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I Cannot Believe It!! Can You??!!!


OH!!  MY!!  CAT!!!!  




Go ahead—you know you wanna touch that gorgeous badge below—PAW IT NOW! You will transport to view all the other 2017 Nose-to-Nose Award Finalists.

I felt like I had been hit smack in my nose when Mom L read the announcement to me. And the category I am in, well, gosh, it just makes me feel so humble. Ya see, I never thought about folks seeing my blog as a CAUSE BLOG. I guess I do get pretty riled up when I am sharing my Paw It Forward Projects or trying to get the work out to my readers when I see somethin’ that just isn’t fair to kitties who don’t have a voice. Why I have even loaned my voice to really deserving woofies when they needed help.

Hmmmm…THAT is what makes me a CAUSE BLOGGER! I care and care passionately about my blog posts that are intended to send a message or issue a CALL TO ACTION to help out other animals.

THANK YOU ALL for being my readers and giving me encouragement to share my “causes” with you. I wouldn’t be here without all of you.

I also wanna thank all those judges at BlogPaws for selecting my blog for this amazing honor. Sadly Mom L can’t get to that conference this year, but she and I will be there in spirit.

My Sunday Selfie is a photo I nominated for the 2016 Nose-to-Nose Awards. And Mom L made some really nice magnets she shared with folks last year. I hope you all like it. The only photo editing Mom L did was to get a bit more light.

This is the image she used to make the pawsome magnets. This says it all for me as a cat who is focused on giving a voice to all those companion animals in need. I am an adult shelter rescue cat and I try everyday  PAW IT FORWARD so others get the same lift up as I did.

Thank you BlogPaws for giving me this honor.

Just paw the badge below to transport to The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.



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39 thoughts on “I Cannot Believe It!! Can You??!!!

    Conkatulayshunss deer furend!!!!!
    ❤ Luv ❤ an ***paw kissesss*** Dharth Henry ❤

  2. Believe it, because you deserve it my new friend!

  3. It goes without saying that we want YOU to WIN – BIG TIME. Your devotion to the TNR cause, your clear, accurate and often heartwarming descriptions of the cats and the caring humans has us cheering.

    No-one captures the encouraging and positive side of TNR, the HOPE that is there and the willingness of many to act for cats.

    Bravo friend and colleague.

    Silver and Marjorie

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  5. That’s amazing, Savvy! Congratulations on this well deserved finallist Award and you look so purrfect too today. Let’s celebrate it with some niptinies. Cheers! Extra Double Pawkiss to you all… for the occasion☺❤❤

  6. Clowie on said:

    Congratulations! That’s great news.

  7. You are beautiful, Savvy! We’re so glad you were named a finalist. Of all the blogs we follow, we think yours is the best in terms of compelling people to act. And the best in terms of reminding people that commenting on a post isn’t the same thing as being the change one wishes to see in the world. Congratulations on the well-deserved honor!

  8. Savannah you are one kitty who we feel makes a diffurence. It takes a strong meow to be heard and you have the clarity of thought and the strength of character to help those in need
    Purrs and we will be suppurting you all we can!
    Timmy and Family

  9. BIG congratulations, Ms. Savvy!!!

    • purrs and paw pats Katie and Waffles and Miss Debbie. I was blown over by one of my peacock feathers when Mom L told me the news. She cannot attend this year cuz it’s a lot of green papers to get there.But I am putting positive purrs into my turbo charges leopard transport tunnel to all my fellow finalist to send good fortune to all

  10. Savannah, this is something BIG and something you have deserved for and from years of past work, and encouragement, and devotion to your cause. The judges have recognised all your work and it is a tribute to you and Mom L (and to Dad and TKS for support). I am so proud that you are a pal and have made the finals! Purrs to you all. Erin

  11. meowmeowmans on said:

    Well, of COURSE we can believe it, Savvy! You, TKS, Mom L. and Dad P. do so much good on behalf of cats everywhere. This is an extremely well-deserved recognition of all you do. We are happy for you, and proud OF you, dear friends. Well done! Love and hugs to you all. 🙂

  12. Congratulations, S. That’s pretty cool.

    Love and licks,

  13. Congratulations – what a pawesome honor for you and the Mom.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty

  14. Mary McNeil on said:

    Good job Savvy – and Mom L & Dad P & TKS !

  15. Why yes I CAN believe it, Savvy! Congrats to you and Mom L!!! Very well-deserved and I’m so happy for you.

  16. Susan Mulloy on said:


  17. Congratulations Savvy! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are an incredible cause blogger, for sure. PURRS.

  18. Flynn on said:

    Concats on being a very worthy finalist, Savvy.

  19. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Concatulations, Savvy, well done ! And beautiful selfie ! Purrs

  20. Savvy, we hope you and Sage and Mom L got the congratulatory e-mail she sent on Wednesday (we think). We are so proud of you all. Mom actually nominated you in this category last year. She was sick the entire time the nominations were going on this year, and she never had an opportunity to nominate anyone, so we were very happy to see some good friends, especially you, as finalists. Good luck. We really hope you win. This is a great photo, Savvy, and we appreciate you sharing it on the hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    • Hey, hey, hey Giulletta! Loved your selfie today. Always like seein’ us Russian Blues show off our furs. I thank you muchly for nominatin’ me last year in this category. I did not see myself as a “cause blog” but I think that pretty much sums up lots of what me and Mom L are doin’. An honor to be a voice for rescue companion cats and dogs and all community cats everywhere.

  21. A very huge concatulations Savvy to you and your Mom for being a finalist in the “Cause” category at Blogpaws. Absolutely WELL DESERVED. We couldn’t be happier for you!!

    Love, Angel Sammy and Teddy

  22. 15andmeowing on said:

    Congratulations! I am very happy for you, you do so much to help kitties in need – I am glad you are being recognized for all you do. XO

  23. nannanb69 on said:

    Congratulations and good luck

  24. Congratulations, Savvy! Well deserved!!

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  26. We are so, so proud of you, seriously proud. Y’all work so hard to help so many!

  27. I am so happy you are a Cause Blog finalist, Savannah! I can tell how much passion and heart you put into your posts, and how hard you fight for kitties in need. It is a very well deserved acknowledgement.

  28. edithchase on said:


  29. WooHoo!Yeah Baby you deserve it and more!Well done Savvy ,Sage and Mom L. We’re Rooting for you!,xx Speedy and Rachel

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