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Friendly Community Cat Rescue—Joy and Worry


Let me get to my apology for missing my Friday Memes post right at the get go of this post. Mom L totally messed up her back at some stuppy gym class and she could not even work that compute mouse with me helpin’ her! But we are back (pun!) on track this week!

Now for my sharing about my latest Paw It Forward project with Mom L and Dad P. You do remember our foster kitten, Katie, right? Dad P pulled her from an overwhelming situation the first of July when Katie refused to leave her carrier to be returned to her original caretaker. Katie lived in Mom L’s office for almost 4 months. Eventually we brought in a younger kitten named Lilly to see if she could get Katie to come out of her fear. And it worked! Katie grew confident and became the most darling, lovable kitty.

Do I have to go?

This photo was taken the morning Mom L and Dad P transported Katie and Lilly to Contra Costa Humane Society’s Kitty Corner free roaming shelter. My long time readers know this is my former shelter where Dad P found me and brought me to Mom L’s attention. The staff at Kitty Corner were open to accepting dear Katie, and Lilly and on other youngster, found dying in a friend’s back yard—Duchess. Duchess is a Lilac Point Siamese.

This is so scary!

The morning Katie was to leave, Mom L played with her and tried to make sure she knew how much she is loved and how special she is.

Ohhhh…thanks for the tummy rubs Mom L

And then whoosh!! Off Katie went to Kitty Corner. Little did she know that her former roomie, Lilly, would be joining her. Lilly was recently spayed and so returned to her first foster for her recovery care so she and Katie had not been together for about ten days.

Lilly when she lived with Katie in my castle

What a reunion Lilly had with Katie! When Mom L opened up the carriers little Lilly bounced out of her own carrier and went straight to welcome her Auntie Katie!

Auntie Katie!!! *rubs, purrs* So happy to be with you!!

Katie was afraid and timid. Mom L and Dad P were holding back tears because they are learning the joy and now comes the “worry” of rescuing friendly community cats and kittens.

Dad P reaching in to comfort scared Katie

Finally Katie was willing to peer over the top of her carrier with her buddy Lilly cheering her on.

Come on Auntie Katie, let’s play!

Eventually Lilly helped her Auntie Katie get brave enough to venture out of her carrier.

See!!! I told you Auntie would come out and play with me!

And this is the joy and worry of rescuing friendly community cats and kittens. Where do you find a path for their adoption? Who will want a youngster like Katie who is about nine months old, with a permanent limp, and needing lots of patience and understanding? The concerns for their futures are real. Humans return kittens and cats for reasons that are mind numbing—too needy, not affectionate, timid, won’t get in my lap, etc. etc.

Time, patience, love and understanding are required for anyone who ever takes a friendly community cat or kitten into their home and life. Mom L and Dad P will stay on top of what happens with Katie, and of course, Lilly and Duchess as well. After all, there are four more following in their paw steps this coming week. More about that later.



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13 thoughts on “Friendly Community Cat Rescue—Joy and Worry

  1. It is so rewarding helping those kitties who need love and helping hand. What a great story. Dad has a little wet eyes
    Timmy and Family

  2. BionicBasil on said:

    Just stopping by to say…

    Happy Halloween guys!

    Wishing mew a spooktacular evening!

    the B Team xox

  3. That’s so sweet ! We hope they can stay together ! Purrs

  4. Bruce Mazur on said:

    Love the beautiful stories and heartwarming tales of all the wonderful things you and dad P do.So impressive and basic human sensitivity.A monument dedicated to you both should be raised someday.Beautiful.

  5. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    I love your story and yeah, a few happy tears here.

    My Director of Place for Cats foster network in NYC (who pull from the ACC kill list) can tell you about the lame brained ‘excuses’ for surrendering a cat or kitten.

    Immature is one word that comes to mind for those who won’t handle that a cat is not a toy, but a creature with real self will. You are brave, compassionate and fearless in your advocacy. These cats show that, you are amazing, and kind. Kindness is something that we all need more of.

    Silver and Marjorie

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is so sweet, I hope they get to stay together forever.

  7. The Island Cats on said:

    What a couple of cuties Lilly and Katie are.

  8. Yes, it’s such a worry but they sure are adorable!

  9. mistletoeandhitch on said:


  10. Edie Chase on said:

    I hope Lilly and Katie are able to find a home together. Sending healing thoughts to your Mom.

  11. I do love a happy ending, and your work and adventures in the real world are wonderful to read about. Keep up your excellent work and keep sharing with us too! We Hopes your mom’s back gets better very soon, back pain is the worst of things.

    Toodle pips
    and healing Purrs

  12. that was a super idea to bring Lilly to help Katie… and what a reunion… YAY to you and a big hug!

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