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Thankful again…


Late again…glaring at the Mom staff…


I was so thankful when I saw that Kirby, over at Kirby’s Dog Blog  gave my Champion and BCFF (best canine furriend furrever) Jetty, Hey It’s Jet Here! the Next Big Thing award. The bestest part was the description Kirby gave of Jetty’s blog style and he was just spot on IMFHO.

Jetty ALWAYS addresses everyone  whenever he leaves comments while he visits furriends, even the bipeds. He is such a southern gentleman dog! I am always embarrassed because sometimes I need to remember all my furriends names when there are like more than 4…so I go visit their blog so’s I don’t leave anyone out.

Jetty and his Mom, Miss Lori are just so inclusive (VBP)!!


So, to my surprise…Jetty passed that same award to me today!!


Of course, I am thankful that Jetty thought of me.  So I told Mom “let’s get this one out fast before efurryone has it!!”

The protocols are to pass it forward to 5 other blogs that you think are setting up to be THE NEXT BIG THING!!…whatever that means…not sure…maybe it means that blog will have bigger print?…maybe bigger photos??…anywho…look what Jetty wrote about why he was passing this to ME!

I know, she’s my BFF and I’m her Champion… however, I promise you, I’m choosing Savvy’s blog for the right reasons:  Considering she burst onto the blog scene less than a year ago and has already made a memorable impact is only one reason.  Savannah courageously shares her recovery process.  As a talented and gentle blogspondent for her series, “Real Rescue Cats and Dogs are Talking – LIFE CHANGING INTERVIEWS WITH SAVANNAH,”  Savannah illuminates inspiring stories of adult K9/feline experiences.  Savvy writes with a clever wit and has developed a special new project for 2013!  (I cannot divulge (VBP – vocab builder project) the details, you’ll have to stay tuned!)”

Is that kind or what??!! I did get a bit leaky eyed when Mom read it with me (whispers behind paws…more about that VBP thingy later…it’s going to be really good…trust us…)

Here are 5 blogs I am sure deserve The Next Big Thing Award:

Sometimes Cats Herd You …now these 3 cats are pretty special. I had the privilege of meeting them for the first time when I was their Secret Santa Paws!!  Ashton who is a bit shy, probably because she has one eye, she lost the other due to being abandoned on a median in a busy street, but she is coming around. And Pierre, well, he is doing my taxes for me next year once I start raking in the big cans of stinky goodness with my success, he is very talented with Quik Books on the iPad; finally Newton appears to be deserving of his added second name “Naughty Newton”…he loves to stir stuff up. Drop over to visit if you haven’t already.

Da Tabbies O Trout Towne…what to say about some cats who created their own phonetic (VBP) language…which certainly is a challenge for this cat to read, but read it I do! And while they don’t like “burds”..they are crazed over any fish that likes water! You have to go see their Christmas card, drop over funny!  Butter, Sauce, Tune and of course, Queen Dai$y are some fun cats and if you stop by, they won’t mind throwing some mackerel on the grill for you, just be careful of the sauce.

Tyler’s At 99 posts all about the intriguing lives of two very floofy and intelligent Newfies, Mica and Lexie. They look their very best sometimes in their weekly Black and White Sunday post…those colors are definitely in their color wheel. They have the confidence to allow their bipeds to do Christmas photos with Santa hats on their heads…clearly those hats were not made for heads the size of Mica and Lexie’s…but both tolerate it for the sake of a good photo shoot for their blog…pawsome!

These Days of Mine…this is a new blog to us, but certainly not to many of you. We are just learning to enjoy the beautiful photography and to learn about Sundae, the resident cat.  Miss Diana is familiar to me as I see her comment all the time, but never knew her blog!  I just know we are gonna luvluvluv knowing her and her family better.

The Blog of Otis…I  know Leader Otis and Brothers Henry and Oliver and Junior Agent Thomas do not post or talk about blog awards. But, I believe that Leader Otis is on track to being a big thing as his Guardians give him support to heal from a recent surgery and the Brothers and Junior Agent T work together to keep him safe.  He has  a very serious message for the world about what it means to keep cats safe and to be Guardians. I count myself as his follower.

And I am so thankful that Jetty passed this award to another very good furriend, Nerissa, from Nerissa’s Life (I call him Nissy, he said I could).  The really cool thing is I just sent Jetty over to visit Nissy yesterday…he writes such amazing posts! Spellbinding (VBP) sometimes because he is such a deep thinker yesterday, he was all about stuff like ” time regression and time distortion”…what cat TALKS ABOUT THAT STUFF?? I just KNOW he is gonna be like REALLY REALLY BIG…


Finally, I am thankful for having Miss Wendy, Wendy’s LOL Spot as such a good friend who is always funny when she LOL’s me…I don’t mind her making ‘fun of me’ ‘cuz I know she is being silly crazy lady…MOL!

