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A photo to Celebrate #RememberMeThursday


I have just one “meme” for you today. And I offer it to again to celebrate and reaffirm the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s #RememberTheRescue day for Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Mom L and Dad P spent #RememberMeThursday helping some of our new neighbors getting a young Mom cat and her three, four month old, kittens, off to be spayed, neutered and vaccinated, etc. And, this also include one of my most favorite tortie adult cats in need of her forever home.

You see, Katie, the adult tortie, was likely left to fend for herself when her first “family” moved and left her all alone. Our new neighbors soon took her in to feed and take care of her as best they could for over two years. Thankfully, she was already spayed!

Long story, coming on my Monday Meowsie News Blog Post, is that Katie had likely never been to a vet, nor had any vaccinations and she desperately needed them all in order to get her on an adoption path.

So when Mom L delivered some extra cat carriers to our neighbors to help them collect the mom cat and her three kittens, it was a surprise to find that sweet Katie was the first to occupy one of the carriers!! Oh my goodness, was she ever so surprised about where that carrier would take her!!

Wait! That needle is gonna get stuck in where??!!

Precious Katie was not happy about “where” that carrier ended up taking her. But good to know, she is now vaccinated, flea treated, wormed and micro-chipped AND she is negative on the snap FeLv test!! Miss Katie will be up for adoption immediately. She is a total purr lady cat, and wanting her own home preferable without other cats. Yes, Miss Katie is a bit of a Princess!!

I know this is not one of my “regular” fun and funny animal memes, but seriously, isn’t Katie just too cute??!!  If you are anyone you know might be willing to create a space in your home and heart for Katie, please let me know in comments.


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14 thoughts on “A photo to Celebrate #RememberMeThursday

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  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Awesome job by Mom L and Dad P, helping Katie and her babies like that! We are glad she checked out medically, and purr and pray her forever inside home is just around the corner!

  3. Katie is lovely and we hope she finds a glorious forever home soon! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang

  4. I just adopted a young girl tortie from our local animal shelter and she is a total love bug. She is constantly by my side purring and talking to me. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Katie will be so happy with her, I am sure.

    Good luck Katie girl! Find your forever home and you and your new peeps will be very happy with each other!

  5. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    Katie is very pretty. I hope she and her kittens all get loving homes very soon.

  6. What a lovely near ending to the tale…. I do hope she gets the forever home the previous owners failed to give. So much love to give for someone who cares…

  7. Paw up for catching Katie and getting her all taken care of. Next is a forever home!

  8. Mary McNeil on said:

    Oh Katie, you are beautiful but we are far away and there are several of us already ! What a good day’s work everyone did on Remember Me Thursday !

  9. best best BEST fishes two ewe katie; we hope de next meme showz ewe in yur new for everz home ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  10. Bravo, bravo, bravo, terrific job!

  11. I am very happy for Katie.

  12. Best mum of the year. NO QUESTION!!

    Katie you are a lucky lady. Let’s see if you can be found a home!!

  13. I am purring really, really hard for Katie to get a home soon!

  14. Katie is a super sweet princess… and even when we dislike the vet place, it is great to know that efurrything is fine now at the health front. and we hope that the princess find her furever palace soon…

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