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What Does TKS Dream?


I have a question for you, my dear loyal readers. You know that from time to time I have posted The Kid Sage aka TKS in many of her silly explorations. The one I can always count on is her obsession with the lid on the litter boxes every single time Dad P cleans them to replace our litter. What is it with her and those litter box lids? Na’ mean??

No litter needed

TKS seems to continue to believe that the litter box lid is supposed to actually “DO” something all by itself. Whatever do you suppose she dreams it will do?

Wow! I bet this baby can really pick up some speed!

Wow! I bet this baby can really pick up some speed!

You don’t think TKS dreams that she is in some sort of actual vehicle, do you?? Holy cat! I never thought about her actually believing that litter box lid could “move” on its own.

Naw, no way—I know TKS is a silly kid, but seriously, she is, after all my fur sib and I, Savannah the Cat, have had her under my careful tutelage for some two plus years now. She can’t be that off her rocker, right?

I have noticed that lately she has been wanting to get into my steampunk lab and workshop.

Savvy tinkering_post wm

But I keep that hidden and have never let her know the secret location. And for sure I know I never meow in my sleep. I have plans in progress, ya know?

Savvy has plans


Oh well, she dream all she wants. But like they say, be careful what ya ask for…heh…heh!

sage dreams of space


PeeEss—UPDATE #MOMMAKAT  The update is not positive. She is still searching. Please if you know anyone who lives in the USA let them know there is a gorgeous tuxie ladycat whose life has been only  struggle after struggle and who is desperate to give her love and cuddles to a forever family. Mom L is working on creating a very special HOPE CHEST for Momma Kat to take to her new home. If you know of any brands who might be willing to donate any of the following, or anything at all, please let Mom L know at rodgerslcr at gmail dot com

  • three to six months wet food supply
  • bundle of toys (after all she is only two!)
  • three months litter supply
  • litter box and related items
  • water fountain
  • food dishes free from whisker fatigue
  • cat scratchers
  • cat bed
  • cat tree

Thanks to the  moon and back to all of you who have so graciously and kindly been consistently promoting #mommakatssearch for her forever home. I will be starting another push as soon as I have some items in her HOPE CHEST.



Momma kats search badge

Purrs to all for helping #mommakatssearch

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18 thoughts on “What Does TKS Dream?

  1. It almost looks like TKS is playing “house” in the shot of her in the chair with the lid. Or maybe she was just messing around because she knew you’d be confused 🙂 Younger siblings do that sometimes.

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Sage makes a great Steampunk time traveler. Great job, Savvy!

    We’ll share Momma Kat again on Twitter right now.

  3. Love love love that last pic of TKS looking like an owl in her steam punk get up. Heh. Maybe Chewy would donate something to the Hope Chest.

  4. Maybe I can get in touch with the people I visited when I was in Phoenix. I will get my thinking cap on.


  5. pilch92 on said:

    Momma Kat is a beauty, I hope she gets her forever home soon, she sure deserves one. And TKS has quite an imagination- or maybe it is you, Savannah with the imagination 🙂

    • So Bear babee, did ya notice what I had on my design laptop in my steampunk lab? It’s a little sump’in I’m workin’ on for TKS. Funny that she seems to have read my mind in her dream…you don’t suppose she has discovered my lab location in that alternate universe do ya?

    I once won a competition by them – so maybe they will sponsor Momma Kat

  7. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    What a cool space lab. You could do lots of things in that lab
    Lily & Edward

  8. hannahandlucy on said:

    We didn’t think any one would be so silly as to want the new litter in before the tray has been emptied and washed!

  9. Wow that lab of yours looks awesome! I will definitely pass along any other companies I can think of for Momma Kat.

  10. We don’t know what TKS dreams…but she looks ready to roll in that litterbox! 🙂 Purring mega purrs for MommaKat.

  11. Marty the Manx on said:

    Who knows what she dreams of , but I bet it is big! Still praying for Mommacat every night.

  12. MOL, Sage. That’s an impressive space continuum clock you have there!

  13. you have a steampunk lab? how great is that? and I bet TKS egg-sactly dreamed about such fab steampunk googles :o) I will share this post, of course!

  14. Sage is quite a character! I’m not sure what she thinks, anymore than I can imagine what Binga is thinking!

  15. TKS is certainly a silly one! I mean, most kitties want in the box AFTER the new litter is in, not when it’s empty!

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