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Late: Local National Feral Cat Day


I am very late to be posting this celebration of National Feral Cat Day; but  believe everyday ought to be “Feral Cat Day”.  I want to celebrate and share a local feral rescue and one of their many feral cat colonies. Mom L and Dad P and a friend attended an event on October 17th.

Homeless Animal Response Program (HARP)  serves both woofies and kitties who have lost, or never had, a home. They support approximately 10 colonies of feral cats in my county and I want to introduce you to the River Town Cats of Antioch, CA.

We are ON camera!

We are ON camera!

Mom L did not notice any cats at first…just this one black kitty who was very shy with a photographer…

Nope! Not going to 'pose' for this photo shoot

Nope! Not going to ‘pose’ for this photo shoot

So my human parents and their guest bought some lovely, yummy baked goods and then strolled around a bit. One person pointed them to a location of one of the feral colonies; so they strolled over to look around. These are mostly adult cats, living in two very old and crumbling structures along the front of the Sacramento Delta.

First they saw a brown tabby…so scared that Mom L barely  had time to grab this photo…

Who are you? Can I trust you?

Who are you? Can I trust you

And then Mom L and her friend Miss Nancy began to discover more and more cats…all adults…(hover over each photo to view the sincere comments)

Finally, Mom L found one last kitty, who seemed to be standing guard over the entrance to the last dilapidated structure and this cat gave Mom L pause for reflection…we are sorry that the photo is blurred…but Mom L only had her iPhone with her and grabbed this photo through a chain link fence around that dilapidated property.

This is the only home I will ever know

This is the only home I will ever know

I am joyful that my life did not turn out as this adult cat’s did. Please, please…defend, support and care for those ferals who are living in your communities. They never were given a choice to live in such conditions.

I am so very thankful for the HARP rescue humans who make sure these feral cats receive care and kindness including being spayed and neutered; given vet checks; appropriate vaccines and daily meals.




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14 thoughts on “Late: Local National Feral Cat Day

  1. We think every day must be ferals cat day…and international, because we still haven’t such a day over here. We thought first that the leader on the last picture was you, Savvy, but only at first sight 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy National Feral Day 🙂 ❤

  2. Three cheers for HARP. Ever since TW met my Aunt Pauline, she’s always carried cat food with her to feed homeless cats. Back in the old days, the cats were friendlier and would come over. The new crop of ferals live up to their name and run. It’s hard to feed someone who runs away from the food but TW tries.

  3. Hurrah fur HARP an Lady Ell fur all her good werk with Feralss!!! Our Mummass; are thee best!!!
    An them sweet sad kittiess…..that could have been mee *gulpss*
    That last kat could bee yur Cuss-inn Savannah…he is berry manlee an looks a lot like you 😉
    Fankss fur a wundrful innspirin bloggie….
    ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  4. Paws up to HARP and everything they do for the ferals. And you’re right, Savvy…every day is feral cat day. 🙂

  5. high paws two everee one at HARP for lookin out for & watchin over all theeze kittehz……♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Glad there are people who care and work to help feral cats. HARP is a fantastic organization.

  7. Our humans have soft hearts for ferals.

    Emma and Buster

  8. There are some great organisations looking out for feral cats in the UK too! We do our but to support as many as we can! Xxx

  9. It’s never too late for Feral Cat Day, they need help and attention every single day!

  10. It’s even more sad when you realize these ferals are “lucky” because they have people looking out for them. So many ferals live lives hungry and sick. We purr for a day when all kitties have loving homes.

  11. Paws up for HARP and the amazing work they are doing for these ferals! Feral cats like them would have much more dangerous, shorter lives without their help.

  12. I’m glad that we have such organizations who have an eye on our feral friends… there are so much dangers for feral cats, from cars to mean humans, they need our support so much ….

  13. HARP, and organizations like them, are so amazing – I wish there were many, many more like them!

  14. Wow!!!! As posts go, this was moving, and amazing AND inspiring! You are our voice and our conscience. Thank you for this spotlight on the heartfelt work being done For ferals BY the people who love and respect them.

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