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First Cat Cafe in USA Opens!


I have something marvelous to share!

I have something marvelous to share!

No surprises here, just complete and total…


The first…let me say that again with even more enthusiasm and pride…THE VERY FIRST EVER CAT CAFE COMPLETE WITH ADOPTION CATS is now open for business in Oakland, California!!!

Mom L and Dad P were invited to join Miss Susie, who is a key contributor to the Maine Coon Adoptions in California.  Miss Ann has been instrumental in helping me get my pal Tigger, aka Tiggy, lots of visibility via her Face Book page Ava Gardner, the Cat.

First some words so you have a little background about who started this venture in Oakland and how they accomplished it.  Just in case you and your community rescues want to try it yourselves.

Several cat rescue focused groups, individuals and foundations need to find enough common ground from which to launch such an endeavor…for Cat Town Cafe & Adoptions some of those are…(click on the names to learn more about each one)

The co-founders, Cat Town Adoption and Cat Man of West Oakland also used Indiegogo to raise funds for this incredible venture.

Cat Town is a wonderful, responsible and caring non-profit cat rescue operating in Oakland, California…here is a bit about their mission:

Cat Town Rescue
Many cats struggle in an animal shelter setting, sensitive to new sounds, smells, and the trauma of losing a home that was familiar. Even the most affectionate, devoted pet may hide or be fearful in a shelter cage.

With partner organizations more likely to accept young, outgoing cats into their programs, municipal shelters often have nowhere to turn for help with undersocialized kittens, shy, stressed, or older cats.

Cat Town answers this need by targeting the cats least likely to be adopted from Oakland’s municipal shelter. Through our foster-based program, Cat Town allows sensitive cats to blossom and find great permanent homes.

Cat Town is also devoted to helping feral cats leave the shelter and find safe outdoor homes.

They have partnered with Oakland Animal Services from their inception.

As for Cat Town Cafe & Adoption…here is a little information about their mission…


“A new collaboration between the Cat Man of West Oakland and Cat Town Rescue, the Cat Town Cafe & Adoption Center will be an expansion of Cat Town’s current mission, and will focus on getting more cats out of the cages of Oakland Animal Services, into our “Cat Zone’ and adopted!!!  Learn more by clicking HERE

That is enough with the ‘words’…now for the real deal…grab some nip tea or a nip tini…or some liverwurst sammies and dog treats…paw back and enjoy the collection of photos of the grand opening event.

The Site…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Residents…(they have about 10 at a time for now)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Refreshments and logo merchandise…


The art…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mom L and I are working with this incredible artist and the other fabulous creative artists involved in this wondrous endeavor  to bring more of their art work to my readers!!  STAY TUNED!!

Paw Pats, Savannah 

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46 thoughts on “First Cat Cafe in USA Opens!

  1. that is just so cool Savvy,xx Speedy

  2. I hope it goes well, seems like a great idea!

  3. The Swiss Cats on said:

    It looks like a great place to visit ! Purrs

  4. One of those cats looks just like me! VERY handsome guy, if I do say so myself. Very handsome, indeed.


  5. That is so wonderful for the kitties and for the humans too!

  6. What a PAWsome place !
    Grreat idea that all the cat´s that lives there can be adopted and I keep my paws crossed they all will be so new one´s can move in !
    My mom-person visited a Cat Café in Copenhagen last CATurday 🙂
    The cat´s who lives there are from shelters and from people that can´t keep there cat. But you can´t adopt any of them as on Cat Town Cafe & Adoption.


  7. This place looks amazing and I’d love to visit! I also think it’s a wonderful idea to place adoptable cats into a cat cafe… Seems like a neat idea to get more kitties into homes.

  8. This is so incredible!!!! OMC I would love to have Mom come see this! The artwork rock too Savvy! Spitty is right, those kitties are wayyyy to stressed MOL!

  9. Oh wow!
    This is great!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. AWESOME! My Mom and Stepdad live in Alameda. We will TOTALLY visit the new Cat Town when we are in town!

  11. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolootlee pawsum Savannah!! Way to go Miss Josie n Aunti L n Unckle P fer gettin diz pawsum OA-Sus up n runnin….
    We wishez all involved in da endever ebery sucksess!! We look forwerd to reedin ’bout da kittehz n dere adopshunz!
    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!
    Can ya tell we are eggcited????
    **paw kissez** n ❤ LUB ❤
    Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0

  12. Pingback: Cat Town Cafe & Adoption Center | The Cat Blogosphere

  13. We had hoped that they’d be open when we came out earlier this year, but it wasn’t. WE’RE soooooooooSOOOOOO EXCITED!! Going to tll human brother (lives near SoMa) about this NOW!!