Wendy's LOL

Next time you play ‘Rock, Scissors, Paper”, Savannah,  I say go with the “Rock” so you don’t have to “Rap” it!

So much to be thankful for…I hope you are all having a thankful day too….Paw Pats, Savannah

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30 thoughts on “Thankful again…

  1. snoopys@snoopysdogblog on said:

    Congrats on your award Savannah!! 🙂 Love the glare, I need to practice that for my Mum as she gets super behind on stuff too!! 🙂

    I love Jetty also, and my Mum is so smitten with his southern manners, she even told Miss Lori how she loves that he uses Miss – he’s such a charmer! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  2. Congrats Savvy on the award,xx Speedy

  3. Concatulations!!!… be careful with the scissors… you have a fabulous scratchboard for your nails ;o)

  4. mollieandalfie on said:

    Big Concatulations Savvy 🙂 I love’z you doing your wrapping 🙂 XXXOXXX
    Your Alf 🙂

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Well done you, a very deserved award!

  6. Congratulations on your very well deserved Next Big Thing Award, Savannah 😀

  7. Don’t be too hard on your mom staff, Savanna, tis the season for busy busy busy humans! Doesn’t mean they don’t love you or want to do your bidding, just means there’s lots of stufs to do.
    You, by the way, are perfect for the next big thing award for all the reasons Jetty said! Congratulations!

  8. Sparkle on said:

    Concatulations, Savannah, on getting such an impressive award! Regarding the Magic Fishies – they were made in Europe, and I believe they have been discontinued. I forget the whole story, but apparently Äiti snatched up the last bunch available and has generously been handing one or two out now and again to friends.

  9. Thanks so much, Savannah! 🙂

  10. Concats on being the Next Big Thing! Sorry I haven’t had time to visit. TW uses the excuse that there are still cards to write and gifts to wrap. Pfffttttt!

    • yup, that ‘excuse’ works for us…tell TW no sweat…you guys do so much for animal rescue…I am so humbled by all you both do. I have been reading back in your blog CK, like from the beginning…you and your huFamily are really special. I am purrleased and honored to know you

  11. catfromhell on said:

    Concatulations Savvy!
    Yous does deserve the Next Big Thing Award! Yous is a BIG thing! And Me thinks yous rocks!

  12. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Concatulations my BFF. 🙂 You selected such lovely blogs and we enjoyed reading why.

    I’m so excited to be your BCFF… I would be exuberant (VBP) in my usual way, but… Savvy, can I tell you something? I had to make an unexpected visit to Dr. Schaffer this morning with Little Miss Annual Exam. Something happened to my under tail again and I looked like I had Ants in the Pants.

    Turns out, we caught it early, but… they shaved my gorgeous black fur a little and I cried and squealed, Mom’s heart broke. I scratched Mr. Vet Tech, not on purpose. So, I’m really worn out from whimpering for hours and not finding a comfy spot until I got home. Dr. Schaffer said the first 18 hours will be the most uncomfortable. Mom’s giving me lots of extra lovies and… space …

  13. I just read that a bit ago over at Jet’s place, he is right! Congrats sweetie!

    • awwww Brian! I just wish I could Tweet! Me and Mom are so crappy at it…and we really like Twitter…BTW we have bookmarked the info you sent and it is VERY helpful…we will try to get back to Twitter after New Year on regular basis. BUT we have 3 big events coming up, so we’ll see

  14. Thank you so much for the award! We aren’t usually organized enough to pass awards along, so we rarely get them… so it’s a special honor. If we can get organized enough inbetween knocking down the Christmas tree, maybe we can do that this weekend! Thank you again for thinking of us. You really are the next big thing, Savannah! Big purrs and headbutts!

    • oh heck you guys, forget being organized! I can barely get a post up right now! ANd we have no family, no holiday committments, and I just adore your blog!!! and the kitteh’s names and bio’s are pawsome! Savvy and Mom Linda

  15. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    saweet !!!! thanx mews 80 bazillion timez for this sooper kewl awesum awards anda nodz in R directshun savannah. we trooly sppreciates thiz. we bee surfin ona cell N postin via one two sew we bee lookin for werd ta gettin bak on a pc ta getz R award. thanx mew veree much. loves frum a burd free zone: TT

  16. Wow, Savannah, what an honor! We’re pleased that you think so highly of our little blog….. Thank you SO much!
    Dianna & Sundae

  17. Concatulations on the award Savannah. No one deserves it more.

  18. Congrats on your award, Savannah! How cool!

  19. Congrats! You are the ‘next big thing’ Now!

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