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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Never A Moment Alone


I don’t mean to always been whinging about havin’ to give up space and sun puddles to TKS. But com’on guys! Does she hav’ta show up everywhere I go??!!

TKS sniffs sun puddle

Now ya know what I mean. Just because I absconded with her preferred sun puddle, when it started to get lots bigger, is no call for her to keep on stalkin’ followin’ me. Ya know, it’s like she has a sixth sense, or maybe even a ninth sense!! MOUSES!! She may even have managed to take her nine lives and add a new URL to ’em so she also got three MORE senses!! Is that possible?

Savvy ponders her fate

Thank Ceiling Cat she didn’t sniff me out and I can chill’ax. Ya see this particular sun puddle area has a real nice feel to it. My humans open the slider door so I can hear the lovely chimes and listen to the burdies down in the patio chompin’ away at the two feeders. *shhhh* Don’t let those Trout Towne residents know I like the sound of the burdies.

I was about ready to let my head droop against the slider door and settle in for a nice morning nap when my most dread dream came true—

Savvy grumbles

Sadly there ya have it. Moments later I had to give up that swell sun puddle ‘cuz TKS just had to come over and try to chat with me. And yup, there was a hiss and a snarl as I exited my coveted special morning sun puddle. Such is the life of a mature former adult shelter cat now living with an immature shelter teenage shelter cat.

Can any of you relate to my circumstance? For Cod’s sake, please tell me how ya cope ‘cuz I am out of tactics to dissuade TKS. Can you even IMAGINE?—she wants to “play” with me? Why, I don’t even know what that means. Let alone what that looks like. I try, really I do. But when I wriggle my butt and pounce toward her, she pounces back!!! So I hiss and spit and flee. What is it that I am not getting right? Any suggestions?


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19 thoughts on “Never A Moment Alone

  1. Mee-you Savannah you can send Sage Kat to mee if you want…mee wood LUV a playmate fur when LadyMum iss unabull to lay toys with mee….
    An yur sunpuddle lookss so warm an cozy……
    Wee hardlee have any Sun here yet 😦
    ***paw patsss*** Dharth Henry xxx

  2. You wearing a new perfume or something, Savvy? Perhaps one with a note of the nip? Purrs, Seville.

  3. I’d tell you to ditch her and come over here but I don’t get sun puddles and we have all this noise now.

  4. katie isabella on said:

    Oh Savvy, I wish I had TKS here. I could use a playmate. xoxox

  5. Truffle always wants what Brulee has!

  6. pilch92 on said:

    Maybe if you play with her, she will think you are some imposter and run for cover.

  7. Marty the Manx on said:

    Ralphie here, I feel your pain Savvy! Everything I have that is nice Mom’s lap, my pink beddie, sun puddles… that tailess little brat comes and takes! THEN when I am playing, he comes and pounces on my toys, or worse yet ME! Then I have to SCREAM bloody MURDER so that Mom raises her voice at him and tells him to stop. I don’t have any answers either *sigh* I just don’t know what to tell you. The Puffs know how to play nice and leave my stuff alone…..why not HIM????

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Having two sun puddles was great ! Too bad that TKS absolutely wanted to chat with you ! Purrs

  9. savvy……purrhaps…….think bout thiz…..just purrhapz…..sage was tryin ta…. save ewe …….frum HEERIN….burd song ~~~~ yea…… ♥♥♥

  10. Believe me I know what you mean, I often have that problem with my peep. Sun comes out, puddle to lay in and ol’ peeps insists on muscling in on the act! Worst still peep shuts it out, says it’s to stop me getting too hot. Mouses! ERin

  11. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Those sun puddles are like a magnet
    Lily & Edward

  12. Savvy, this is your almost look alike Emma. I have the same problem with my brofur Buster for 6 years now. I am beginning to think that I will not be able to shake him off and that he’s not going back to the shelter as I had hoped when he first joined me here 6 years ago.

    Emma and Buster

  13. Savvy, I have the same problem with Ernie. That boy won’t leave me alone sometimes. I’ve just learned to tolerate it because otherwise, I won’t get any peace. ~Wally

  14. I’m an only-pet, so I’m not sure about having somebody always around trying to copy me and share *shiver* with me. I have to say, pouncing does not sound like my idea of fun. Maybe you could cuddle with TKS for starters.

    Love and licks,

  15. Somecats just want what all of the other cats have, no matter what you do, it seems.

  16. the sun was with you Savvy and sent two sunpuddles :o) I agree with you… siblings can be annoying sometimes… I had 8 once and that was not easy… not even for Easy :o)

  17. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Well Savannah, I think the best news I can give you is the fact that Sage will grow out of her teen years and become an adult. At that point she’s more likely to nod hello from her sun puddle and then ignore you. All three boys here have out grown the desire to play with me and 2 out of the 3 ignore me when I walk past. Hitch will still chase me but only if I pause near him, crouch down like I might pounce then run like the devil is on my heels…and of course he is, only it’s Hitch chasing poor little me, totally unprovoked. I run to my HuMom and hide behind her or in the top of my cat tree. Used to that would get me skritches and sweet talk but now she just laughs and tell Hitch to stop falling for it. Like I’m coaxing him or something. But maybe your lucky and Sage will grow up to be respectful like Tiger and Pumpkin. Whenever Hitch chases me they just look shocked. Yes, shocked, like any sensible cat should.

  18. It’s kind of the opposite here – Binga is old enough to know better, but she always wants what we other cats have!

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