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Our Purrsonal Secret Santa Paws


My first impression of our Secret Paws kitties is that they and their human are PURRSONAL!!  From the beginning of the package wrap to all the thoughtful gifts inside, every single item was PURRSONALLY thought out.

This is gonna be a great Chrissymouse Secret Santa Paws!

This is gonna be a great Chrissymouse Secret Santa Paws!

I did not know my Secret Paws cat blog until Sweet Purfections matched us up this year. And guess what??!! My Secret Paws kitties did not know about ME until they were matched up this year. The Four Legged Furballs are my new best furriends!!

If you don’t participate in the Cat Blogosphere Secret Paws each holiday season, you might miss out on gaining pawsome new furriends!!

Now on to our Chrissymouse Day unwrapping! I abstained this year and let The Kid Sage do the honors. And no, I am not feelin’ bad or poorly—I simply still have shyness wherever TKS is involved. That said, you are gonna luvluvluv seein’ her get into our package!

*snuffle* Oh yes, this is totally purrfect

*snuffle* Oh yes, this is totally purrfect

One of our gift toys was a wand toy, with FEATHERS!! Just like I asked for. And TKS enjoyed it even more!

Gotcha' my pretty!

Gotcha’ my pretty!

Our Secret Paws stuffed our package with all our favorite items.

Nip, crinkly noise and a treat ball!!

Nip, crinkly noise and a treat ball!!

And then they went above and beyond with our favorite treats!

Greenies for TKS and Party Mix Chik-hen for ME

Greenies for TKS and Party Mix Chik-hen for ME

I did come downstairs to check out the warm blankie we each received and to check out the new feather wand toy.

I like the smell of these feather and this blankie

I like the smell of these feather and this blankie

Of course Miss Lorianne sent Mom and Dad something just for them and again, it was PURRSONALLY made by her. Mom Linda is over the moon in appreciation of this very thoughtful art Miss Lorianne created. She must know that Mom Linda supports and works for cat rescues!

Our new fridge magnet

Our new fridge magnet

And not just the fridge magnet but chocolates too! Dad Peter is chomping away on these! (please click to bigify)

Chocolate for Dad Peter

Chocolate for Dad Peter

This has been a bit of a stressed filled holiday season for me and my family and we so appreciated this incredibly thoughtful and purrsonal package from The Four Legged Furrballs and Miss Lorianne. Truly very special.


I will have some updates on how Momma Kat is progressing in her continuation toward greater socialization. She is certainly making progress!

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26 thoughts on “Our Purrsonal Secret Santa Paws

  1. Pawsum gifts Savannah…
    Lady Lorraine iss so kind!!!
    An mee LUVSS Greeniess all so…..Katnip oness which iss funny as mee not like katnip???
    Meowy Katmass ❤ ❤
    **paw patsss** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  2. Marty the Manx on said:

    Happy New Year Savvy, Sage Mom L and Dad P! May 2017 be a year of blessings and happiness for you all!
    Marty and the Gang

  3. It looks like you struck the mother lode, Savvy!! People and kitties are great!! I am sorry you have had a rough year” I send mega purrs that this year will be a great one for you, TKS and mom and dad! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Those are great presents!
    Have a wonderful New Year…

    Noodle and crew

  5. Those are lovely gifts! The magnet is so sweet. Their mom does such lovely drawings.

  6. Woo! Hoo! What pawsome gifts from some pawsome folks! Yous guys hit the big time!!!
    Kisses dear furrends
    Nellie Bellie
    *•.¸¸♪♫•Happy Birthday to your Mommy ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•¸¸.•*

    • • ★ Happy ★*♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•¸¸.•*
      ¸¸♪♫•¸¸.•*★ New Year¸¸.•*¨*•

  7. What a pawesome surprise! Hope you had a great Christmas. Looks like you got some great gifts there! 🙂

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to reading about your new adventures in the New Year! Katy

  8. What an amazing Secret Paws. When I read their post about wrapping their prezzies, I hoped I would be the recipient but I’m glad it was you. I made out really good myself so I can’t complaine. Love love love that magnet. You should use it for your business cards too.

  9. katie isabella on said:

    Oh my dears, Savannah and TKS, how wonderful that you participated in the Santa Paws times here on the CB! Everything looks so special and I can see how much you enjoyed it. xoxox

  10. How wonderful you’ve met some new furriends. We love how your packages were so personal. Thank you for participating with Secret Paws again this year.

  11. Oh how lovely! What WONDERFUL prezzies!!! Looks like you had a fantastic time with your Secret Santa Paws, for sure. PURRS.

  12. S & S…total lee awesum package ewe all getted ….way kewl giftz for ewe both N mom & dad two !!! YAY ! ♥♥♥

  13. Sweet bling, S. You are nice to let TKS get the wrappings off. More time for you to have fun.

    Love and licks,

  14. meowmeowmans on said:

    Those gifts are so awesome, and we especially love how Mom Lorianne and the Menagerie personalized them for you all. We are glad that Secret Paws brought you together, as you are two of our favorite blogging families! 🙂

  15. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    You hit the jackpot
    Lily & Edward

  16. uThose are such a nice bipunch of goodies for a nice duo of sweeties!

  17. Wow! What pawsome Secret Paws presents! Miss Lorianne and her crew were so nice to give you such thoughtful gifts.

  18. Oh, I cannot even begin to express how glad I am that you all enjoyed the gifts we sent you. Reading this post and seeing just how much everything meant to you means more to me than I could ever express. I cannot tell you how glad I am that we were matched as your Secret Santa Paws!

    I love making new friends, and when I saw that I was matched with a blogging family I had never before met, I immediately visited your blog to get to know you better. The second I started reading your story and learned of your compassion for animal rescue, I felt so inspired. I had to hold myself back from immediately commenting on every single one of your posts I read, because I was afraid that would give away the surprise! It was tough, but I held off on commenting, even though I promptly started visiting your blog every day.

    Well, I apologize for that novel above, but I really am so glad to have been matched with you this year. We already consider you great friends, and we truly hope your Christmas was very merry and blessed!

  19. Now that’s one very nice Secret Paws pile of presents indeed! It’s always nice to make new friends and they sure sent you a lot of wonderful gifts……..

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  20. What a nice Secret Paws package! I agree, it’s often an awesome way to meet bloggers you may not have known about before – that has happened here a few times!

  21. oh that are purrfect gifts… I can’t wait to get my furst greenie… I bet that greenies have magic powers… do you agree?

  22. What pawsome pressies!

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