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Real Rescue Cats Are Talking…


I am back again with another PAWSOME …



And, this is my last Real Rescue Cats Are Talking interview…I have done 12 in one year…my goal has been reached…and I know all my feline furriends who took the time to answer my questions will be happy to know that I am still focused on making all their interviews into a book…to donate to shelters where adult cats are available for adoption.

Thank you efurryone of you who have pawticipated over this past year…I will be publishing a list of all interviewees when I post my last Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking interview in the next week or two.

So, let’s get going.  This next ladycat is not known to the Blogville furramily…but her huMum certainly is.  Her huMum is none other than Miss Annie from our much loved blog Animal Couriers!!

Purrlease help me in giving a very very warm Savannah’s Paw Tracks welcome to…



APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!

Let’s get started…

Savannah:  Hiya Iggy.  Thanks lots for stopping by and having a meow with me.  Of course, I know your huMom and about her business, Animal Couriers, but I haven’t met you—so this is really great!!!

Iggy: Hi Savvy, thanks for inviting me, I don’t get about much!

Savannah: Oh Iggy…you really outta get your huMum to let you take some of those trips all the other cats and dogs take…well, actually…probably only if you like riding in a car…ok, ok…being a cat myself…that’s a bad idea…

Sorry Iggy, I let my imagination run wild there for a sec’…so…would you share with all of us how you arrived in your furrever home?

Iggy:  Well, I found my family myself.  I walked right up to their house in the middle of the night and howled my lungs out.  Woke the whole house up and then ran off to hide…got their attention though!

As you can see from this first photo, I was in a very sad state and this was my last-ditch attempt to find help.  My humans think I was around four months old but it was hard to tell exactly.  I’m seven years old now!


Savannah:  Oh My Cat!  (reaches over to Iggy and puts her paw around Iggy’s shoulder)…you were so very, very tiny!!…and so thin!!  (wipes leaky eyes with paw).  I can’t imagine how pawful you must have felt…like no one would ever notice you needed help.

How did you get in the house?  What kind of challenges did you have to get through so you could even begin to think about showing your humans some of your REAL SELF???

Iggy:  There were so many things to overcome.  There were four other cats in the house and two puppies!

The youngest male cat, Felix, was a real gent and invited me to stay.  His sister Lala wanted to play ball with me.  Edgar, a ginger male was very indifferent but Clan mother Bertie sorted them all out and took me as her kitten!

I had been living in the outbuildings during the summer when lots of building work was going on but when the colder weather started to arrive I realized I had to move into the house.  Here’s a picture of me investigating and there’s Bertie in the background.

early iggy

I moved into the house that day and didn’t leave again for five months! Here’s me and Bertie—you can see just how much she took me under her wing.


And here’s a photo of all five of us together:


Those five months were difficult as my tummy had suffered a lot of damage during my time of starvation.  Eventually the humans found a cat food that I could digest properly and life was a lot easier for us all.

During that time I wouldn’t let the humans anywhere near me.  I gradually started to trust them when I started to feel better and here’s a picture of the first time I let one of them touch me!


Savannah:  Aiieeee…that was so very brave of you Iggy!!

Iggy:  I know, huh?!…but actually…it felt kind of good…

Savannah:  So, would you mind meowing a bit more about some of the ways you and your humans worked together to help get you through your fears and start to trust them more?

Iggy:  It took time but I now love and trust my humans—I’m not hot on tummy tickles but they can pick me up and give me big hugs.

Savannah:  Oh Yeowzers!  That is like way better than even I can do now and I am almost 7 years old!!

Iggy:  I get very nervous when they approach me with something box shaped—I don’t like the vet at all!  I still hate the dogs and only come into the living rooms once they have gone to bed.  I’m scared of visitors but will let them see me once I’ve got to know them.

Savannah:  I certainly understand how you feel about strangers too Iggy…I mostly stay out of sight when humans come around I don’t know…so do you think you have been successful in getting more and more comfy in your furrever home?

Iggy:  Well, I now look like this!


You can see that I’m certainly over the starvation phase of my life.  If you watch the video clip, you’ll see that I love to play and life isn’t that bad…no siree…not at all!

Click HERE to visit You Tube and watch Iggy strutin’ her stuff!!

Savannah:  MOL!!! Iggy, you are one crazy dancing ladycat now!! Pawsome!!

Now, last question, can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue cat, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home, through its recovery process?

Iggy:  It’s different for every new cat or kitten that enters a house.  I was lucky because I wasn’t a threat and my cat family was very kind.  Giving time to new additions who have had a difficult start is very important—most of us get there in the end!