  14. What a wonderful place! The art is lovely too.

  15. Such a cool idea!

  16. S & S…thiz bee mega awesum rockin total lee KEWL !!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. what an awesome place and idea!!! we are all over anything that will get adoptable cats more attention

  18. How pawsome that your mom and dad got to go to the grand opening of the cat cafe, Savvy! What a great concept for a cafe…and how cool rescues are working together to find different ways to find shelter cats home. The mom wants to go there…maybe she needs to come visit you!

  19. Wow, just shared at CWA and Cat Wisdom 101. So wished I lived on the west coast!

  20. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    Looks fantastic! We wondered why there were not more kitty cafes
    Lily & Edward

  21. kittiesblue on said:

    Mom said that she knew this was coming and that they had just opened. She is so happy (and jealous) that Mom L and Dad P were invited to the grand opening. She can’t wait to get back to CA so that she can drop by. It certainly appears as if all the residents are quite laid back about the whole thing. Thank you so much for sharing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta,Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. That place looks awesome, will definitely have to add it to the bucket list.

  23. The first UK one opened this year too –

    They are lovely and whee like following them on Facebook and Twitter to see what they are up to!


    • I visited Lady Dinahs and there is a huge difference between the one in UK and Oakland. UK cafe has resident cats. Oakland is an adoption center…all cats are available for adoption AND are adults that were in a kill shelter and considered unadoptable and were scheduled to be killed. Mostly because they were “too shy, scared” living in a cage. At the Cat Cate they are free roam and showing their REAL SELF. They also have cats with ,ecial conditions, all treatable…

      • I think cat cafes are a great idea no matter where the cats were from. Unfortunately I am not allowed a cat but being able to visit somewhere and just sit and spend time with cats is an incredible experience for me (especially as I used to be so afraid of them)

        I think it would be a lovely idea if more rescues could run cafes to help people get to know the animals available and see if they were interested in adopting them that way. I would love to hear more about the success rate of adoption from this.


  24. Savvy, this is the coolest thing I ever heard of!! I LOVE the artwork…it makes the whole room such a fun place. I sure hope that this helps many kitties get adopted into loving forever homes!
    Your pal,

  25. It looks amazing, and I love the list of rules!!

  26. Katie Isabella on said:

    Oh how Mom says she wants to BE there. I wish there was one in every TOWN in the US!

  27. What an AMAZING place!! The art is stunning and yes I have to agree the kitties look very stressed . . …….. NOT! MOL

  28. So fun! LOVE the slide shows. I wondered about the doors. Double doors – good idea….

    Love and licks,

  29. OMC, your humans went to the cat cafe? How wonderful! The kitties look happy there, and we hope it results in lots of adoptions. We can’t tell from those photos, but can your peeps see in their original photos was the artist of the “umm scuse me” painting?

    The head peep said to tell you that she is looking forward to seeing your folks in just a few days, Savvy. Does that mean we’re all getting abandoned again?

  30. What a totally wonderful place……the cats look VERY relaxed (haha) and the whole place just looks like a lovely place to hang out and enjoy finding a sweetie to adopt in the comfort of a beautiful café!

    Hugs, Sammy

  31. my mom said she would love to be there just for a moment to enjoy a relaxing meow and some purrs! I love the cat towers , are they made just for the cat cafe or are they available in a store? they are really the cat’s meow and the perfect gift for a kitty :o)

  32. Have never seen sooo stressed out little kittens – the pooooor kittens – will nobody think of the kittens … 😉
    Fantastic, love the rules – so true, they should be written down on every cat owner’s wall for visitors!

  33. Oh MAN!!! This is so cool * jaw drops * How amazing, lots of cats, a great cafe and such fantastic art. This is a scoop in million – we want MORE!!!!!!

  34. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  35. Mommy says she would LOVE to see it! WE say she needs to make a cuppa AT HOME.

  36. Dat’s pawsum Savannah. Me wunnewed where da kitties wuz at first. Glad they wuz all so comfy.

    Luv ya’


  37. Wow, how amazing! I SO wish I could see this awesome cat cafe… but other than the cats actually working there, I imagine no other kitties are allowed! I guess I can allow my human to come up some time unsupervised.

  38. spittythekitty on said:

    Wow–this is a fantastic place and the pictures are CAT-TAS-TIC!!! I’m really worried about how tense those kitties look though 😉 MOL

    LOVE the artwork! Like lolcats brought to artistic life!

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