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Success with a Cat Trap


Mom L has been putting up some photos of a Mom cat and her four to five month old kitten on our Face Book pages. So if you follow her, then you may have seen some of these photos.

But, I am here today with the back story and progress that we made just yesterday on our new Paw It Forward Project! You got it! I’m gonna make sure this cat and her kitten are spayed, neutered, vaccinated to keep them healthy if they decide they still wanna live in the outdoors. Dad P and Mom L spotted them just up the street from our home. They were living behind a really nice Elk’s Lodge under a super warm, dry and cool large patio with a great roof. I named mom cat “Mandy” and the kitten “Andi”—we didn’t know what sex the kitten was at the time I was writing this blog post. (pEEeSS Andi is a GIRL!!)

Mom L started by feeding them in a double bowl but Mandy always stayed behind to keep watch over Andi and make sure she got enough to eat. So, Dad P suggested feeding them in separate bowls and a distance apart. You can see that Andi kept an eye on her mom to make sure she didn’t leave her. And Mandy was able to eat a really nice evening meal all by herself.

Of course unknown to Mandy and Andi, Mom L was plotting to get them positioned outside that lodge enclosure and eating together so’s she could finally trap them. Amazing that Andi became very accustomed to Mom L in just a couple of days and would come bounding over within just a few feet of Mom L. Andi was eager for her yummy meal. Mandy on the other paw took a few days more, but even she warmed up and started to come right to the food bowl without any hesitation once Mom L walked away several feet.

Isn’t she pretty? And you can tell she kept her eyes on Mom L just to be sure her baby was safe. They would retreat behind the fence and a wooden pallet to do their after dinner cleaning.

Next Mom L and Dad P brought out this amazing trap one of Mom L’s community cat rescue pals created! Yes, he came up with this design on his own and built it. It is crazy effective too. It has a hard floor with a little porch. You can put some yummy noms on that porch to draw a kitty close. And that is a drop door, which is able to be managed with a small device like a garage door opener. The door can be dropped shut tight from across a street!

First night, which was our Saturday, that Mom L and her pal tried the trap—KABAM!!!! They caught BOTH Mandy and Andi!!! Mind you the kitties were terrified, but they were now gonna be taken care of and there will be no more babies. They both went in yesterday morning, after spending a quiet night cozy in our warm garage, for their Spay and Neuter and vaccinations, rabies and flea treatment and micro-chipping. Mom L’s pal Miss Kris was able to get them into a place called Fix Our Ferals for free service! Awesome, huh?!!

Here is where they will come for their recovery and attempts by Mom L and Dad P to socialize them. And yes, Mom L’s office is once again off limits to me and TKS.

After a week or so, if Mandy/Andi don’t show any sign of wanting human contact, then we will release them back to that lodge. They have a really nice lady who feeds them twice a day and they are even now in great condition. Beautiful furrs!! And good body weight.

Check back next Monday for another update on how things go.


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22 thoughts on “Success with a Cat Trap

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  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    Awesome job by Mom L and Dad P! Mandy and Andi will be so much healthier and happier now that they’ve been spayed and vetted. We sure hope those socialization efforts bear fruit!

  5. WOOHOO!!!!! What furabuluss newss Savannah! Yur pawetnss furend iss so-o clevurr to make a speshell trap like that. Mee Aunty Sheila could use aa trap like that fur thee Harb colony katss left to bee TNR’ed. There are 3 an 2 were cott butt thee Shelter was closed so they were set loose an now skittish to go near the trap again an thee 3rd kat iss nervuss…
    Hurrah fur Mandie an Andi!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dharth Henry~~~ an ((hugsss)) LadyMum

  6. Marty the Manx on said:

    Yeah! Great news that MomL and DadP were able to get them safe and sound! Hope the socialization goes well. Paws and fingers crossed!
    Marty and the Gang

  7. I had seen the facebook posts with them, so pretty! How awesome that you got them that fast! And yay for free spays! Oh I hope and pray that the tame and get adopted! Maybe even together!
    Your mom Rocks, Savvy!

  8. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    That is great news that they were caught so quickly. That trap is a great design. I hope they can be socialised so they can live an indoor life. Even if they can’t, at least they won’t be adding to the kitty population and should keep healthier too.

  9. See what a little planning and being diligent can accomplish? Good job!

  10. Mary McNeil on said:

    What a beautiful pair ! Kudos to your Mom & Dad and all the people (and you and TKS) involved in getting them safe.

  11. Score! Four paws up for your peeps! Hope they can be socialized cos they are so cute but aren’t we all? That trap is amazing! What a cool invention.

  12. Way to go Team Savvy!!!

  13. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Paws up for Mom L ! Pawsome job ! Purrs

  14. This is good news. Socialisation looks a possibility doesn’t it? They got a bit confident around you? We will see won’t we!

    Marjorie and Silver

  15. A tale with two happy endings, that is awesome! Well done you all. It’s great that they also have the choice to be indoor or outdoor girls! Oh well it is only for a week that they will stop, and you did very well with the kittens so I hope that this stay goes well too.
    Toodle pip

  16. Carole Schulman on said:

    Savvy your mom and dad are awesome! This is wonderful.
    Katie Isabella’s mommy…

  17. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am so glad they go rescued . I hope they will want human contact, they may need more than a week to know if they do though.

  18. Those two kitties are SO CUTE! And, they’re so, so, SO VERY LUCKY to have YOUR peeps on the job. Your peeps are doin’ such great things, Savvy. Such GREAT things! PURRS.

  19. GREAT job! Love that trap. My wager would be that Andi comes around, but Mandy may be a tougher nut to crack.

  20. OOps, my comment got mangled – I meant to say it might be not too late for the kitten, Kessy was feral for seven months. I am not sure about the mom, though. But with a lot of patience you might get that one, too. Just do not move in for the touch, too early. Play with them from afar (cat angles, laser toys), throw out treats, but get those slowly closer, not too close at first – a shy cat needs a lot of time.

  21. It showing up (like Kessy was when I got her, she had been feral for seven months, then they caught and neutered her and kept her at the cat rescue for a year – only ever allowing the human there to pet her back. Right now, Kessy sits at my side, purring, giving head bumps begging for treats. She is not a cat that can be lifted up – but I can give her a hug and the purring never stops. After seven months at my place she finally decided she had had enough of the tom getting all the cuddles – and claimed some for herself 😉 She’s now here for almost seven years.

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