Savannah:  This was great!  Any last words of wisdom you want to share?

Iggy:  I really miss my Mum, Bertie.  She sadly got dementia.  I was able to pay her back for her kindness by keeping her bathed and finding her when she had got lost.  Cat families are the best!

Oh Iggy, thank you so very much for taking time to meow with me.  I hope all of you who stopped by to learn about another Real Rescue Cat enjoyed learning about Iggy.

As I mentioned, this is my last Cat Rescue interview in this series.  If you would still like to be interviewed and featured on my bloggy, just let me know…I am happy to post more interviews.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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48 thoughts on “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking…

  1. Fantastic interview.. and what a performance Iggy, I’m impressed 😉

  2. Iggy is beautiful but I thought Iggy was a male name like Iggy Pop. I guess that’s the least of what she’s gone through. I’m glad she now trusts her peeps and loves her fursibs. Shedding tears for dear Bertie.

  3. Ivy is so sweet 🙂

  4. The comments are lovely, thank you Savvy – Iggy did get to have his 15 minutes of fame 😉 I’m so sorry, I obviously forgot to give his gender! I had meant to explain why we called him Iggy – it was after the wonderful and very skinny singer Iggy Pop, because in the early stages we were worried he might pop after every meal 😀

  5. So great to meet Iggy! Fab interview Savvy

  6. that was fantastic Savvy a great interview to end on,xx Speedy

  7. Another terrific interview sweet Savannah! And Iggy we are so happy for you that you chose the perfect family for you. We enjoyed reading your story. You look mighty fine with your beautiful black, glowing furs. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Another brilliant interview Savvy, I do really enjoy them – it is so nice to read about happy endings!

  9. That was so nice to get to know Iggy! She was so teeny-tiny when her human found her! I am so glad she was found!!
    Thanks for the interview!

  10. Great interview Savannah! Iggy sure is a lovely lady cat with a great story. I especially like the picture of her and Bertie. Very sweet of Bertie to take her under her wing.

  11. You are such a pawsome interviewer, Savvy. You know how to bring out the best in all these wonderful kitties and pups. Iggy is such a lucky kitty and what a nice story of her life.

  12. Great interview Savvy. What a gorgeous cat Iggy has turned out to be. We were going to say that her family should get our Multi-Cat Blog Award until we saw that poor Bertie went to the RB. So many of us are rescued ’cause we get desperate enough to almost come right up and knock on the door. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  13. Thanks for this interview with Iggy, Savannah! I’m so glad she found such an awesome home!

  14. Pawsum interview!!! Welcome Iggy!!! it iz lubly to meet ya!! Ya shure were a skinny ‘itty-bitty’ wehn ya found Anne n da gang!! Well dun!! Diz Hu’man iz a Guardian Angel fer so many 4 leggedz when dey travel…so ya are in guud handz wif her! Me gotta say you grew into a beeuteefull lady kitteh. Lubbed yer video…ya shure can *dance*!
    Lub n best wishez frum Nylablue n me Mum, SherriEllen xo

  15. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savvy Doll you have werked your Butt off with these interviews and we think you are fantastic. Poor Iggy in that photo, so glad all werked out well. Now juzt one more mission thiz month to complete.. Hug’z xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Iggy, we are so happy you let yourself be found! We can only imagine how sad your tiny wails must have sounded. You have blossomed into a gorgeous House Pantherette; the boys here think you are worthy of a centerfold in Cat fancy!

    Savvy, we have enjoyed your rescue interviews SO much, and we hope you can do more in the future.

  17. Colehaus Cats on said:

    Oh Iggy! What a great ending! From a wee, thin one to the handsome mancat you are now. Wow! Admiring purrs…

  18. From poor little waif to big handsome mancat! What a great rescue!

  19. That kitten picture of Iggy made us teary eyed. But we are so happy to see just how having a home and being loved has made her blossom into the beautiful ladycat she is today. 🙂

  20. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    iggy…hay ewe gorgeous…whoa N cranberriez on rye…ewe WUZ a wee tinee thing…total lee way happee ewe finded yur for evers home N it looks like in de nik oh time…( thanx St Francis ) veree nice two meet ewe N we R trooly glad ya haza awesum place ta call home now…oh…N merry Christmas… 🙂

    savvy…another grate interviews….we loved it

    pea ess..iggy…if we wuz a loud ta date we wood ask ewe for one…wink…wink…

  21. Oh my… That picture of you when you were little almost broke my heart. BROKE MY HEART! But I’m so glad you were able to find your peeps… the peeps who were made just for you. So glad you have your peeps and your fur-family and your home. A place where you are safe and loved.


