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Everyday Brings New Excitement


I have to say that having this Kit Katie hanging around sure does keep everyone on their toes. She is non-stop checking out every little corner of my castle. And she has to talk all the time she is doing it. How the heck can a senior cat get her napping done.

Well as you can see, I am not having anything to do with the kid’s explorations. As long as I have my end of the couch and Mom L is at the other end where she can reach over and pet me now and then, I don’t care

I do have to say that Kit Katie has really been living on the edge the last few days. You remember that photo from my last Friday Memes where TKS is staring from her tower in total disbelief at what she is seeing happening before her eyes?

I cannot believe what Kit Katie is doing!!!!

This is what TKS was watching. She was looking at me, actually enjoying some treats within like eighteen inches of Kit Katie. Yup, even I surprised myself doin’ it the first time. Heck, my throat was so hoarse from hissing at Kit Katie (KK) when she hopped up on my our bed, I needed those treats just to clear my head!!

Now we do this almost every morning. I am actually staying on the bed while KK roams all over it. She has discovered Mom L’s iPad and thinks those mouses are pretty fun. (hover over photo to view caption)

She has also discovered that she can climb from our bedroom scratch post to the tippy top of Mom L’s jewelry chest to get a better look at the art hanging on the wall.

And TKS has an even more frightening experience as she watched from her tower at this morning’s action with KK and me on our bed.

No!! Oh no!! This is gonna be really really bad!!!

You see, KK was all rolling around on the bed and snuggled up against Mom L’s leg. Then she did the awful horrible. She stretched as far as she could and she let her paw touch my furs!!! TKS was right to be lookin’ so shocked!

I bet I can reach Savvy from here…

Well I can tell you that I gave her my loudest, meanest snarl and yowl of outrage and I raised my paw to give her a whack! Luck for KK she moved fast and zipped off the edge of the bed. The nerve!!!

So I am ready for Kit Katie to find her own castle. I sure do hope my pals will grab her badge at this end of this blog post and share her all over your social media. Anyone interested can contact Contra Costa Humane Society in Pleasant Hill, CA at 925-279-2247. Kit Katie lives with me, but CCHS has her in their re-homing program so they contact Mom L if there is an inquiry for Kit Katie.


PeeEss…thought you might like to see some new photos of the River View Park cats getting their chow on a very rainy day. Didn’t stop them!

And here is KK’s badge.

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12 thoughts on “Everyday Brings New Excitement

  1. We can see that she is asking you to be her best friend. That’s a fun kitty game to play on the Ipad. We have that on ours and it keeps them busy for a while. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Carole Schulman on said:

    KK needs a home and I sure hope she gets it. Thanks to you for sharing your Mom and home. XXXX
    Katie Isabella

  3. The Island Cats on said:

    It sounds like Kit Katie wants to be your friend, Savannah.

  4. Ms Savvy, you are such a calming influence for young Katie. Without your firm but kind paw she would not be able to carry on learning and socialising.
    OK, so TKS may be a bit aghast at it all, but thats what the youngsters do these days 😉
    Go with the flow I say, and enjoy the uplift, too.

  5. We know just what you mean. Bo had the same problem with Misha when she came three years ago and she STILL isn’t gone yet!! We feel your pain, Savvy. Hope KK gets her own pad soon so you can have yours back.

    Head bonks and kitty kisses,

    Harry the Wonder Cat and his gang

  6. She sure is everywhere, I think she likes you Savvy!

  7. I hope Katie finds a home soon… but it really makes me happy to hear she has been so bold!

  8. Ah, Savvy, you are coming to terms here … remember how it all started with TKS?

  9. Savvy, We think Katie is reaching out to you because she no longer has Lillie to make her feel safe. She wants to be furriends. Be kind to her, sweetheart.

  10. I sure hope she finds her own castle soon,she deserves it,xx Speedy

  11. wow only 18 inches? that was very generous Savvy… but we hope that KK finds her own castle … specially now after she knows how an ipad works… it should happen, right? people need such feline helpers for their gadgets ;O)

  12. Awww, she is trying to befriend you! What a sweetie!

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