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I Spy with My Own Little Eyes—


First I want to THANK all of my reader for visiting my blog post on Friday, July 15. It was a crowd pleaser for lots of folks.

In fact, The Kid Sage and I are now planning our own road trip to visit the OTHER PROJECT BAY CAT feeding site and Mom L isn’t gonna get to go. More about that later.

Now on to this game our little visitors taught us when they visited in June from England. As some of you know I like to watch some bird TV when I sit next to Mom L at night while she watches human TV. These long Summer daylight hours give me lots of opportunity to do that too.

Playing "I Spy with My Own Little Eyes"

Playing “I Spy with My Own Little Eyes”

This game is kind’a like my bird TV, only I have to say “I spy with my own little eyes”…and then meow a clue about what I am looking at. So I did that with The Kid Sage. I meowed that “I spy with my own little eyes something with wings.”

And she guessed the answer right away! Who knew??!! We have a genius in my castle home. But, who wouldn’t have guessed it as that bird took flight and TKS had to look up to identify it for our game!

It's a bird...or maybe a plane?...or kite??

It’s a bird…or maybe a plane?…or kite??

Next thing I knew, TKS was playing this “I Spy” game with ME!!

I spy with my own little eyes...HRH Nana aka Savvy

I spy with my own little eyes…HRH Nana aka Savvy

I decided to ignore her for that moment. And next thing I knew—later in the evening as the dusk descended on our bird TV channel, I felt those eyes on me yet again.

Early evening bird TV channel

Early evening bird TV channel—ummm—I feel eyes on my back

Of course TKS just cannot keep her eyes off my gorgeous Russian Blue furs.

I'm sure she doesn't suspect I am watchin' her

I’m sure she doesn’t suspect I am watchin’ her

Now you tell me how you watch your bird and squirrel TV—do you have housemates? Do you share your channels? Talk to me my pals.


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41 thoughts on “I Spy with My Own Little Eyes—

  1. I love Bird TV! I watch it indoors and out, dependin’ on the weather, of course. And if watching outside, the most important thing is to make sure you’re not seated in the cheap seats, aka The Drop Zone, if you know what I mean. MOUSES!


  2. Bird TV has been the bestest around here this summer! Ninja was totally jealous that mine is so exceptional with the baby swallows. Mes has had NON STOP action for over a month. Mes did not thinking living on the 6th floor of a apartment building in a big city would be so wonderful! And lots of different birds too! The swallows, the crows, the sea gulls and YES, mes has hummer birds too

  3. S & S…if sum one offered uz 900 casez oh fresh caught trout we wood knot watch burd tee vee ~~~~~~~~~troo lee….


  4. Mummy used to play the “I Spy” game with her human sibs when they were little. They grew up in the UK.
    As for Us, we love Bird TV.
    We have Bird TV in effurry room but We like best to watch it together.

  5. meowmeowmans on said:

    We have some pretty good bird, squirrel and rabbit TV here. Zoe is the more avid viewer, but Gracie enjoys it, too. 🙂

  6. Both of us tend to watch bird TV from our cat tree.

  7. We have lizard TV here (uninvited guests in the backyard) and tortoise TV as well (invited guests – of the outdoor pet variety).

  8. pilch92 on said:

    We have bird, bunny and squirrel tv. Usually when one cat is in the window and another one wants to be a game of smacky paws is started.

  9. The mom says she played the “I spy” game when she was a kid…and she’s not from across the pond. 😉

  10. The head peep says that she had a family friend from the UK who used to play “I spy with my own little eyes” with her when she was a little human, but she never realized it was a game from that side of the pond until now!

  11. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Bird TV is the only thing I share with my fatty Edward
    Lily & Edward

  12. I watch my neighborhood out the front window. Squirrels, birds, cats, neighbors, and cars go by. I only bark at things that don’t belong here… like the mailman, FedEx guy, and other delivery people. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to kill me.

    Love and licks,

    • Well Cupcake, I used to be able to watch my whole neighborhood passing by when we lived in our home. But when the evil bank took it back, I never had another window in front to watch the street so introoders get right up to my front door now. Pawful!

  13. Mee watchess live Bird Tee Vee when thee birdss show uppy. With all thee bad fingss what went on here a few weekss ago wee not supposed to put seeds down fur thee birdss…. *sighsss*….
    So mee iss watchin a lot of Fish Tee Vee…..iss thee Aquareeum Chanellee on Tee Vee an it iss a lot of fun. Even LadyMum watches it!!!!
    **nose kissesss** Dhartha Henry xXx

  14. The OP Pack on said:

    We get the Bird TV channel in the early morning, but the real fun here is watching Bunny Rabbit TV”)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  15. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We have several birdhouses hanging on our front porch and the tenants provide us more bird TV than we can watch all year round. But if we get bored with the birds we switch to the side windows and tune in to “squirrels in the tree” for a change.

  16. hannahandlucy on said:

    Lucy played I spy with Mum this morning – Lucy seemed to enjoy it more than Mum did!!

  17. Live bird tv channel is best for me. Though sometimes I just sits and stares and sometimes I just sits… then other times I runs and jumps and catches. It really just depends on the weather. purrs ERin

    • oh my, I don’t think Mom L would allow us to get anywheres near a bird so’s we could pounce and catch. We feed the birds so we don’t want them driven away. Mom L chases away any nosey neighbor cats if they come around our bird tv live streaming set

  18. I do my spying out on the front porch. We have a lot to watch out there – cars going by, people running or biking or walking woofies, and of course TONS of burds and squirrels since we have so many big trees. I sometimes fall asleep watching all the “stuff”……..!

    Hugs, Sammy

  19. Our Phoebe Kitten is hopeless with ISpy, she sees the birds and galumphs after them (she is big and furry!) so they always see her coming…… We try not to laugh as she is still young and keen 🙂

    Miranda and Silver

  20. It’s very strange here – nobody ever window watches at the same time! I see birds, squirrels and the occasional neighborhood cat at times that Binga is elsewhere – and she does her bird and squirrel watching (she doesn’t care about the neighborhood cats) at different times. Boodie just doesn’t care – she is in her own little world.

  21. My tom does that “I spy …” thing with me, too – our female cat never joins us. I then proceed to tell him “It’s a crow, my dear, too big for you, you would run away from a rat and this is bigger than every rat!” – but he goes on chatting.

  22. There are pluses and a minus to being an only child. I get the window to myself. I get my food to my self. I get my Momma to myself. I get EVERYTHING to myself. Including the blame (the minus). ~Bear Cat

  23. I love this I spy game… the staff sadly has never a clue, because I mostly see invisible things :o)

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