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Friday Memes for Your Friday Smile


This weeks memes are all about me and TKS. Let us know how well we did in putting your Friday smile on.

The ultimate yoga instructors have always been feline. Right?

And how many times have you had to ponder this question when you are playing with your humans?

There you have it. Let me hear in comments what you liked or didn’t like or didn’t “get”!!


PeeEss: Mom L and Dad P TOTALLY forgot to announce Sage’s and my Gotcha Day!! Yes, January 3 is a day we both celebrate together. It is the day of the year we each joined Mom L and Dad P in our forever castle. I helped Mom L design an image in our honor!

PeeEssEss:¬†Please notice my Andi badge is gone! Stay tuned for the update coming on my Monday blog. You don’t wanna miss this one!!

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