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Do You Have Special Spots for Pets?


I don’t know about all of you. Whether you are woofies or kitties, but I do know that I, Savannah the Cat, have some very special spots I reserve for the ultimate joy of being pet.

Mom L attended a session at Blog Paws in Arizona where one of the presenters, a Vet, talked about a special “pressure point” on a cat’s head. He said that when he greets a new patient he is always aware of this pressure point and tries to calm the kitty by applying the most gentle pressure on that spot.

I guess Mom L already figured out that “special pressure point” on me in our first months together. And now she knows I will hang out with her anytime she manages to hit that mark!

*sigh* Life is good—I can't imagine it getting better

*sigh* Life is good—I can’t imagine it getting better

And then Mom L reaches over and HITS THE MARK!!

Oh golly gee! that's just the spot!

Oh golly gee! that’s just the spot!

That is just the spot that Blog Paws presenter talked about. Right in the middle of a cat’s forehead, just a bit below the “between the ears” mark. MARVELOUS!!

And then Mom L has learned that I like another special spot moved just a bit to the right, and left, to hit just above each eye…

That's just the SPOT!!

That’s just the SPOT!!

What spots do you have that touch your special relaxation. Woofies and kitties please tell me. I think this big  dealio about “special pressure points” to chill’ax us is very important—especially when we are on a visit to places like the *shudder* Vet!


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22 thoughts on “Do You Have Special Spots for Pets?

  1. I like gettin’ really good scritches in ALL OVER the top of my head. It’s GLORIOUS!!! If I had a million smackaroos, I’d give ’em all to the peep if she’d do those scritches every day, all day long. PURRS

  2. Bear has a couple … and he prefers I’m not gentle on the either 🙂

  3. On top of anything I’m not supposed to be on is my favorite spot!
    Have a great Thursday…

    Noodle and crew

  4. Mee fave spotss are under mee chin an mee luvss an Octopuss squishy that Aunty Reeni doess to mee entire face an head at same time….it putss mee rite inn to mee ZEN mode……
    LadyMum has had to purractice this an that iss good….shee iss getting better at it!!
    ***nose kissesss*** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  5. All our animals have that exact spot they love – and others that are off limits 😀

  6. meowmeowmans on said:

    Gracie and Zoe agree with you! That is the awesomest spot!

  7. Whoa! We have “g” spots? I love it when TW pets me right between the ears on the top of my head and then further on the back of my head.

  8. pilch92 on said:

    That seems to be the magic spot 🙂

  9. I love gentle rubs in that same spot too. I also like chest scritches and it makes me groom my mum’s arm. If she stops, I tap her with my paw to keep going again.

  10. Oh that is one of our favorite spots too! All the mom has to do is rub it and we’re like jelly. 🙂

  11. Tubby likes having his front paws rubbed, and if he’s in an especially loving mood, it can put him right to sleep!

  12. Dang, that works here too prtty Savvy!

  13. My Cwnn adores belly runs.He demands them all the time.

  14. Your mom is such a smarty! And it looks like she give good head scritches, too.

  15. That hits the spot every time.

    Emma and Buster

  16. Kathleen Sturgis on said:

    And then there’s that spot just above the tail…..

  17. This is very interesting my furry friend! I think I shall see if the pups here have such a point. Cheers!

  18. hannahandlucy on said:

    It looks as though your Mom had hit the spot Savannah!

  19. Poppy like her nose being tickled, she will push against my hand when I do it and if I stop she will pick up my hands gentle in her teeth, and toss it up in the air so it falls back down on her head so I can tickle her again.

  20. This is good information about kitty spots. I like ALL spots. If hands are touching me, I am happy. Even if it’s just a kiddo pulling my tail.

    Love and licks,

  21. we dogs have such a point too… the mama learnt it from a dog trainer and it really worked…. butt guess what? she furgot the place of that point… humans…

  22. Oh yeah, that is an awesome spot!

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