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I Got It! I Think I Got It?


My purple super cat flying cape has been begging me to take it out for a spin. No matter how long I keep watching for something to happen so’s I can fly to the rescue, nothing appears that draws me to ramp up my super flying cape.

Heck, I’m just gonna lie down here and see if something pops into my head. A few crinkle and crackle noises later—Nope, nothing popping anywhere here. Not my head, toes, tail—nothing at all. How am I gonna explain to my super flying cape there’s nowhere for me to fly?

“HEY!! Who tickled my tummy?? What in Ceiling Cat’s name is going on under me and my super flying cape! Come on you hidden tickler, show yourself! What did you say? You aren’t gonna show up??!! Fine by me my little tickler, you are gonna have to suffer my mighty smack down paws!”

Kerwhap! Whop! Slap! Thunk!

Lightning speed smack down paws

“Gotcha you sneaky imp!” Ummmm—now I’m not so sure which paw caught the little sneak. Heck, I’m not even sure “what” that sneak actually is!

What did my mighty smack down paws catch?

It’s up to you my readers to tell me which paw caught my sneaky tickler AND what or who is the tickler’s identity. I won’t lift a paw until I hear from you.


pEEeSS—for those of you who join The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, you might recognize my Sunday Selfie. Mom L was able to crop my face from one of these photos. Gotta luvluvluv online photo editing. And no, Mom L didn’t do a single thing to alter the color of my eyes. Seriously

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21 thoughts on “I Got It! I Think I Got It?

  1. I love that smack down post – it has such drama, and a real sense of fearlessness! Swift flying cat of courage and daring!

    WooHooo you get that tickler Savvy!!

  2. We got here too late to guess sweet Savvy but we are not surprised who the tickler was. 🙂 Your selfie is amazing…what a beauty you are and we love those eyes. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. It had to be Mom L. Or maybe you had a special visitor?

  4. Around here, it’s always a silly human doing the tickling, Savannah. Do you think that mom of yours dared tickle your adorable tummy? Quick, Savannah, use your pretty purple cape to fly away from those tickling hands!

  5. Is Mom L toying with you, Savannah?? We bet that’s what’s going on.

  6. Mee-you mee sayss RITE paw an it iss a teeny buggie of sum sort Savannah….
    ***nose rubsss*** Dharth Henry =^,.^=

  7. It was your Super Flying Purple Cape Savannah! I know Capey is getting ready fur the next adventure and needs to zip around the room a little

  8. Dang Savvy, you sure look pretty on purple and those claws are so impressive! You selfie and your eyes are amazing!!!

  9. It was a string worm zom (AKA Zombie) inching its way over and tickling ur tummy, I think. Watch out for those pesky ticklers, Savannah! They be crawling all over! What is ur super hero name, purple goddess?

  10. Hehehe somebody is teasing you Savvy but you have it down with the smacky paws,xx Speedy

  11. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Bet you can fly high with that cool cape
    Lily & Edward

  12. Angel Sammy said to tell you that he’s proud of you and your purple cape – he was not just a King of Bacon but also a King of Tissue and any time someone has a blast with it, he gets happy. He’s a little disappointed in me because tissue leaves me cold (at least this minute but as a kitten things change!). I’m going to guess that under your right paw is a TREAT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  13. Ooh, I bet it was a small mousie, a mousie after a piece of your special cape all for itself! Best not lift that paw too quick incase it flies off!
    Purrs, ERin

  14. I think there was a cricket and you got it with your deadly right paw!

    Love and licks,

  15. Oh, it had to be your human tickling you, Savannah! And I bet you used your right paw, because in the second photo, you were lying on your left side, so your right paw was more available.

  16. maybe there was a feather under your magic cape? it#s a flying cape, so a feather makes maybe sense LOL

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