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…Nerissa Arrives…Sort Of

…the Old Booke Shoppe and Zealandia Mystery Adventure continues… (beginning episodes on Dash Kitten, HERE, and Nerissa’s Life, HERE)…

Previously on Nerissa’s Life
“Suddenly the lights stopped flashing and the room went dark.  He had arrived.  Nissy had arrived at Savvy’s house.  Teleportation was complete.”

I’m sitting here waiting on my pal Nerissa.  He sent me a text that he was coming through my place to pick me up to help him with something.

Nissy sends savvy text

Intriguing…he wouldn’t tell me what it was…he just said the fact that I have “nip phobia” was what he needed right now…him being the “nip addict” and all.

Nerissa is always trying to get me to try different forms of the nip—dried, crushed, fresh leaves, fresh nip flower, freeze dried…always the same…nothin’, nada, zip…I just walk away after one whiff…who needs it I say.

Anywho, I am waiting on Nerissa…wait…what?…Nissy!!! Is that you calling me!!!

WHAT???…What’s wrong??!!…Oh Noes!!

Nissy arrives 2

Whomp, whap, bam, wham…KKAAAAATHUNK!

Nissy Lands

Savvy:  what the kit kat Nissy!! That’s no way to travel…I told you to stop using those egg beaters to create your entry into our space time continuum for teleportation !!  You simply MUST get yourself a proper teleport tunnel!

 (Savvy looks up into the time space opening Nissy dropped out of)…And  SEVILLE!!! STOP WHIPPING YOUR TAIL WITH THAT WHISK!! It takes your focus off turning the egg beater correctly!!

Seville with whisk

Now you messed up Nissy’s  egg beaters…just look at them…they are melting!!!

MOUSES!  What a mess…

Here Nissy, take my paw…come on…get up.

So tell me…what’s up?

Nissy: (reaches into his fanny pak…pulls out a bit of old dried up green something)

Savvy…Dash sent this to me…he found it in an ancient book in an Old  Booke Shoppe.

Savvy: So?

Nissy:  Well, I think it is a variety of THE NIP!! Everyone thought it was extinct…but this sprig was stuck in a page like someone wanted us cats to never forget about it…it was labeled “Necata canipis”…and it grew on the now lost continent of Zealandia!!  We are gonna go there and find it and I bet THIS will be just the NIP for YOU!

Savvy:  HA! You just want to have it yourself Nissy.  Look at you…just carrying that ancient piece in your fanny pak has your eyes all wonky, your nose is running; and look at that drool under your chin…honestly!

Nissy: (wipes chin)…sorry Savvy…you know how it is with me and the Nip…I told you when we were at Blog Paws…ya know…our Plushies talked a lot…thank Ceiling Cat we can channel our Plushies’ thoughts so we know everything they know and vice versa…anywho…I’m glad you know about my…ummm…ahem, koff, koff…you know…”problem” with the nip.

Savvy: I know Nissy, I know…you can’t help yourself with the Nip.  So what now?

Nissy:  We need your 3 way teleport tunnel because, well…ahhh…as you can see; my egg beater teleport is pretty messed up….and truth be known…I need you to be the designated teleport driver…I don’t trust myself this close to this pawerful ancient nip.

(Savvy takes a sniff of the dried up sprig…nose twitching)…hmmm…it does make my nose tingle a bit…but no light headedness…so I think I am fine as designated teleport driver…where to Nissy??

Nissy:  Why New Zealand of course!!  Zealandia is a lost continent under the ocean around New Zealand…but there are some teeny tiny little parts that stick up like islands and I bet that’s where we can find this long lost variety of The Nip growing still.

Savvy:  Ok, but let me text Dash…we need him once we get there to help us drive to a cliff near the ocean…so we can look for Zealandia islands…we gotta be high up to do that.

Here, check out this map…you can see where there may be some islands…

the map

(Savvy leans her head on her paws…looks dreamily away.  Maybe there is a nip for me…finally something to help me loosen up…sigh…shakes her head…gets up to text Dash)

Nissy, do you think someone or some “thing” left that behind just to make some cat like you, ya know, Nip Addict and all, go looking for it?  Maybe they did that just so they can pull you through the space time continuum back to their time…maybe they won’t let you go?!

Nissy: Naw…go on, text Dash to get ready to pull us through the 3rd tunnel on your transport…I know we both have to get through to the middle green section where your controls are…then we should eject with Dash’s help.

Savvy:  OK, but first give me that sprig…(Savvy tucks it into her fanny pak)…I don’t trust you having it so close to you.

Alright…let’s get going…Dash is waiting for us at the third tunnel to pull us through if we need any help…

teleport to NZ

Stay tuned…to be continued…tomorrow…right here…don’t miss the next exciting episode of the Old Booke Shoppe and Zealandia Mystery Adventure

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