light a candle

      • OMC, your mom came back from her trip early to help with this post? Give your mom extra pawhugs from all of us for doing that!

        We’re all rescue cats, but none of us from a shelter facility. (Ashton would have been PTS on intake in her condition, so there was never a question of letting her near a shelter!) But cousin Shep came from a local shelter in June, and we think of all of the other kitties who were there and hope for the best for all of them.

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  23. Mummy and Daddy have rescued 18 cats,there are 13 of us now.Mummy and Daddy say they wished they could help more…but the money has run out.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob
    Pee Ess RESCUES ROCK!!!!!

  24. Me too, sweetie, me too. We don’t have time to post today but we’re thinking of the kitties that need homes. AND we have two special house panthers right now (YOU know who!) who are getting really used to being safe & loved!


  25. We have a candle burning in the loungeroom as I type..i don’t have enough for all the fosters I took in that were rehomed…there were so many…and all went to homes thankfully..i loved them all…but so many don’t get the chance..i fostered for a no kill shelter but so many others Savvy…:( breaks my heart….adoption is the best option…and look at you what a sad world if you were not in it..i look at Pickles,Dinnermintz,Cleo and Marbles and the world indeed would be a much less lovely place if they were not in it.Hugs to you sweet Savvy XXX

    • Oh yes, so very true…rescue is THE BEST, and thank you for your kind words about me…I am lucky Dad found me, Mom said ‘yes’ when he wanted to foster me…and then we three saved each other. Without me their broken hearts from losing all three of their senior kitties within only ten months would not have healed as well…and Mom would never have thought to write a blog…so now she has her retirement project…we are doing all we can for animal rescue

      • So well said Savvy…all the babies I have had ,melted my heart over the years…my babies have all come to me when I thought my heart could not stand loving an animal again…but it does and it never ceases to amaze me that such precious babies are overlooked ….we hope for a day when no more pet shops sell animals,and when all creatures have a loving home 🙂

  26. Tell you I am so close to getting a fourth cat xxxx Need to work harder on my boys xxx

  27. Katie Isabella on said:

    All of my mom’s kitties are rescue kitties. I know how grateful *I* am and I know all her others were too. xoxox

  28. Savannah I wish we could save all the pets to put a stop to this practice but its not possible all we can do is spread the word and encourage people to adopt!xx Rachel

  29. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    All four of us kitties have a different rescue story and we are all lucky to have been saved. Makes Rescued your favorite breed and always spay & neuter your 4 legged loved ones.

  30. Mom and I are happy we rescued each other. You have come SUCH a long way, Savvy! You’re looking very cuddly…

    Love and licks,

  31. Oh Savannah!!! We wishes we could rescue everyone. ~Scylla & Family

  32. Looking lovely as always. Mummy says she is thankful efurry day that she has us in her life. There’s a good hooman!!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  33. Ann Cluck on said:


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