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The Kid Sage’s Secret


Now first I want you all to just calm down. I didn’t know TKS was keepin’ a secret from me until just the other night. Mom L caught her in just the right lighting and KAZAAAAM! Out came the smart phone to capture the REAL TRUTH about TKS’ fur.

Now I know you all think of her as this sleek, lithe, sweet and funny black panfur cat. Black light the darkest part of the night. And yet even in the dark of night, in moonlight, that black panfur coat shines and glistens.

This is sunlight!

Well ok, ok—so that’s not really in the dark of night in moonlight. More like in the light of a late afternoon sun, but you get my meaning, right?

Anyway, TKS has been hiding, we suspect for sometime now, a deep secret about her true fur color. Mom L discovered this and was aghast! She yelled for me and I came running!!

They could hear you across the street for cat's sake! What do you want??!!

“They could hear you across the street for cat’s sake! What do you want??!!”

Mom L exclaimed “Look what I just discovered about your sister Sage’s fur color!” To which I had to reply—calm down! The Kid’s furs look just fine to me. All panfur black like the night and shiny—I don’t see a thing wrong with them. And by the way, I do not now nor ever have officially claimed TKS as my “sisfur”. Please keep that in mind.

Mom L shook her head and said you just aren’t looking close enough.

Well like yeah! Why would I wanna get any closer to The Kid? I mean sheesh, what does Mom L think I have been doing for going on three years now but tryin’ to keep my distance from The Kid!

So I moved closer just to appease Mom L. I started to check out The Kid’s furs with my nose first…can you believe it!!??? She tried to give me a smacky paw!! The nerve of that kid!

Moving on, I continued my scrutiny of her panfur furs and still couldn’t see what the heck was so disturbin’ to Mom L.

Finally Mom L points to TKS’ ear furs. She says can’t you see THAT??!!

I stepped even closer and holy cat!! Now I could see what was so mind numbing to Mom L! TKS is NOT AN ALL BLACK PANFUR!!! She has been keepin’ secret for all this time the fact that she has WHITE, I say WHITE ear furs inside her ears!! BOTH EARS!!

TKS' white furs are showing for all to see

TKS’ white furs are showing for all to see

So now I have to decide if I ought to be callin’ her a panfur anymore or maybe I outta call her a Tuxie? Or maybe a ZeeCat? Don’t zebras have white furs in their ears?? Hmmmm…this is a tough one. Maybe she’s a Tuxie ear fur panfur cat? What do you guys think? What color is TKS really???

Do you think if there ever is a Black Panfur Cat Club they would even allow her to join??


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26 thoughts on “The Kid Sage’s Secret

  1. White hairs in her ears? MOUSES! This could end up on the front page the paper, for sure. Again I must say, MOUSES! purrs

  2. Mee-you Savannah mee has singull white furs thru out mee panfur coat….mee iss still a Panfur an so iss Sage….
    An you know what Sage may ackshully bee a dark SEAL Brown color….
    Wee Burmesess’ can change color, mew mew mew…..
    ***pat patsss*** Dhartha Henry xXx

  3. Maybe she was dying those white hairs and forgot an application. You found out her secret!

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    Gracie and Zoe are all black housepanthers, and they say it’s fine that TKS has white hais in her ears. She’s definitely still in the housepanther tribe!

  5. pilch92 on said:

    I am sure any house panther club would be proud to have her.

  6. I think lots of black panfur cats have white whiskers and ear hair. In the first pic, it looks like her whiskers are white too. I notice she has a bit of alopecia too. I wish my face was all gray like your’s, BFGF.

  7. Wow, that’s an interesting discovery.

  8. My mum had to panther brothers and they both had 3 white furs on their chests.
    As I get older I am growing more and more black furs among my ginger furs. Maybe I am turning into a panther!

  9. The OP Pack on said:

    Well, even panthers are allowed to have a few white hairs poke their way in!!! She is still a gorgeous black kitty to us.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  10. Ah, those. Well, those are WILD furs. Furs that don’t want to play by the same rules as everyone else. She’s still a house panther, just a bit WILDER house panther than you originally thought. How special to have her in your household!

  11. We thinks she is still a lovely panther like Yin, Yin has a few white furs on her chest truth be told and her fur is more dark brown than black.

  12. mariodacat on said:

    I’m with cupcake, a little white on the ear is great. That one camera shot of her almost showed her grey too instead of black. So she’s a cat of many colors!!!!

  13. Her whiskers are white too!!! I love Bear’s whiskers … half are white, and the other half are black. Those white ear hairs just make TKS unique and all the more loveable (sorry, Savannah).

  14. TKS is really a regular panther kitty. 90% of black cats have those wild crazy white furs in their ears, sometimes it’s just one white fur. It’s doesn’t make them tuxies, just unique panfurs. Olivia has a couple of white furs in her ears. We love em! Purrs

  15. I may be biased, but I think a little white on a furpet is a good thing. A very good thing….

    Love and licks,

  16. Hey, waydaminit, Savvy. I’m a proud black panther kitty and y’know what?? I have a few white furs too. But I’m still a panther kitty in spite of it. ~Ernie

  17. katie isabella on said:

    Now now now Savvy. No way her a Tuxie like me and my ear furs are black. BUT as summer said, there are usually a few sprouts of white furs in inconspicuous places on panfurs. XXOO

  18. I think the white “accents” are pretty cool!

    Hugs, Sammy

  19. oh I bet that are the white hairs of feline wisdom and your TKS has some secret talents inside what will suprise us once :o)

  20. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    At a certain age every beautiful black panfur starts to find small bits of white. For me it started at about 6 years old. Now, at 14, my ear hair is white as are my whiskers. First it was just one white whisker that stood out like a beacon in the night, but eventually they all started coming in white, and not a soft white but a bright white like new fallen snow. Still, I’m am and always will be a black panfur!

  21. It’s actually really rare to have an all-black kitty with absolutely no white hairs anywhere. So Sage is just being a regular panther kitty. It’s nothing to worry about.

  22. I suppose she came to your house a panther – and then the worries you gave her made her fur go white in her ears …

  23. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Hmmm… Hard question… Let’s say she’s a Tuxie ear fur panfur cat ! Purrs

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