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Old is made new again!


Have you ever had one of your favorite old play things, now a bit dirty and dingy, made new again? Well, I never thought it could be done, but Mom L did it!

Boy oh boy!! I can bunny kick this!

That is a photo of me in 2012 when I first received my Nip N’Nap mat from a pal of Mom L’s. It was filled with the nip, which I didn’t know I liked at the time, and I took to that mat like crazy!!

I still like nothing better than having my peacock fevver pulled under that mat so’s I can jump on it and dead it! Just check out how serious I am in that photo above—see my whiskers are all pulled forward so’s to give me the best intel on what that fevver is gonna do.

So you know I luvluvluv my Nip mat. It also became a nice place to take a nap, so we call it my our Nip N’ Nap mat.

It has been refilled many times with new nip. But Mom L finally decided that it needed to be brought back to life with a good bath!!

You got it right!! She darn near deaded BOTH our Nip N’ Nap mats by putting them through the washing machine!

I guess is turned out OK, because for TKS, that first Nip N’ Nap mat of mine was like it was reborn and all new again.

*sniff, sniff*—hmmm—this smells different?

TKS gave the New “old” Nip N’ Nap mat a real workout!

I can roll on it like the old mat and get the nip smell on my furs

TKS wasn’t sure if this mat ‘reborn’ mat was gonna be fun like it was before its bath.

Ok, ok— I can bunny kick it and get my nip to smell even more

So far, so good.

Wait a minute?! Is this a set up? To get me to make it fall apart?

Suspicious as always!

umm—maybe I outta let Savvy or KK do this first

And TKS’ gung ho nature took over and she took that Nip N’ Nap reborn mat for a ride across the living room floor!!

Who cares! I’m takin’ this baby for spin across the floor!!!

Typical TKS!!

Let me know if you like your play things made new again—we sure have enjoyed our “old” ‘New” Nip N’ Nap mats!




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12 thoughts on “Old is made new again!

  1. Awww, that nip and nap mat sure has still got what it takes.
    Lots of napping and nipping purrs

  2. Savannah Dad just washed one of our Nip mats and WOW It is as good as new. Love seeing you all having fun

  3. 15andmeowing on said:

    We have the same magic carpet 🙂 It has been washed a lot, luckily there is a zipper to add in more nip.

  4. Oh my, that was good work by Mom L. and it sure looks fun sweet ones!

  5. We’re always making old toys new again. We’re glad your mat got a nip refresher. 🙂

  6. Edie Chase on said:

    Nip eyes, hahaha! Old toys and fresh nip are the best.

  7. My human freshens up my beds sometimes, and I always love it.

  8. Oh that’s awesome! Sometimes a good bath can help! Love the wild eyes!!

  9. Carole Schulman on said:

    I LOVE this!!! What a super and very productive idea, Savvy and TKS.
    Katie Isabella

  10. nip never gets old right? it’s always nip-time ;O)

  11. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    Isn’t a renewed toy just the best ever!!! TKS is the sweetest kitty too!

  12. Ooooh! That was a ton of fun…nip fun that is:)
    Glad your Mat got a renewal.

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