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Get Your Squeee! Part Two


Do you remember the Community Concern 4 Cats kitchen clinic Mom L helps with? I hope you do. I posted my first “Get Your Squeee” on November 7, 2016.

As I said back in November, Mom L and Dr Josie have lots of patients so I am presenting a few more for your “squeeeing”!

I have more to come but it seems a good time at the start of a New Year to remind all of us what cat rescue really means.

Just to add to your enjoyment, I am gonna give you a series of photos of three cats and the Cat Kitchen Clinic. In comments, please give me a set of captions for one or more of the series. These series tell a story for each cat’s experience at the clinic. Can you make up that story?

Handsome brown tabby sort’a Maine Coon type cat.

Photo One

Wait! What??

Photo Two

"Scuse me while I exit left!

Photo Three


Black and White scardy-cat boy 

Photo Four

Yes I am handsome

Photo Five

Mouses! Here I go

Photo Six

What did you call me?

Photo Seven

Can I get some help over here please

Anxious brown short coated tabby

Photo Eight

Excuse me!

Photo Nine

I can't believe she is doing this

Photo Ten

Come on guys, give a cat some help

Photo Eleven

ppffttt!!! on all of you!

Ok my pals!

  1. Pick one of the series of photos
  2. In comments tell me how you would caption each photo to express what the cat was experiencing.

Make them fun! All of these cats are adoptable rescues from community cat colonies or rescued stray cats.

I will post the captions on Monday, January 16. Don’t let me down kitties, I know you can all do some mind melding to get inside these kitties heads and know just what they are thinkin’.


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30 thoughts on “Get Your Squeee! Part Two

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  5. Hehe!! Photos 4-7 – can you guess why? MOL
    4 – I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
    5 – Hey! My tux is not for sale!
    6 – You’re gonna do WHAT?
    7 – I want my lawyer … NOW!!!

  6. Photos 4-7: Anyone can be nervous in a dance contest.
    4: OK, it’s my turn now. Hope I do really well.
    5: Tango, baby tango! Romance is in my eyes.
    6: I can do an Irish jig, too!
    7: How’d I do — waiting for the scores.

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  8. Heh heh! All I know is if I was being manhandled like all these cats, there would be a human bloodletting. MOL!

  9. Photo 9 _ Are you my new mommeh?

    Emma and buster

  10. Hmmm.
    4) Are you my ride home….. My mum said never to go with strangers…. are you one?
    5) Umm… Are you sure this is the way to the cab?
    6) The fare is HOW MUCH? Look me in the eye and say that again!
    7) WOW! The view is great from up here…. Is that big bright thing the moon?

    Was I right? purrs ERin

  11. Dorothy Williams on said:

    Photos 8-11. What a sweet kitty!

    Photo 8-… What you doing back there?
    Photo 9-… Hey! That thing is cold!
    Photo 10-… You’d think they’d warm it up before shoving it up there!
    Photo 11-… This is what I think about you guys!

  12. Dorothy Williams on said:

    Photos 4-7

    Photo 4-…. You’re going to remove what?
    Photo 5 -…. Yes, those!
    Photo 6 -…. Stop staring!
    Photo 7 -…. Gone! Sigh!

  13. #6 – Little did they know that Tuxie had a nickname – Thumper. And Thumper was readying his back foot for a thumping! No one takes Thumper to the vet! No one!

  14. Dorothy Williams on said:

    Photos one through three! First let me say what a handsome cat he/she is..

    Photo one – …. What?
    Photo two – …. No way! You’re kidding!
    Photo three – …. Get out! I do NOT have fleas!

  15. Dragonheart, Merlin and Devi on said:

    We aren’t good at captions, but we hope they all find wonderful forever homes. On another note: thank you so much for our Secret Paws!!! Well worth the wait! We can’t believe how much stuff you were able to include! We posted about it on our blog today: Thank you again!

  16. Second series…

    1. Who are you?
    2. Of all the ignominious…
    4. If I ignore her, perhaps she’ll go away.


  17. oh #7 is just toooooo cute… I wish tht would be my friend… and he probably looks for a partner in crime in photo #4 :o)

  18. Anxious brown short coated tabby
    Photo Eight
    You want to put WHAT, WHERE?
    Photo Nine
    ONE WAY ONLY! Can’t you read the signs?
    Photo Ten
    Well, THAT’S undignified.
    Photo Eleven
    Yeah. I didn’t feel A THING. Nope. Absolutely NOTHING happened! I’m cool.

  19. meowmeowmans on said:

    Photo 6: “No no no. Put me down. I do not like being held!”
    Photo 7: “Okay, well, being held is not so bad. “

  20. LOL PHoto 10 Get me out of hereeeeeeeeeeee!!

  21. I’m with the Island Cats! I think the tuxie in #5 looks guilty as charged. What was he appreHANDed for? Cuteness, of course!

  22. pilch92 on said:

    They are all so cute. #11 I could go for cheezeburger.

  23. We think they’re all saying “get your hands offa me!”

  24. edithchase on said:

    Photo 1- What’s going on here?! Photo 2- I think they’re aliens, I have to get out of here! Photo 3- They are aliens, they are trying to eat my face off!

  25. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    1. I am at the Dogsters touchy feely office getting checked
    2. Aren’t I the cutest thing.
    3. Tongue out Tuesday

    Lily & Edward

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