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Give me a “paws up’ or “paws down”


This is a simple blog post. I need support from my loyal readers. You all know that I am stressed, at sixteen years old, having this youngster “foster to adopt” Eowyn speeding around my castle.

So here is her latest discovery. Which, could be really good news for me—


First time I found her in Mom L’s shower a couple days ago. Isn’t she “cute”!

Now this morning.

Here’s where the “Paws Up” and ‘Paws Down” comes in. Kittehs, please support me on this one.



Got it??!! I, of course, am all for turning on that shower head and finding out just how much she wants to be near my Mom L. But then—I will hold off if you all think I outta just hang back and wait for her to start to shred the furniture.



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20 thoughts on “Give me a “paws up’ or “paws down”

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  2. Angel Nellie has been visiting this week (Halloween was her favorite season) and she says that you SHOULD (paws up)! As I too am very mischievous, I say go for it too! Marv

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    As fun as that might be, it would be short-lived, Savvy. We gotta go with paws down.

  4. Aww, she is too cute to get sprayed with water.

  5. Claudia on said:

    Oh Miss Savvy, remember karma, so be gentle. She might love the water as long as she can approach it versus getting drenched without her consent!

  6. Hmmmm, a little water never hurt sweet Savvy!

  7. Mary McNeil on said:

    Savvy, remember that while she is in the shower she is NOT in YOUR space ! You can have a safe “me-time”. Maybe ask Mom L to be sure the door is locked when she is in there with your Mom !

  8. I would turn the shower on only if she is not under it. Some cats love to watch the water running.

  9. Nah, paws down, Savvy. I don’t think you really wanna do that to Eowyn, do you??

  10. savvy; ewe noe what they say bout pay bax……we gotta go with pawz down….just for de safe tee oh de houz hold !!!

    now if ewe wanna talk bout fish in de sink ~~~~~~~~~~ 🙂

    Eowyn: wavez two ewe gorgeouz ♥♥

  11. Some cats like water. That would complicate things

  12. Paws up! 100%! And don’t forget to share the video! She is a cutie, though, so maybe……

    Love and licks,

  13. 15andmeowing on said:

    Definitely up- you need some joy. 🙂

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Hitch loves a faucet. More than once I’ve accidentally turned on the shower full blast without realizing he was waiting for me to turn on a trickle. He is never pleased and I always say sorry. So if you will take advice from a Humom, just wait. One day, when Mom L is distracted, Eowyn will get her shower.

  15. Carole Schulman on said:

    Honey, no. Don’t do it. You’ll feel badly later of you do! Paws down.

  16. Paws Down, do not turn on the shower. Savvy, we know that underneath that grouchy act you have a heart of gold and would be so upset if Eowyn was traumatized. Have y’all decided to adopt her, she seems to get along with everyone really well.

  17. Edith Chase on said:

    Paws Up! Everyone needs a shower every now and then. Hahaha!

  18. If you want to be able to mentor her to behave around your queenly senior serlf, ten do not turn on the shower…she might want to get revenge!

    Se sure sits sweetly there, though…

  19. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    OOh Savvy. * giggle * Heck no. we older cats are gracious and mature, and patient with ourselves and others.

    Sienna, Tortie in New Zealand

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