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When Her Royal Highness Speaks…ummm…or not


Have you ever had problems ‘speaking’ to your human guardian…in silent mode???

Can you hear me ???

Can you hear me ???

After reading my pal Summer’s article in Catster, I realized I have not yet completely trained Mom L

I sit, wait, watch…while she plays on the computer. I can tell when she is doing serious stuff like my blog posts, and helping me to visit my pals…and when she is like just ‘messing around’ doing her human stuff.

I do not utter not one teeny tiny ‘meow’…I just wait…and watch…assuming she will read my mind and know exactly what I need and want…sigh…sadly this lesson has yet to be learned by her.



Nope…she offered me kibble, then wet food, then tried to play with me…then I led her downstairs to our my new area rug in the living room…she tried to play then sing to me…Good grief; all I wanted was a bit of brushing!!!

How do you get your wants and needs met when you try to silently communicate with your human??? I am so hoping someone can help me out with Mom L.

Thanks my pals.

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21 thoughts on “When Her Royal Highness Speaks…ummm…or not

  1. I’m afraid my human is so thick I have to meow very very loudly to get her to do my bidding! And even then she usually gets it wrong! The silent treatment does not work AT ALL!! MOL xx

  2. Remember that time way back when, when I peed on the peep? Well… Let’s just say… Let’s just say that after that, one raising of the tail and I pretty much have her jumping through hoops, if you know what I mean. MOUSES!


  3. Wehw it iss not just mee LadyMum then?!?!?! Mee tries to silentlee tell her fingss an shee not understand! Then mee speekss inn mee Burmesey ‘outdoor’ voice an shee sumtimess knows what mee iss sayin….
    Brakin inn a Hu’man iss definitelee a challenge Savannah 😉
    Good luck with yurs…..
    **nose kissess** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  4. Katie Isabella on said:

    I have a silent mode too and my mom just about always does what YOURS does. OR she anticipates and hoes she hits the right chord. I DO hope your visit to the V-e-t will be a good one where you get complete relief from that reflux. I know that has to be horrible. XXOO ❤

  5. tonkstail on said:

    We have come to the conclusion that our human needs remedial training. Either that or she’s hopeless…. *sigh*

  6. While TW is on the computer, I sit exactly like you’re sitting. I’m waiting for attention and she keeps saying “in a minute, Keisha” but the minute never ends. I don’t know how to get her attention unless I bite her.

  7. I don’t have a silent mode Savvy. My mum says I have two modes, yowling and howling.

  8. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Giving them stink eye works wonders
    Lily & Edward

  9. The OP Pack on said:

    You sure do have a very cute sit, stare, and wait look about you, Savannah!!! Hope Mom learns how to read those looks soon.

    And yes, you are so right – it does seem like it was just yesterday that our two special Angels were still here with us.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  10. That’s quite the look pretty Savvy and that would sure work at our place!

  11. LOL my huskies are anything but silent!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. mariodacat on said:

    Hmmm brushing would be a hard one to communicate about. Like you, I isually sit Near certain places for certain things. Maybe tell her to give you a special towel oe to put th brush where you can see it. Then you could sit in that certain place.

  13. I yell at my Mom when I want something…..usually she figures it out but if she doesn’t I will lead her to whatever I want – the brush, the chair, the front door, my bowl……but staring at her NEVER works. I have to scream – but I’m VERY good at that!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. Staring is my favorite mode of communication. I’m pretty sure my mom isn’t from around here. She doesn’t understand a word I (don’t) say.

    Love and licks,

  15. If you are a quiet kitty, Savvy, chances are that you did not have much interaction with humans in your formative years! Feral kitties meow a lot less than cats who grew up around humans. That makes it harder to figure out a verbal language with humans.

    • That’s interesting Summer. We had not heard that before. Actually I am extremely talkative. I had been meowing for over an hour and I took her to my bowl but I wouldn’t eat , then I led her downstairs to my play area but wouldn’t play so then I used the silent treatment.

  16. I hear ya…. that are the common communication problems… my momma checked my belly and she nearly called the vet as I presented her my chassis 87 times…and all what I wanted was a belly rub… tststs…
    C&C are featured on my blog today :o)

  17. It’s not your fault, Savvy. Sometimes humans are just a bit – well, slow on the uptake.
    Purr-haps you should try offering her treats when she gets things right. That might speed up the learning process.

  18. oh dear sounds like you mom needs some more training,xx SPeedy

  19. Oh my they DO take a lot of training don’t they Savvy! Be patient I am sure she will catch on!!! I had better to go re-read those posts – there was a lot there I enjoyed! Beautifully written tell your Mum.

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