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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

The Art of Feline Innocence


So let’s talk. And I know many of my pals are woofies, so let me just say…I believe that this “art of innocence” crosses all anipal species…na’ mean???

Everyone knows, I am not the least bit mischievous. I never ever do weird or crazy pants stuff…right? Awww…come on guys, back me up on this one!

Here I am, just washing my paws and cleaning my face. Like every cat does a kabillion times a day. No reason for this particular routine action to require Mom L hauling out her iPhone (note the lousy focus).

*slurp, lick, slurp, lick*

*slurp, lick, slurp, lick*

Now why should this be so worthy of a photo, albeit a lousy one at that? Next I hear this question from Mom L:

Mom L: “Savvy? What are you up to?”

Me: “What,  nothing, absolutely nothing!”

Mom L: “Then please tell me exactly how ‘this’ ended up here looking like ‘that’?”

DSC_1612 ed

Me: ” Whoa! That TKS has been busy!”

Mom L: “TKS has been upstairs with Dad P the whole time I was gone. You were the only one downstairs.”

Me: *puts paws up and spread open with a shoulder shrug*…”Hey! what’s the problem? You know I never ever do stuff like that.”

Mom L: “hmmmm…sure Ms Savvy Do…you have that ‘Feline Look of Innocence’…but you know I know YOU!”

DSC_1611 ed 2

Hey?!! Are you sayin’ ‘I’ had something to do with that self imploding old used paper towel roll?…seriously…I was just up here tidying myself up before my nap

Mom L: Sure Ms Savvy Do, but just know this young lady…I have my eyes on you!”

And that my furriends is the Art of Feline Innocence!! Any of you ever try it? I bet my woofie pals know it just as well as we felines. We use the old “just cleaning my paws and/or face” but what do you woofies use?


peeEss…The Typist always gets the last word…never ever has Savannah done something like this. She must have bunny kicked that paper towel roll like a crazypants cat. I am so proud of her!

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15 thoughts on “The Art of Feline Innocence

  1. Hmmm, it doesn’t look like Mom L left you any toys to play with so how else could you entertain yourself all those many hours she’s gone? If you need a mouthpiece, I know some cats …

  2. PPSSSTT Savannah you did good bunnie kickin that roll….wee not tell yur LadyMum you took lessons 😉
    Well dun mee furend, well dun!!!
    ^^HI-5’SS^^ Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  3. Savvy, if I didn’t know better, I swear Ernie was at your house. ~Wally

  4. S & S….sew….trubull makers for new naybors huh…….ewe will hafta make sure all de doorz iz see cured frum now on… sew they due knot get in & due thiz again !!! 🙂

  5. Just practicing your hunting skills I’m sure, Savannah, like any good cat. Yay for you.

  6. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    The tree rat did it
    Lily & Edward

  7. Hawooowooo, I’ve seen a few of them ‘splodin rolls in our neck of the woods too Savannah! Watch out!


  8. You know…I think that paper roll DID tear itself up! I’m with you!

  9. Oh we love that you were guilty until proven…well guilty hahaa you go Savvy bunny kick it to the kerb 🙂 shows a sense of fun and adventure! Loves Miss Bev xx Pee Es tell Mum L to come peek at the surprise so she can enter 😉 xx

  10. that was my first thought too…YAY for Savvy… that’s a kind of progress too :o) and that was smart to clean your paws after the mischief… efurry evidence is gone now :o)

  11. HAHAHAHA…….well Savvy, good luck with that “innocent look” – I think the claw marks on that paper towel roll MIGHT give you away though!

    Hugs, Sammy

  12. That paper towel roll didn’t do that to itself, you know! 😉

  13. Wow – that is one lot of damage Miss Savvy! Well done * wink wink *

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We are sure it was necessary to destroy that paper towel roll to insure the safety of your beloved home. Those old paper towel rolls can be extremely dangerous. Your whole family should thank you!

  15. Finally behaving like a cat, aren’t you, Savvy? Though my two have never showed ANY interest in my toilet paper roll and only empty cardboard rolls have incited their interest – because I put treats in there and they had to get those outta there.

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