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Andi the Feral Kitten: A Happy Tails Ending


first introduced you to Andi , our feral foster kitten, in late November 2017. (remember in all the gallery photos, drag your mousie after you have dedded it over each photo to view captions)

Andi was barely three months old and trapping her and her Mom cat, we named Mandi, was Mom L and Dad P’s first ever cat trap work. Mom L and I shared our news about deciding to keep Andi to foster and socialize her on December 4, 2017 . Her first week living in Mom L’s office was a shock for her. She did allow Mom L to touch her and eventually Mom L started to pick her up. Surprisingly, sweet Andi never did more than give a tiny little hiss. She never clawed, scratched, growled.

If you have followed Andi’s story, then you know that Dad P and Mom L had to release Andi’s mom cat, Mandi, back to the place where she was raising Andi. Sadly mom cat Mandi wasn’t ready just yet to be socialized. BUT—her feeder is workin’ on her as I type this Happy Tails Ending story!!

But I digressed, let me get back to Andi’s amazing story. Little Andi began to thrive and learn to trust human touch. Eventually Mom L and Dad P moved her to a larger enclosure where she could start to learn how to play. Remember, she was an only kitten and she had never played with any other kitty but her mom. And she was really too young to have begun to learn to stalk her “prey” so she didn’t know what to do with the wand toy schmousie at first.

Wait! What? You want ME to touch that schmousie???

The above pose is a classic Andi pose as she gets ready to play with anything. She always raised her right paw before she reached out to paw whap whatever she was playing with. There are other wonderful poses, special Andi poses that we all came to look for with anticipated joy and pleasure. Mom L’s camera loved working with Andi.

Finally the day arrived when we thought is was for Andi’s best interest to take her to my former kitty shelter, Kitty Corner. We knew that Miss Chrissy would make sure Andi was adopted by the bestest fit family ever—just like she did for me when Mom L and Dad P adopted me in 2012!

It was tough at first for Andi. Remember she had not grown up with any siblings and the only humans she knew were Mom L and Dad P. She spent much of her first days at Kitty Corner in a special cubby on a cat tower made cozy with a special brand new blankie Mr. Terry brought in for her. Mr. Terry is a very special man who luvluvluvs cats just like Dad P.

I’m scared…can I just go back home purrlease?

Dad P and Mom L visited Andi every day trying to help her learn how to play in such a large open space as Kitty Corner. This was the largest room she had ever been in. Besides, remember Andi didn’t ever know any other cat but her mom cat. So now she had seven to ten other cats aged seven months to over five years housed with her.

But Andi being Andi, she started to adjust with Mom L and Dad P’s help. She responded to her favorite wand toy. That schmousie!!

Oh!! My schmousie followed me here!!

And then just two days later Dad P and Mom L saw with their very own eyes our little teensy Andi climb to the tippy top of a tall cat tower and then—she jumped to another one!!! Aiiiieeee! So brave and so confident she was becoming!

And then the day arrived when our precious beloved little Andi was discovered by a young family. (human faces disguised to protect family’s privacy)

They arrived to adopt a seven month old kitten named Joey, but then through encouragement from the Kitty Corner staff, they considered adopting another kitty so Joey would have a play pal.

Now Joey and our Andi had never met, but everyone figured “heck, they are youngsters” so no problem, right? Well Andi was more willing to give their relationship a try than Joey was at first. However it seems like they are adjusting to each other.

Mom L and Dad P are relieved that the family’s son, the oldest, at age thirteen has chosen to be Andi’s champion and protector and bestest ever pal!!

They look good together, don’t ya think??

Now Andi and Joey will always be inside only cats, but just check out how much this family luvluvluvs animals of all species!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Andi’s human, Mr. Austin, asked if his bedroom could be Andi’s special “alone time/safe zone” room and guess what? Andi agreed wholeheartedly! She started snoozing with Mr. Austin immediately and now his bed is her bed!!

Please give our precious Andi a very special round of APAWS! for finding her forever family.

Forever our special feral foster heart kitten—our Andi!



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23 thoughts on “Andi the Feral Kitten: A Happy Tails Ending

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  2. Andi is so pretty. Absolutely beautiful, for sure. And how WONDERFUL for her to now have a loving forever home of her very own. PURRS.

  3. Oh sweet, beautiful Andi, we are all so happy for you and we know you’ll have a most wonderful life in your forever home!

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    I love a happy ending.

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    So pleased to hear this happy ending for Andi–she is a beauty. I feel so lucky to havemet her–well, no touching though! 😉 Purrs from Spitty

  6. The Island Cats on said:

    OMC! What a wonderful story…and we love love love Andi’s happy ending. Looks like she has found the purrfect home!

  7. Woot! Appaws for Andi!! I raise my paw like that a lot when I want to play or whap TW. Andi looks very content in her furever castle.

  8. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    I am glad there is a happy ending to Andi’s story and she now has her own family. Well done on working so hard for her.

  9. Mary McNeil on said:

    What a great story ! Purrs to everyone !

  10. The Swiss Cats on said:

    What a wonderful story ! We’re so happy that Andi found a forever home ! Purrs

  11. **wipin tearss frum eyesss** Mee-Ohm Savannah what a wunderfull ‘Happy Tailsss’ story!! Wee doin a HUGE *happy dance* fur Andi an her pawsum furamillee…lookss like anipal Nirvana on Earth!
    Well dun Lady El an Mistur Pete an Savannah an Sage!!!! WOO HOO!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dharth Henry~~~

  12. meowmeowmans on said:

    This makes us so happy, Savvy! We are so grateful for Mom L and Dad P, Miss Chrissy, Mr. Terry, and Kitty Korner for helping sweet Andi get ready to find her forever home. And we love that she and Mr. Austin are such loving friends now. 🙂

  13. I hope that after all the hard work and Andi’s awesome nature, she has a wonderful new life with her new humans and the various other family companions. I sure as heck wouldn’t know what to make of that pig dude!
    Toodle pips

  14. What a happy ending that’s really a beginning for that happy little kitty. AND for her family! Good luck to all! Woot!

    Love and licks,

  15. Thanks for sharing all of those lovely photos of Andi and telling her story. Such a little sweetie. ❤

  16. What a wonderful Happy Ending, it looks like she found a very special boy.

  17. This is such great news – Andi has her very own human! And a family! I’m so happy for her.

  18. Now that is news to begin a week with! Thank you!

  19. Thank your all your hard work in ensuring Andi has a happy ending to her story. I am sat here cheering with delight!!! Hip hip hurrah!!!!

    Marjorie and Silver

  20. Andi we wish you a wonderful life in your furever furmily… and many thanks to all who helped to bring a sad story to a happy end… and also all the best for mom Mandi

  21. Edie Chase on said:

    Thanks to everyone who helped Andi and her Mom. I’m glad Andi was able to find her forever home.

  22. I love happy endings! Hooray for Mr Austin and family to have many loved pets and make room for two more. I hope the mom has the opportunity to be spade sometime, so no more kittens have to be out fending off who knows what. Andi is so so adorable! Good work team x Boomdee

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