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I had to do another post for today to let efurryone know around the blog paw world…


Update, Emily Brutus Marigold

They are all three now in the possession of Miss Rhonda of Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy blog Junior Babee.  She says they are talking up a storm! They have lots and lots to say!!

She flew all the way from Utah to break them outta jail and she is taking sweet Emily home with her to Utah tomorrow.

rescue cat Emily

Brutus and Marigold…

Marigold and Brutus

…they will be fostered for two nights then join a transport in New Jersey to be taken to their new home in Massachusetts with Miss Laura who will be starting a new blog called Heaven Sent…stay tuned for details on my Monday Meowsie News post…I will begin a 4 part Series: Operation Save The Royals.  

Thank you a hundred fold to all who helped and who have had their purrrr motors turned up loud and strong and paws crossed, to send these cats reassurance that help was on the way to them.  They miss their Mom Rose who left them so unexpectedly when she passed away, but now will have warm cuddles and safe homes once again.

I will do links to all involved on Monday. Just wanted to get this out for all to know.  WE HAVE EYES AND HANDS ON THE ROYALS!!!


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  1. That’s great news thank you so much for keeping us updated!

  2. Fantastic so good to read happy endings xxx

  3. That’s great news Savvy!

  4. Such wonderful happy news. Rose will be smiling in Heaven. xx

  5. Oh how great. Thanks to all people who had such a great heart for the Royals. Sometimes the world is such a good place ;o)

    • Isn’t it Easy? And yes, the number of people involved in saving not only these 3 Royals, but the others in the cat transport coming from Florida to Maine this weekend is amazing…for 8 cats. These people are dedicated!

  6. theislandcats on said:

    YAY! Q/M Rose would be so happy to know that her Royals are going to be well taken care of!!!

  7. What a wonderful update Savvy…..we all love hearing that The Royals are on their way to their new forever homes safe and sound. Hopefully Miss Laura’s landlady will give the OK for her to bring Brutus and Marigold to her house AND it sounds like Emily is in good hands too. YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • yes, Marigold and Brutus have a few more nights before Mom Laura will get them home, but she has them well taken care of. She gets them about midnight on Sunday. I heard that Marigold is thin and Brutus still needs to lose weight. He hogs Marigold’s food if allowed, so his new Mom will have to monitor him so Mari gets fattened up a bit and he gets slimmed down!

  8. What an absolutely amazing operation this has been. We think you should write an article about the whole thing and submit it to Cat Fancy magazine!

    The Chans

    • Hi all Chans; neighs to Violette and Vidock and play bows for Tommy….that is an interesting notion for Cat Fancy Magazine. Mom Linda will work on that if our story turns out to be interesting when we post it over the next 3 or so weeks. thank you for such a suggestion!

  9. We are so happy the Royals are out of jail! WTG and our mum has met Rhonda and she is a furry nice purson, mum says.

  10. I am so happy that they are among friends again and will soon have new forever homes.

  11. Best news ever, Savvy! I’m so happy for the Royals. You and everyone who helped are really, really great.

  12. That is wonderful news! We are so happy they are safe.

  13. orientallily001 on said:


  14. Wonderful news…….and will be even MORE wonderful if Miss Laura is able to work out whatever’s wrong with her landlady so Marigold and Brutus can come live with her. Paws still crossed here!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  15. This is just the best news imaginable. How wonderful that everyone jumped in to help and these gorgeous cats get new forever homes. So heartwarming. Funny, though, because in the first picture, Marigold is the one that looks more like a “Brutus”

  16. Leaky eyes are catching…you should see Mummy Janey sniffling!!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  17. Sparkle on said:

    I am so glad that the three of them are now among friends and family!

  18. OMC!!!!!!

    Hip Hip HURRAH!!!!!

    Mommy’s eyes are all leaky.

  19. Yow fer Emily findin a new home with Miss Laura..what a journey fer da kitteh to be goin on!!!
    We hopez dat Brutus n Marigold get to their furever home soon also!!!
    We iz purrin n prayin for a happy endin here!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherrri-Ellen.

  20. fantastic news Savvy sweet heart*doing happy bunny dance*kisses xxxxSpeedy

  21. YAY – That is fantastic news. The anipals came through again to save 3 of their own. We are so happy. This animal world on Blogosphere and Twitter is so wonderful.

  22. That is such wonderful news to start the weekend sweet Savannah!

  23. Judging from Laura’s blog, she still hasn’t worked things out at her end. Hope Brutus and Marigold will be able to stay with her. Wish we could have been more of a help cos I see TW’s friend is out of the loop now. I hope the Royals will be feeling the love they deserve.

    • Hey CK, I am just learning about the issues at Laura’s end. I suggested Rhonda fax from the hotel to Laura the health certificates we have to pay for and then Laura can take them to her landlady today. Don’t know if she will do that. I hate to think they will be stuck in a boarding place again. And your friend was a great help. It turned out that the person fostering the two for a couple of nights lived in Philly and she was driving down to NJ to get Brutus and Marigold, so they all agreed she might as well get Rhonda and your friend would not have to drive up and back to Philly. You have been great as everyone else! purrrs

  24. catfromhell on said:

    This is the bestest news ever! We is so happy that efurrybody pulled together to helps these kitties (and their Mommy who went over the bridge) out!
    And Yous Savannah and Mommy has rocked through the whole thing!

  25. We saw that on FB earlier. Very, very good news!

  26. This makes us feel so happy for them. Look forward to seeing them in their new homes. Your humans worked so hard Savvy. We are leaky eyed too …. well The Staff is! No self control!!! xx

  27. We’ve so happy that the Royals are safe!! We’ve got leaky eyes of happiness!!

    The Florida Furkids

    • this is one amazing story about rescue and the power of the paw blog community and the use of social media to get the job done. Can’t wait to start sharin’ all the details come Monday. Still piecing the full story together

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