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Friday Memes Are Here Again!


It’s come around again, and the MEMES ARE BACK! Come on guys, none of you submitted new memes to me so I could host some guests. Please, pretty please, will any of you, cat or woofie or buns or ferrets or pigges, send me a meme now and then so I can feature you and your bloggy?? (PeeEss…my eye is NOT PHOTO SHOPPED. That is the true color of my eyes in natural light, just an FYI)

Nana paw wave

Of course TKS had to get on the fun this week as well.

TKS and trump tv

Do I have to issue a dare or a double dare to get some my anipals to cough up something other than a hairball or left over Elk horn chew????? Just askin’!!!


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Momma kats search badge

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