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Monday Meowsie News


Gosh, where to start???!! So much going on around here. Let me start with an updates from the past.

Do you remember our foster kittens from 2017? We had three siblings, Rocky, Chloe and Jessie. Well I have an update on Rocky, now Nick, and Chloe, now Nora. We know Jessie is fine but just do not have a recent update.

Here they are, Nick and Nora, together and snuggling just like when they left my castle in November, 2017.

Gotta luvluvluv the Happy Tails Endings! And here is another one for you. Remember one of the friendly adults cats Mom L pulled from our park colony? Her name from the feeders was “Whitey” because she has four white paws, BUT one paw had a little black tootsie. You can see her searching for her forever home in my link to a long ago Friday Memes.

Recognize her now?? The photos below are from her new forever Mom. She is now Whitney, and totally loving being an indoor cherished kitty.

Now how is that for Happy Tails Endings all around??

More news on my home front. My castle is being overtaken by some uppity brown tabby Kit Katie!! Just look at her! How much more intrusive on my castle can she be??

Wow, Savvy sure does have a nice tent setup

Even TKS is amazed at how much this KK is taking over.

I’m outta here heading for parts unknown in my whiz bang spaceship

She has even become part of our morning routing with Mom L and Dad P. We all hang out on our bed while they watch the morning news, drink their coffee, read the paper etc. And now, KK takes over a WHOLE corner of the bed for herself!! Cheeky kid!!

Oh I luvluvluv this corner!! What? Oh, was this yours Princess Savannah?

Things are gonna have to come to a point soon. This KK kitty is just too intrusive. Why this morning, while I was quietly nibbling on my brekkies in our bedroom ( I like eating with Mom L and Dad P)—KK actually snuck in behind me and sniffed and snuffled my TAILEO while I was nibbling away!!! And no, there is no photo proof of this happening, but trust me, it DID!!

And there is even MORE! I have this very special sun puddle that occurs every Spring. It is on Mom L’s side of our bed, and I can lay on the floor rug in front of the balcony slider and have a lovely morning sun bath. WELL!!!

Sheesh!! Do I have a brown tabby shadow???

There KK is, right on my “six”! A Princess has no privacy nor privilege where this KK is concerned.

Last but not least in this Monday Meowsie News post, is my latest Paw It Forward project. Mom L was contacted by a neighbor across our water channel who has been caring for a sweet abandoned adult lady cat. The neighbor is so very allergic to cats. Even though she has tried desperately to be able to give this abandoned cat a home, she simply cannot do this any longer.

My name is Miss Kitty and I am searching for my forever home. Can you help me?

We are working our local rescue contacts and will keep you updated on Miss Kitty’s search for her forever home. And yes, those people loaded up two of the cats they liked best, and drove away leaving more than Miss Kitty to fend for themselves. Working to humanely care for and rescue abandoned community cats ROCKS!!!



Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Petco Re-Homing


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14 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    We’re glad things with Katie are going so well, Savvy. Even if she IS all up in your stuff. Miss Kitty is beautiful. We hope she and Katie find forever castles real soon.

  2. best fishez two ewe miss kitty coz we think K K haz all reddy finded her for everz home ~~~ 😉 ♥♥♥

  3. The Island Cats on said:

    We love hearing about these happy endings! We’re hoping for a good one for KK and Miss Kitty.

  4. I love hearing the success stories! And paws crossed for Miss Kitty – and Katie!! – to find homes.

  5. 15andmeowing on said:

    Miss Kitty is so pretty. Whoever abandoned her should go to jail.

  6. We get a lot of that rear guard action here with Rumpy and Einstein. Even with family that is sooooo annoying. That is such good news that those fosters are doing well and we are sure Miss Kitty will get her forever home too. She is beautiful. Dad, Dad, stop looking at her picture! DAD!

  7. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Katie is very respectful and she knows you’re the topcat anyway. Poor Miss Kitty, we hope she finds a forever home very soon. We agree with the A-word of Marjorie about people leaving her like that ! Purrs

  8. Katie sure looks happy and Miss Kitty sure is a beauty.

  9. Happy cuddling endings are just what we all need…. maybe Katie Kat is just practicing for when she gets her own home. One thing for sure, Savannah, she sure is being very good around you and TKS, and that is most admirable thing.
    Here’s to you all having a wonderful Happy Easter together.
    Miss Kitty is one fine lady, too, and we hope she gets a home pronto.

  10. Carole Schulman on said:

    I agree with WhskrDesign, and I was also going to meow that Katie is being a sweetheart and very respectful of you and TKS. Perhaps you are beginning to notice what a good girl she is? And Miss Kitty is truly a beautiful Lady Cat. Seriously beautiful. So much so, I think she will find a new mommy before long.
    Katie Isabella

  11. KK just wants to be friends is all Savvy.Love the updates on the Kitties.And We hope Miss Kitty and KK find their forever homes soon,xx Speedy

  12. oh that sweet photo of the two… and we hope for a home for katie and this adorable little miss kitty…

  13. Those A**holes leaving Miss Kitty!!!!!!! Sorry Savvy ……

    I wonder. Miss Katie IS being quietly respectful of you as top cat. She knows she is a lucky kitty to have a roof over her whiskers……

    Have a good Easter you girls (and Dad P)

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