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Quality Control TKS Style


It is my pleasure to announce that our Secret Santa Paws package has been wrapped, packed and mailed!! YAY for Mom and Dad and The Kid Sage. I decided to let the three of them have a good time together getting it all done. I am saving my strength for opening the package my our Secret Santa Paws sent to me us!!

TKS took on her quality control responsibilities right off. As soon as all our items were put in a box to  make sure the box was the right size, TKS was right there checking it out.

You're kidding! Right?

And then her disappointment wasn’t hard to see once she learned the contents were not for her. Silly kid! I did let her know that she would be able to check each item out to insure that it is the quality she would expect to see going out with my blog name on the package.

Ummm…maybe she took my directions a bit too literally?


Ok, so that great big sniff she gave a couple of items was allowed. Even that claw you can see on the right getting ready to snag the item so it couldn’t get away was well within the quality control parameters I gave her.

But then she got a bit carried away, at least I think so. What do you think?


As you can see, she did more than one lick and nibble.

Ummmm—I sure do hope the recipients don’t mind that TKS took a couple of their items out for more than just a test. Now nothing was damaged during her quality inspection but one or two items might be considered as “previously owned”—just sayin’.


Did any of you get a change to provide quality control for your Secret Santa Paws gift wrapping and shipping??


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19 thoughts on “Quality Control TKS Style

  1. Whoa! TW always buys something similar for me so I leave everything else alone. I missed not sending my Secret Paws to you this year.

  2. Speakin’ of the wrappin’ of prezzies… Your peeps give you access to the good wrappin’ paper? I’ve been cut off. Peep #1 told me to keep my paws off it. Can you believe it? MOUSES!

  3. The Swiss Cats on said:

    TKS did a pawsome job ! Purrs

  4. Pooh And Her Pooch on said:

    Even with your quality control sweet Savvy and instructions for TKS that nip was just too good to not have a sniff. We bet the recipients of those great gifts will not mind at all that two of them are slightly used. Hugs and nose kisses Pooh, Chancy and Mumsy

  5. Well its a tough job but some cat’s gotta do it Savvy 😉

  6. pilch92 on said:

    Good job with the quality control 🙂

  7. It’s all good, Savannah, TKS was just putting her loving paw of approval on those items – now they are sealed with TKS kitty love.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty

  8. Oh TKS seems to have grasped that rather well, in more ways than one! No secret Santa over this way, as seems like he knows exactly who I am and I did rather get to meet him last Christmas eve, so cant pretend otherwise. Ne’er mind maybe I can play secret easter bunny, instead! purrs ERin

  9. TKS has cute little toofies.

    Emma and Buster

  10. Yep, lots of quality control inspections happened over here. Our package arrived but I haven’t let that cats open it yet!

  11. I hope you had a sniff at that nip as well, Savvy!

  12. Mew mew mew Sage you did a PAWSUM job!!!
    An Savannah you sure have yur pawss full snoopervisin Sage snoopervisin Qualitee control……
    ***paw patsss*** an meowy Katmass to all of youss’ Dhartha Henry xxxxx

  13. Yep, we played with some of our Secret Paws presents before the mom packed them up. We had to make sure they were okay. 🙂

  14. it’s nip… who can resist? and the recipient gets a special pawsonally gift by TKS… that’s cute ;o)

  15. TKS is surely thorough and takes her snoopervision very seriously. I did not help Mom with the wrapping, except for getting underfoot. Every time she turned around, she tripped over me.

    Love and licks,

  16. What a super quality tester you are TKS!

  17. We were lucky – Binga was napping when we were wrapping our Secret Paws presents! It was bad enough when I was trying to pack them, and she could still smell them!

  18. Obviously TKS takes her duties furry seriously 😉

  19. Looks like TKS did a phenomenal job 🙂

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