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A box is only a box—without a cat


Yup! You know I am totally spot on on this concept. Why, oh why would anyone ever have a box in their home, without a kitty cat to show them its real purpose??

Oh! Hi!! I am here to show the real use of this box

As you can see,  TKS is now in said box along with the incredibly amusing paper packing that Ms Amazon includes in all her cat boxes for shipping. ( Be sure to hover over each photo to view my captions—purrs)

You know how territorial TKS can be. She really, really is the only cat in my three cat castle that can nail the landing in a new box in under 10 seconds!!

And yes, there is still much for young TKS to learn about just how—and “which”—box to enjoy! You can reach out to her somewhere in New Zealand. I sure to hope my AdventurCat pal Silver finds her—

So, how do you use your boxes?




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14 thoughts on “A box is only a box—without a cat

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    A box, with awesome crinkly paper? Score, TKS! 🙂

  2. TKS – You make the box look good. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  3. I am funny about boxes. Unless my human and I are playing the box game, I will ignore them for the longest time… and then when she leasts expects it, she finds me in one!

  4. Edie Chase on said:

    Don’t worry, TKS, I hear New Zealand is very nice.

  5. Oh, TKS. You are such a funny girl. Also, I think if the box is yours, the paper is also yours… Have fun.

    Love and licks,

  6. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Box AND packing paper, you hit the jackpot ! Purrs

  7. You are a Pro Boxer sweet TKS!

  8. I’ve never met a box I didn’t like. ~Ernie

  9. Dad recently got a BIG box. Really wide and long but only 10″deep but it had paper in it and we took it over. Then there is a small box but just kitty size. As a few more things arrived Dad added more paper and the big one now has a nest in it where we can burrow. He says we can keep them for another week as long as we use them. You know how we are about things boxes should be New! Great photos TKS.

  10. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Boxes are great but packing paper is the bomb! Our ManChild is working at Ms. Amazon’s local warehouse. We were super bummed to learn that doesn’t give up an insixe edge on boxes or packing paper though.

  11. Carole Schulman on said:

    There is nothing like a fine box, all smelling of paper and the packing inside…riches! That’s all we need. A great box. Mom said just now she still loves that older picture from I Can Has Cheeseburger where there was a number of great boxes set out in the yard and each had a cat in it. The caption was “The traps are working”! LOVED it.
    XO Katie Isabella

  12. Makes me question if Kessy is a cat at all – she shows no interest in boxes.

  13. we shred them… but then they are gone, seems that’s not the best idea LOL

  14. Boxes are wonderful kitty magnets!! Minko was right on them…strangely, Pipo not so much…

    Have fun, TKS!

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