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Caturday Is Special…


I was hanging out in my Hot Pink Teleport Tunnel…waiting to see if The Royals might need it…I am cleaning out and repairing the Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel right now…so the Hot Pink is the only one operational…

What do ya think?…looks good to me…

Pink Tunnel 2

…and you can see I left my fave peacock feather toy at the other end in case The Royals wanted something to bring along to play with.

What Mom ???…oh…OK…well The Royals don’t need my Hot Pink Teleport Tunnel…they have other transport…and I have a couple of photos to share of them as they are making their way to their new furrever homes.

…Miss Emily hanging out in her hotel room with her new Mom Rhonda…they had a good brush session and now Emily is relaxing waiting for Mom Rhonda to come to bed…they fly home to Utah today from Philadelphia…



…and here is Miss Marigold shouting her words to everyone who will listen…I’M FREE!!!…she is headed to her new Mom Laura in Massachusetts and will be there with her brother Brutus on Sunday night…



…as for Brutus…he is just getting tired of cars!!…you will be home to Mom Laura soon Brutus…trust me…


brutus 1

Brutus looks kind’a serious and all…but his current foster says his purrrr is so loud he shakes her house…heh…heh

Have a great Caturday…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss...I hope to be around to visit more furriends now that The Royals are headed to furrever homes. We started yesterday and today, so hope some of you have seen me show up again in your comment queues…thanks for coming by to visit me…paw hugs, Savvy

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51 thoughts on “Caturday Is Special…

  1. mollieandalfie on said:

    That is just fantastic, your Mommy and others have worked so hard and it all paid off 🙂 🙂 Luv’z you all xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. I sure do love happy endings Savvy … You and your momz and so many others have done a very good thing here

  3. Yow savannah you iz lookin bery pretty in pink so to speak!!! Sumfing about grey wif pink dat goez together so well!!!
    APWAZ APAWZ APAWZ fer da Royalz!!! Emily kitteh haz such beeutifull markins on her!! me iz relieved she iz in a new home!!!
    Wishin a safe trip fer Marigold n Brutus tonite….
    Purrleeze don’t wurry bout not gettin to all of us….we understnad (VBP) n iz bery payshunt n LUB you n yer Mum alot!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen…

  4. That a pretty coy look thru your tunnel, Savvy. I bet you’re just waiting for that peacock feather to move!

    You did good with the Royals. I’m sure it’s been a confusing time for them, but the ending couldn’t have turned out better.

  5. That is a Tunnel of Luv! We maked 2 movies about Tunnel of Luv. If you wanna see, send request wiz pawtograph under request to secure Purrime Ministerette mailing room. XXXX

  6. Thanks for visiting me. I’m glad the Royals get to start anew with their new forever families. Same with Sherlock and Traveller.

  7. Just purring at the news…

  8. That is the best, best, best news sweet Savannah!

  9. I am so very glad that all the Royals have new homes and will soon be in them. It’s all very exciting. I love your pink tunnel.

  10. We are so happy the Royals are free and Emily is actually in her new home. Hooray.

  11. Dinah on said:

    Apaws! Apaws! Apaws! for YOU, Savannah, and for your mom who I know worked her paws (ooops — I mean fingers) to the bone on freeing the Royals. Your friend, Dinah (RWB.)

    • Hi Dinah!! We DID IT!!! Emily is now home with Rhonda. She and Mom texted this morning. And Brutus and Marigold will be with their new Mom about midnight on SUnday. Mom is sending your housekeeper a link to a blog that describes where the cat transport is coming from and going to; this is the one picking up Brutus and Marigold. pawsome!

  12. Fantastic work. The tunnel is cool too.

  13. Awww – yay for those kitties!

  14. Wonderful news about the Royals – so good for them to have forever homes.

    That pink tunnel suits you well – great color and it sure looks like fun.

    Now go get that feather.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. This has simply been the most wonderful thing to witness. Well Done!

    • thanks gang; so much happiness at the end and so much fear in the beginning when we could not find them; did not know what happened; terrible few days but now it is sorted out…the telling of the story will be hard

  16. I am so happy for the Royals! May they find contentment in their new homes.

    • Thank you RUmpy, and I have not abandoned you and all my furriends. I read but that’s it for now. I have started visiting again as fast as Mom and I can read and comment. Appreciate you hanging in with me on my blog. paw pats, Savannah

  17. I’m so glad – that’s a wonderful caturday today…. I agree with Marigold: they are free- YAY! All my best wishes to Emily and her mom Rhonda for her new life in Utah (enjoy the truffles-they are yummy!) and to Marigold and Brutus (what a famous name!) for her new life in Massachusetts with their mom Laura ;o)

  18. Yay all is good with the Royals and you!

  19. Love your pink tunnel. I just have a leopard one, but then I’m a boy too. I suppose I shouldn’t have a pink one anyway. We are so happy these kitties have been rescued and will soon be in their new homes. What a story they will have to tell.

  20. It’s so wonderful to see the news about the Royals on their way to their forever homes. It makes our head peep’s eyes all leaky to know that they’re getting a chance to have new families to love them. Thanks for jumping in and helping them. Your mom’s the best, Savvy!

    • thanks you guys. and thank you ever so much for still visiting me even though I have not been by to see you in a while. I am making my rounds now, but it is a lot of catching up. We just had to use the delete button for 200 posts…sigh. So when I visit a friend I try to read at least 3 posts per furriend and comment…takes a long time with like 100 blogs to catch up with…sorry, sounds like I am bragging or complaining…neither…just miss my furriends. And only today, I learned Prancer Pie lost his older sisfur Princess. I had no idea she was not well, and now she has dashed to the bridge.

  21. We likes your hot pink tunnel and think you and your Mom and all the others who helped did a wonderful job getting the Royals new homes. ~Scylla

  22. We are so happy for the Royals. We know they must be confused and anxious due to all that has happened. Happily, soon they will be settling in to their new homes, getting to know their new families. All because of you, your Mom and all the others in the blogging community. I doubt many of us will never really know how hard you all worked to make sure the Royals survived this devastating tragedy. It’s tempting to keep writing about how hard you all have worked but for something as serious and challenging as this has been something simpler seem more appropriate.

    Thank you for all you’ve done.

    Mistletoe, Hitch and HuMom

    • Hi Misteltoe…and Hitch and Mom Dorothy…paw waves to Tiger and Pumpkin and Lizzie too! So many involved to make such a happy ending. Mom and Dad are adding me to their will this week to make sure I am cared for if something unexpected happens to them.

  23. I am so glad to see this story reaching its happy ending! I hope all three kitties will be reporting from their new homes soon… and I have a feeling they will!

  24. Loving all the updates on The Royals…….sounds like everything is working out just PURRRRFECTLY…….as for your tunnel situation, I think you have everything under control!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  25. Katie Isabella on said:

    How wonderful to see them and how geberous of you to help, sweet girl. I have a pink tunnel too that we could have hooked to yours to help. Maybe another time. Thank goodness they are going home.

  26. That is a wonderful update on the Royals! We are so so happy at how everything is falling into place and they’ll all soon be HOME!

  27. great news and I love the pink tunnel

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