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At Last…Secret Paws Arrived!


MEOWSIE WOWSIE!! My Secret Paws prezzie finally arrived.  I was flabbergasted (VBP)!!!  And so excited…

AND…Mom and Dad said “wait, Savannah…here’s another package addressed to you too!”…Oh My Cat!!…


Dad opened the one from my Secret Paws first…it was delivered all the way from Poland…but I don’t know who it was from ‘cuz they did not include a card and I couldn’t see any bloggy name in the address…so thank you WHOEVER you are…

…the package had two ‘nip toys in it…


Then Dad opened the other package and it had a card in it just saying it was from my Secret Secret Paws…no name either…so I guess it must be from someone who heard my Secret Paws did not arrive, so they sent me something so I did not have an empty Secret Paws wish.  So again, thank you kind kitties and peeps for thinking of this timid adult shelter rescue cat trying to pawticipate first time ever in Truffle and Brulee’s Secret Paws.

This package had some mouses, and birdie with a real feather tail…put the bitey on that one already…heh…heh…and it had another toy with a fev-ver in it and a cute little blingy to put on a cat collar…


Then…EVERYTHING CHANGED…on Friday I learned WHO sent both packages.  My Secret Paws is Pika, Sheldon and Kasia from Nasty Paws in Poland!…and my other package was from Truffle and Brulee cuz they didn’t me to miss out on all the Secret Paws fun!!

Sadly, I have learned that not all the prezzies sent by Sheldon, Kasia and Pika arrived.  It appears that Polish customs kept most of them…bummer…so here are some of the things they sent, but never arrived:

…two key chains with MY photo, for Mom and Dad; some mouses to chase; a new laser toy; some balls; and a really nice card.  So I decided to enjoy them anyways…so here is what I think they looked like…


who says I can’t enjoy the “thought that counts”????…I am enjoying it lots right now!

…and as for those little mouses Truffle and Brulee gave me…well I already gave one of them some pretty good smacks…


…and that was not the only smackin’ I gave it…


This cat had a pawsome second Christmas!!  Thank you Truffle and Brulee and Mom Paula for hosting this pawsome event and thank you for sending me a special gift package.  And many, many thanks to Kasia, Sheldon and Pika for such thoughtful gift selections for me…I am enjoying them in spirit right now!

Paw Pats, Savannah


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42 thoughts on “At Last…Secret Paws Arrived!

  1. Savvy, what an extraordinairy pose and what a lovely gift. Let’s hope they other stuff you didn’t get, gets a good place to be 🙂

  2. Me lubz all da giftiez you got frum yer fur-endz. Ya know me Aunti Pearl from Denmark sent a pressie fer me 2 yearz ago n it neber made it to Cananda. She got it back so resent it n it made it only 2 of da cat toyz were missin n some of da chocolate fer me Mum!!!! So do dese Hu’manz at diz Cusomz like cat toyz n chocolate?? Bery bery weird (VBP)!!!!
    me lubsz da toys wif da featherz on dem!! Mum bought me a new mouse wif da feather tail n me put da ‘bitey bite’ on it real quick!!!!
    Lub Nylablue.

  3. Now what is Polish customs going to do with cat toys?! Well, they do like their kitties there so hopefully they are going home to some nice kitties.

    • That’s the best outcome Miss Bernadette, isn’t it? That at least maybe some other kitties had a happy holiday too. Thank you so much for coming by. I know I don’t show up in comments, but I view your bloggy every day. Life took over for Mom and we have never caught up

      • Same here, Savvy, don’t worry at all! As long as we get to talk when we get the time.

        • OMC! thank you thank you…Mom and I are so worried that we will offend all our furriends from the beginning because we are so far behind…be we are so purrleased with all that we are trying to do…thank you for your kindness…and you must know you are one of the first ever blogs we followed…we fell in love with Miss Kelly and her story

          • I do rememebr Savvy, and your conversations with Kelly will always be very special to me.

          • well now Mom is crying…you see, your Cookie and Kelly were so like Mom’s Tasha, she just misses your kitties so much because she lost Tasha before she found your blog…and now Kelly and Cookie are gone too. Very sad for Mom…we will be back, please give us time. Your black kitties are so very special too, paw pats and hugs, Mom Linda and Savvy

  4. What a lucky kitty you are! Enjoy all your surprises!

  5. sorry to hear about the customs issues but glad you got some lovely gifts all the same xx

  6. We still can’t figure out why Customs kept the package so long (it stalled in Poland on December 6) and why they took those items. We’re just happy you received something and that we could help make your first Christmas a little extra special. We LOVE the card you made of you enjoying the items you were supposed to receive.

  7. That’s a lot of great stuff! Enjoy 🙂

  8. orientallily001 on said:

    Those rotten customs peeps. Bet they’re playin’ with YOUR toys, right now, as we speak. MOUSES!

    But you’re totally right. It really is the thought that counts. And you had thoughts from your original secret paws AND your secret secret paws so you ended up with double the good thoughts. That’s a Christmas present in itself, I think.


