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Meaningful, joyful…Friday Memes


It’s been a scramble around here to get my post ready for my readers…those who are still hangin’ in with me…and I appreciate each and every one of you!!  I know I have been one absent kitty from my blog. But hey?! When we cats are workin’ hard to give do paws on paws rescue work, well, it gets crazy pants busy…na’mean?

So for my first meme, I asked one of the female, not spayed kitties who had a litter at about seven months old to do my first meme.

What a cutie! She is now safe back at the property where we trapped her and where she is being fed very well!

Now let me bring on my UK lady pal none other than Miss Erin, the Cat Princess.

Aiiieeee!! Erin??!! What the heck does that “chop lickin'” mean???

And I made this last meme just for me and Mom L. And I want all my readers to know how deep our connection is.

Thanks for coming around to visit. Please if you have a moment, let me know in memes if you still want me to keep them comin’.


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12 thoughts on “Meaningful, joyful…Friday Memes

  1. waves two ewe S & S…..we bee offline on fryday sew pleez eggz cuze de late…we N joy theez meemz N hope ta see way lotz mor….we compleet lee understand bout bloggin…mom N dad haza bunch oh way important stuffz they bee doin…keep up de grate werk N 984 pawz UP ~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Those were really great and we enjoyed seeing Princess Erin!

  3. I love the laughter and the smiles here. They really made my day! Have a good week-end and happy giggles (with maybe a second portion for supper eh??)

    Marjorie and Silver

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    These are all great.

  5. The Island Cats on said:

    Those are some great memes. Definitely keep them coming!

  6. I love seeing the memes! And I love love the rescue work. I know it has to be very hard. That photo of you two hand in hand is precious. XXXX

  7. Bruce Mazur on said:

    Don’t give up your dreams and good hearted deeds you and dad p do!Keep it going it’s fills a real cat loves needs and information.

  8. All great memes. Erin’s photo is too funny!

  9. Aww, I love your memes today, Savannah… well, Erin’s may have me a little bit nervous!

  10. Aww, they are so cool, and yes, please keep them coming as Fridays just aren’t the same without you! Sounds like you guys are real busy at the mo, too, doing all your good works for us cats, so we are grateful that you can still have time to share your memes and adventures with us
    Toodle pips and purrs

  11. We love your memes and are furry clever to think them up.

  12. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Miss Savannah, you must know by now that we all love your Friday memes and look forward to seeing them in out in box every week. More importantly though, we love reading about the awesome work your family is doing in cat rescue. So, while we hope the memes continue, if it’s a choice between the two, we’d like to voice our support of the hardwork we know you are directing your humans in.

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