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Silly dilly Katie


So’s in case you haven’t already noticed, my littlest sisfur KK aka Katie is a silly dilly crazypants kitty!! MOL!!!

And yet, she can also be just the cutest little angel you ever met. So what do ya think this says about Katie as she continues, two years after officially being “Gotcha’ed”, to reveal her REAL SELF to us?

Katie arrived in my castle in 2018, only five months old and already having had a couple of kittens who did not survive.

Now, about our cutie pie little Miss Katie these days: 2021

When we had our foster kitten Pipsqueak, he taught Katie about how much fun the three was tunnel can be. And Katie took that lesson to heart. She plays like a crazy cat every night with Mom L and Dad P when they take turns running her through her evening workout. And after that, she relaxes to share with all of us some glimpses of her REAL SELF!

Now let me just say that, thankfully Katie, has never ever learned about the true POWER of that three way cat tunnel. My long time readers will know exactly what I am sayin’. Check out my first AdventurCat use of that tunnel here!

As you can tell, Katie fits right in with me here in my castle!!



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15 thoughts on “Silly dilly Katie

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Katie is a purrfect fit in your loving castle, Savvy. We love it!

  2. I am so glad Katie has suh a loving home and can be a kitten. XO

  3. Katie sure is a cutie.

  4. Oh Yes you need a Travel Tunnel or our Canadian Cats Friends have a Magic Carpet which is nice too. We remember this post and all the fun! I am a Huge Nip Head and still want some of that special Nip.
    Katie you are one sweet little kitty

  5. The Swiss Cats on said:

    It’s wonderful to see you three playing together ! Purrs

  6. katie; we hada three way tunnel and de gurl gived it two de shelter cauz { tuna getted stuck in it…BIG KATOONA getted stuck eye shuld say } N joy sum oh that tunnel timez for me pleez !!

    mackerull ♥♥

  7. learnwithdash on said:

    LOL She is a superstar and hmmm, maybe its just as well the Time Tunnel is beyond her (imagine the mischief!)

  8. Hi guys! Katie sounds like she is turning into a most wonderful house cat! It is so great to be part of that transformation! Have a most wonderfully Happy Day!

  9. Sweet Katie was just meant to be there with you!

  10. Carole Schulman on said:

    I remember so well. The usual fate of feral cats is so grim I can hardly bear to read it when it comes up. But I do as it inspires me to help.

  11. That is one fun-loving, crazy kitty for sure!

    Love and licks,

  12. We are so glad KK found her forever home with you. Seems like all of you have been making progress on showing your true selves.

  13. I’m so glad Katie found her home with you guys – I think it is the perfect place for her.

  14. Yes, indeed!

    Petcretary wishes things would have progressed like that for our pup,Dalton…he is still very scared of men, even the ones here that feed and treat him, and try to play with him…and give him pets, but he tries to attack them when they walk pat him, even if they are not paying him any attention . Not at all sure what to do. He is so messed up, even has his hackles up…of course he is not a kitty, I am just venting a bit…

  15. absolutely… and to see what progress we made together is the bestest gift… not only for christmouse, but for every day ;O)

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