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A Kitchen Clinic: Beginning and Ending Lives


Mom L volunteers with Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) at the Kitchen Clinics Miss Gemma has, literally, in her kitchen. My former, now retired, feline specialist Vet is the doc who does the examines etc., Miss Josie. More Kitchen Clinic posts are here, here and here. I have been posting about these clinics since 2014! Mom L always enjoys the variety of cases she gets to help with including kittens…

Tiny lives…fostered by a CC4C member

…ferals who have to be sedated to be examined and medicated…

Feral, stray rescue clinic

…to abandoned adults who need a check up before they can be cleared to go up for adoption.

Abandoned at a city park

At a recent clinic Mom L was struck by how these clinics see the full range of a cat’s life from its beginning as a kitten through to the diagnosis that tells the cat will begin its journey across The Bridge soon.

First the precious adult Maine Coon cat a senior couple found in their backyard. Clearly on death’s door. He was emaciated. Starving and could barely walk. The couple fed him, brought him inside and cared for him until they could get him to the Kitchen Clinic.

Initial examination

This brave Maine Coon Cat had feline myocardial disease that had been left untreated far too long. And yet what a gentle giant everyone experienced this day.

The diagnosis was administer diuretics to help with the fluid around his heart and then simply love, pet, care for him until it was time for him to cross to The Bridge. This wonderful senior couple stepped right up to provide this precious cat hospice care. So Mom L experienced the beginning of the end of gentle giants’ life.

And next came a litter of four kittens. All different. All full of life and totally ready for immediate adoption! Such a diverse litter of color. First up the darling tuxedo.

Next up the striped tabby.

What is she doing with that needle???

That tabby was a trouper for sure! He wasn’t sure if that lady was gonna ever let go of his ear!!

Then the calico girl was next.

And last the boy with the most unusual markings!!

Ok, why are you holding me like this??

Look what is hiding under his chin!

What? So my mustache slipped a bit and is now my bow tie!!

These precious kittens were cared for by two men who just adored them. They were so happy that the kittens were all negative for FeLV and were ready for adoption!

And that is why Mom L so enjoys being able to volunteer at Miss Gemma’s Kitchen Clinic since 2014!!


Meow your thoughts about this post in comments. I luvluvluv hearing what my readers think.


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14 thoughts on “A Kitchen Clinic: Beginning and Ending Lives

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  2. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Such wonderful,kind and caring people. 😻💜🐾

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love the kitchen clinic. The people who help there, including Mom L and Dad P, are amazing, and we love them for what they do.

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am glad that poor Maine Coon will have a loving home for however much time he has left.

  5. catladymac on said:

    What wonderful people to take care of these wonderful cats !

  6. Paws up to the kitchen clinic and the humans there for all they do to help these poor unfortunate cats. Angels on earth.

  7. What a wonderful bittersweet post. Thank you so much for this. We needed a pick up and that older couple and the kits really made our day

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    What a wonderful caring group ! We agree with above, that lovely humble kitchen makes such a difference for so many lives ! Purrs

  9. This is just totally amazing! I love this kitchen clinic, and am so glad your human get the opportunity to volunteer for them! What rewarding work.

  10. Such a wonderful and caring group. Those kittens are so precious.

  11. We are always touched when a humble kitchen makes such a difference for so many lives (human and furry). Just toss in some devoted humans, caring hearts, and love and there’s a perfect recipe for bringing happiness and safety for so many.

    Love and licks,

  12. Now isnt that just the best place to be, helping others and in a lovely kitchen too. The down side of course is that for every high there is a low. It is good to know that that gorgeous Maine Coon had carers come his last.

  13. it’s so great that there is help for those in need… I always could cry when I ponder about the fact that we humans create problems and are not able to solve it a proper way… thanks to all who try to make this cold world to a good place for all

  14. Wow, now that is the most pawsome work ever. Thanks to that senior couple who took in that maine coon cat. What a blessing for him to live out his days in relative comfort with peace and love.

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