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Don’t Miss This Happy Tail Ending


Do you remember my  blog post a week or so ago about darling Koko? Another “friendly” colony cat Mom L collected to set on the path to adoption. If you recall, he was returned and things were not easy for Koko after being ignored by his adopter for two months before they returned him to the shelter.

Well, Dad P and Mom L were visiting him every other day at Pet Food Express where he was moved to by the shelter. A great location for him but he still languished and remained in hiding. The staff are all cat savvy and expert adoption counselors, but they began to fear he might need to go back to the shelter as he didn’t appear to be making progress. But they agreed to keep him another week. Thank Ceiling Cat they did!! Slowly Koko began to stick his head out of his cubby hiding spot.

He moved closer to the opening and was now keeping his eye open, not shut tight to close out the world.

So the last time Mom L and Dad P saw Koko, they were visiting him as usual. But as they approached the enclosure where he and Gemma were housed, they thought their eyes were playing tricks on them. There was Koko, out of his hiding place, walking tall and proud across a bench in his enclosure!!! Mom L was so stunned she forgot to even take a photo.

Now just what managed to get Koko to gain confidence enough to stroll around his enclosure?? Go on, what do you think happened?

Come’on…just take my paw and let’s go home

Ok, I’ll tell you. We all feared that as more and more kittens were being moved from the shelter to the location where Gemma and Koko were that people would really ignore them. They are after all adults and black.


Here is who gave Koko his mojo back!! KITTENS!!!!

When the staff placed three kittens in the same enclosure with Koko and Gemma. Koko decided they needed a big brother to show them around! It was amazing! He had been out and about and even drew the attention of not one, not two but THREE potential adopters!

Mom L and Dad P went in to visit him and lo and behold, he PLAYED with a feather toy with Mom L! The video is only 17 seconds and worth the watch!

Koko even allowed Mom L to take him onto her lap and he didn’t try to leave! What a change.

I got you little feather!

Koko was adopted about two hours after Mom L and Dad P left him that day. A nice woman who knows cats fell in love with Koko and the staff did a thorough vetting of her before they all agreed that Koko had indeed found his forever home.

Please wish Koko well in his new home and life. I hope you enjoy learning about the colony cats we help with my Paw It Forward Project—Project Delta View Cats. Let me hear in comments if you wanna learn more about the colony and the other cats who have had successful adoptions.



Friday Memes of a Different Type


I decided I wanted to use some of my Friday Memes this week to share some news as well as introduce some of the members of the community cat colony we are helping feed. Are you up for something different? Hope so!! ‘Cuz here it comes!!

This is one of the more stand offish colony members but he asked me to deliver a message to my readers. You see sometimes humans get so caught up in their own stuff and worries, that they don’t look around careful enough to check out who else might be with them. Community cats kind’a just blend in sometimes and so humans don’t realize they are there and need help finding their next meal.

See how this tabby blends into his surroundings? If humans don’t stop to pick up those pine cones they could miss him altogether!!

And now for the news. Do you remember my Friday Meme last week showing cute Gemma making some bread to share with someone if only they would take her home? Well, her bread making worked!!!

Gemma purred and head bunted her way into her new human Mom’s heart! The lady got her husband on Face Time so’s he could see how special Gemma is and he immediately agreed—BRING HER HOME!! It’s especially wonderful ‘cuz it’s kitten season and most humans are wanting kittens right now. But this caring lady, who lost her sixteen year old kitty a couple of months before, was ready for another mature loving cat to be her one and only. APAWS for Gemma’s bread making!!

And now for a regular Friday Meme brought to you by The Kid Sage. As always, she pushes the limits of what is “allowed”!!

Mom L about lost it when she saw TKS up on her dining room buffet where there are things that a cat’s tail can easily knock off and break. Nonetheless, TKS continues to like that spot ‘cuz it has nice warm afternoon sun. So now there is a cat tree there—but of course TKS sometimes prefers that nice buffet.

Do you do anything that gets your human all rattled?? Share with me in comments!!


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