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Friday Memes for Your Friday Smile


This weeks memes are all about me and TKS. Let us know how well we did in putting your Friday smile on.

The ultimate yoga instructors have always been feline. Right?

And how many times have you had to ponder this question when you are playing with your humans?

There you have it. Let me hear in comments what you liked or didn’t like or didn’t “get”!!


PeeEss: Mom L and Dad P TOTALLY forgot to announce Sage’s and my Gotcha Day!! Yes, January 3 is a day we both celebrate together. It is the day of the year we each joined Mom L and Dad P in our forever castle. I helped Mom L design an image in our honor!

PeeEssEss: Please notice my Andi badge is gone! Stay tuned for the update coming on my Monday blog. You don’t wanna miss this one!!

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17 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Your Friday Smile

  1. I missed this???? I missed your Gotcher day???


    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  2. Happy Gotcha Day to you Savannah an Sage!!! WOO HOO!!!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love those memes, Savvy and Sage. Happy belated Gotcha Day! We sure are glad you and Mom L and Dad P gotted each other. What a wonderful and loving family!

  4. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    Love the memes! Belated Happy Gotcha Day to both of you. Sounds like good news for Andi.

  5. The Island Cats on said:

    Happy Belated Gotcha Day to both of you! Loved both the memes this week.

  6. Mary McNeil on said:

    Great memes – sounds like great news about Andie too. Congratulations on your Gotcha Day !

  7. happee bee lated gotcha day $ and $….hope ya getted lots oh donuts ham samichez N perch…. !! anda happee new yeer two ewe ; heerz ta happee nezz healtheez N grazz oh plentee :)♥♥

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Happy double Gotcha Day ! Great memes ! Purrs

  9. Wednesday was your Gotcha Day? Happy Gotcha Day, my pals. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!! purrs

  10. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Hawwwooo mates! Happy gotchas day BOL!! Sage – our hooman also struggles with inside out dragon BOL!!

  11. Aww, Happy Gotcha Day, to you both. Oooh I dare say there aren’t many humans that can do that move, Sage, maybe just try something basic like box sitting 101. MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  12. Those were good and Happy Gotcha Day sweet friends!

  13. Happy Gotcha Day!

    We love the memes!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. Happy gotcha days to you both! I loved today’s memes, especially the yoga one because… well, humans just have a problem with poses we cats easily do, right?

  15. Happy (belated) Gotcha Day!
    We love your memes!

  16. Edie Chase on said:

    Happy belated Gotcha Day Ms. Savvy and TKS!

  17. Happy belated Gotcha Day!

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