  9. spittythekitty on said:

    I am sooooo happy your Secret Paws things (both sets!) finally arrived 😉

    You know what? One time Whisppy sent me a little package with some powdered packaged SilverVine and ALSO some fresh leaves right from their own plant. But when I got it, which took FORever!, it had been opened in Los Angeles and all the delicious fresh leaves had been confiscated!!! Those bad inspectors! I bet they took it home and tried to smoke it themselves, ha ha ha! Sorry those people taked some of your toys, but at least you gotted the picture 😉 and you know your Secret Paws did NOT forget about you!!! XOXOXOXO

  10. Derby and Ducky on said:

    Glad your Secret Paw stuff arrive. We should all go and poop on the Poland customs people pillow. Keeping your toys.

  11. Wow, you had double Secret Paws celebration, Savannah! But how rude of the Poland customs humans to steal some of your presents. Have fun with all your toys!!!

  12. Pawsome toys! Looks like a lot of fun. I love that first picture of you, what a great shot lol.

  13. Customs generally check incoming packages, not outgoing ones, so it seems really strange that Polish customs would have done that? Anyway, we’re glad you were thoroughly spoiled in the end!

  14. That was mean of Polish customs to take some of your presents. Sometimes we have put treats in packages and they usually get through, but not always.

  15. Silly Customs.. What? Were there state secrets in a keychain? Were the mousies going to breed and take over the US ecosystem? Yeesh… At least you got some fun stuff! Yay!

  16. Duuuh , have the custom woffies in Poland been taking your gifts from Pika, Sheldon and Kasia ??
    The cutsom woffies in Australia ate the treats I sent for Mr Puddy last year and then had the nerves to accuse us to be foodsmugglers !!
    Glad you did get some of the stuff from Poland and it was furry nice of Truffle and Brulee to send you a package too 🙂

  17. Im sorry u lost some of your presents. I dont understand customs and im polish so it bugs me alot that those things happen.

  18. What a super special 2nd Christmas you had. Love that first picture. Your Mom is getting good at Pizap. The CB is so thoughtful. It makes up for the post office and the customs men. Nothing in that package was edible. Why did they have to open it and take stuff? I guess that means I may get mine someday.

  19. That was so nice of Truffle and Brulee to send you a Secret Paws package – and that was MEAN of the customs humans to keep some of the nice things that Pika, Sheldon and Kasia sent you! Why did they keep key chains with your photo? That one really made me mad!

  20. That Truffles and Brulee are just the nicest cats to send you a package because your other Secret Santa got stuck in customs. So that was great that you got two packages. Those look like great mice. Have tons of fun with them.

  21. Miss Satchie on said:

    wow, auntie Savvy. So much fun! Two Christmases is better than one! I’m just finding about all that cool stuff I missed.. sniff That Secret Paws thingy sounds great. I bet even grumpy Jay would have liked it too. Little Satchie is sad

  22. Those rotters at the Polish customs 😦 Anyway, your imagination is good enough to make up for the missing things and with any luck, some Polish kitty ended up with them 😉

  23. What pawsome prezzies Savvy……too bad mean old Polish customs confiscated some of the stuff you SHOULD have received but it was the thought that counted and you DID get one of the packages! You’re so lucky – your Christmas is lasting an EXTRA LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  24. Well! Isn’t that something! What a great post – how wonderful that you got such nice presents and that you even made a card of the ones that did not arrive! Sometimes we think our human is too busy because it causes her to live under a rock. We had not heard of the Secret Paws, but it sounds amazing!! We love Truffle, Brulee and Mom Paula, so are not surprised that came up with something like this! Purrs from the Zee/Zoey gang

  25. catfromhell on said:

    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Yous got to celebrate FRIDAY in a real special way!
    PS – Sometimes those customs guys is weird

  26. Wow! What great presents, Savvy! And what great friends you have! Such a wonderful post.

  27. Mean ole’ Customs! What nice friends to send such lovely things!

  28. And a Merry Catmas to you, again =^.^=

  29. wonderful! What amazing presents. How sad that the Polish customs kept a whole lot back. I wonder why?

  30. Great presents… I’m a fan of the mouse ;o) I really like mice…I could be a cat too ;o) Have a wonderful caturday ;o)

  31. What amazing gifts, …and almost gifts! You will be partying hard with that loot! Give those mousies a smack from me!

    Love and licks,

  32. Awwew how sweet of those kitties and oomans to send you something from secret santa and it’s easy to see you really enjoyed it and appreciated it too. You just never know what Customs will do.

  33. Perhaps there are some disadvantaged cats at customs who REALLY needed the toys?
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  34. We were worried about customs people when we sent our secret paws package and were worried the whole time until it arrived. Our head peep used to work at a company where packages were held up at customs for over a month! We’re so glad your package finally arrived.

  35. Purrfect presents- what a great surprise- pawesome!

  36. That is great Savvy,customs people not matter where you are can be a pain,xx Speedy

  37. I like the mouse. I think I could scare Raffles with that 😀

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