  22. Hawoooo Iggy!!! We will stop by youtube and watch woos movie!


    • I am pleased to have you visit and leave a comment but please do not hype your blog which is not a paw blog. If you continue I must block you from comments. Thank you for your cooperation

    • Hello again, I just found your cat’s blog, I am sorry to have been suspicious but I do get spammers trying to get me to follow their blogs. Now I realize why you include your paw blog address, it’s because you comment using your personal blog identity which I don’t know and is just not within my interest. I do appreciate you coming to visit Savannah.

      • Hi Savannah, Zoe’s Mama here. Yes I have two pet blogs. Zoe’s above (she commented because she’s a kitty) and my pup’s WordPress blog ( I typed it in to clarify because I’ve noticed bloggers don’t go to the Gravatar to check out profiles and see what blogs people have. I have four, three on WP and just started Zoe’s on Blogspot. Using one email/Gravatar to manage is much easier for WP. If I had a separate one for Ku I’d be signing in and out constantly to manage everything. I will write more clarifying comments in the future.
        If you could help me with on thing, Jan at the Funny Farm, said /nking comes up with the comment after my main blog. Could you tell me specifically where that is. I’ve never types that and it all goes through Gravatar and I’ve checked and clicked on the pic and name and comments on other blogs and it all goes through as it should. It could have just been a WP glitch. Weird stuff happens whenever they do some sort of update.
        Thanks for your help,
        Ku and Zoe’s Mama

        • Julianne there are a couple of typos in your comment, just enuff for me to not be able to tell exactly what you are asking. contact me on my personal email I am sure I can help sort out what you need. lcrodgers at sbcglobal do net

          • Actually, I’ve figured it all out. Thank you. I’ve also learned how to change the comment name and link to Ku’s blog when commenting on pet blogs, so that should help keep things clearer. I hope the other furkids don’t ask for their own blogs! 🙂 Sorry about the typos…sometimes I hit s instead of d when typing fast.

          • MOL!! I have about a kajillion typos all the time I just wanted to be able to help. Glad you got it sorted out. I have sent several other paw bloggers to your Kurok blog, and now many more also know about your interview on both the Untold Animal Stories blog and on Blogville Chronicle blog. So happy more of us are getting to know Zoe and Kuruk. paw hugs, Savannah and Mom Linda

  23. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, what an excellent interview! Thank you so much for asking Iggy to tell her story. I am so glad she is a member of such a loving family. And thanks, too, Savannah, for planning a book of these interviews! I can’t wait to read it, and I know it will help many, many people and pets.

  24. Iggy , you were so tiny that you are lucky you had such a big yowl! Many of us rescues are afraid of strangers,but you know, we think that’s OK because our families understand us and love us no matter what….love is so impawtant for us all isn’t it?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  25. It’s lovely to meet Iggy. She was such a tiny skinny little cat, but now she looks the picture of health.

  26. Dinah on said:

    Savannah, you’ve done wonderful work with your interviews — apaws apaws apaws to you. Iggy is bee-you-tea-full now! How brave she was to find her forever home on her own. Your friend Dinah, RWB — reader without blog.

  27. Excellent interview and I’m waving a paw to Iggy! So lucky and beautiful!


  28. Oh eyes are leaking as I have seen such sadness too many times…but what a brave baby you were to take steps to find your own place in the world!! and what a stunning panther kitty you are now..your family must love you very much indeed and you them! Great interview Savvy and what a finale might I say 🙂 🙂
    Have a great day to you all 🙂 huge hugs Fozziemum xx

  29. What a wonderful interview and great to meet Iggy. What a scragly little thing Iggy was in the beginning. Such a hard time for a kitten. So glad that the perfect home was sought out there.
    PS – sorry I’ve not been around or replied to you. I’ve been down on all forms of communication and, whenever I manage to get a little bit, it’s a nightmare trying to catch up.

  30. That was my first thought too as I saw your picture, Iggy: Oh my cat! I’m so happy that you found this fabulous furmily. I feel sorry for you that you lost Bertie, but I’m sure she is always with you. In your heart and in your memories. Thanks for a wonderful interview, Savannah – apaws apaws apaws :o)

  31. Oh it’s so nice to meet Miss Annie’s kitty Iggy……what a tiny little thing she was and knew she HAD to do something to survive – I’m so happy she came inside and became part of Miss Annie’s family! Thanks for sharing her story with us Savvy and thanks for doing the rescue series. It makes my heart happy……

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  32. What a great tale! So glad Iggy has a lovely home and looks very bootiful now she isn’t that poor skinny ladycat. Whee loves happy endings!

    *wipes paws at leaky eyes*

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

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