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No One Asked Me—BlogPaws Give Away


As usual, no one bothered to ask me, HRH Princess Savannah IF I wanted my #BlogPaws swag used as a GIVE AWAY! I bet’cha if you sent your human all that way to BlogPaws under your instruction to return with a FULL COMPLETE CAT SWAG BAG, none of them would dare wanna put that swag bag up for a give away! Right? Come on now, tell me I am right!

“What’s that Mom L?
Yeah, so you brought back TWO swag bags for me.
What’s the big deal. I gave one away already to my former shelter home Kitty Corner.
What’d’ya say under your breath there Mom L?
Well, of course I got two bags because Dad P was registered but had to stay home at the last minute, so you collected his too.
Did you say you think I have too much stuff? Why the very idea!”

What's mine is mine

Guess you already know how that little chat with Mom L ended. My blog title says it all—

give away sign

Now I may not look thrilled but in the end, I am truly pleased to offer a full complete, even over flowing, BlogPaws Swag Bag, with some Cat Writer’s Association swag added in, as a give away for my followers.



Guidelines for entering—

One—Leave me a comment telling me WHY you read my blog. Only one commenter per blog, BUT  that one commenter can return each day until closing and leave a simple “Hello” comment and I will enter the name more than one time.

Two—You can enter any time between now and Thursday, July seventh, at NOON PDST by returning to this post and leaving a comment.

Three—This give away is open worldwide with this proviso: if the winner is out of the USA, I will remove canned cat food and catnip and catnip toys. I regret having to do this, but it is likely the items will not make it through customs. However, I am happy to work with the winner, should they be from outside the USA, to determine what I can leave in.

Four—I will use to select a winner and the announcement will be on Friday blog post, July eighth.

Hope my guidelines are clear as mud…heh…heh!

And for those of you who may not know, we have a SUPERIOR CAT GUARDIAN as our house guest—actually we have TWO! Miss Marjorie and Mr Paul from Dash Kitten blog in New Zealand are staying with us before returning home.

Of course TKS had to check out their luggage before they could transport it upstairs.

SPT's in house luggage inspector



What Is That Thing?!!!


As you all know, I am totally the Mistress of my own castle. Nothing enters without my being made aware. Except…

Yep, you got it; Mom L thought a little ‘surprise’ house warming gift from one of my many admirers…my former personal veterinarian Doc Josie, would be just the thing to keep me on my toes. pfffftttt!!!

As a senior adult rescue cat, I am not the least bit interested in ‘surprises’ nor the game of ‘boo’…more about that game later.

What in Ceiling Cat's name is THAT??!!!

What in Ceiling Cat’s name is THAT??!!!

As you can see, I am not impressed with the ‘unknown’ thingy you can barely see in the upper left corner of the above photo.

Come any closer and you will regret it!!

Come any closer and you will regret it!!

Mom L just kept on testing my emotional reserves…

You are pressing your luck you wicked 'house warming gift'!

You are pressing your luck you wicked ‘house warming gift’!

And then I could not take it any longer, I had to engage just a bit to test this thing’s endurance.

Come are gonna be MINE!

Come on…you are gonna be MINE!

It jumped away quickly and I had to finally apply my “Twist, Flip and Kill” maneuver…it worked!!

You are gonna regret ever meeting my 'Paws of Doom'

You are gonna regret ever meeting my ‘Paws of Doom’

Please come back next week and I will introduce you to this “house warming gift” as a GIVE AWAY!!!


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