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Cats have deep feelings for each other


I will leave it up to my readers to tell me different, but I purrsonally know, that we cats care deeply for our fellow felines who are in distress. Maybe we don’t show this in a way humans can understand, but we show it in ways only we can understand.

You have heard me report lots about Mom L’s years of volunteer work at the Kitchen Clinic, run about 2-4 times a month by our partners Community Concern For Cats.

They do so much for so many cats/kittens of all ages.

Mom L and her BFF Doc Josie, and Miss Gemma were doing the clinic a couple weeks ago and they witnessed the exceptional care bond between kitties who did not all know each other.

BACK STORY: A senior community cat, was brought in by her caretaker because the cat wasn’t grooming, getting thinner and very lethargic. She was a Seal Point Siamese, long hair, blue eyes—stunning—even with her furrs not well groomed. They first treated a walnut sized abscess on the side of her face. Then Doc Josie saw that her mouth was ablaze with inflammation and infection. Doc Josie did a  quick biopsy to send off to learn what was going on. In the mean time, Doc Josie suspected that the evil stomatitis was at play so she administered a powerful steroid.

Sadly the labs came back showing extreme severe stomatitis all over her mouth and down her throat. She was also consuming a lot of water and frankly, she smelled like a senior cat in renal failure. The decision was made, with her caretaker’s input, to send this precious sweet girl on her way to collect her Angel Wings.

In the photo below, she has been deeply sedated, in preparation for her euthanasia injection. Mom L, Doc Josie and Miss Gemma were collecting their own emotions about losing this courageous abandoned kitty—when Mom L saw a site that was amazing!!

First the white with black girl cat, Me-Me, slowly hopped onto the kitchen table and very carefully curled her warm comforting body very tightly against the departing kitty’s tummy. Then, orange Rocket, a male who loves everything people and kittehs, very carefully hopped onto the other side of the heavily sedated girl. Rocket first settled against her back, then—that wasn’t close enough for empathetic Rocket. He then resettled himself lightly onto her side so he could offer even more warmth and comfort.

I named her “Trooper”. She had to survive outside for so long, after abandonment by humans, and then she found she was comforted and loved at the ending of her life by her dear feline family.

Cats Have Deep Feelings For Each Other!


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