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Learning to Share My Space


I haven’t shared much about my progress lately so I thought I’d give you a peek into my latest growth in confidence. As you all know, I have struggled in trying to learn how to “be” with The Kid Sage in my castle. But she has been her for about four years now and while I still struggle learning to know what “play” is, I have become more open to sharing my space.

Now it is supposed to be “Winter” here in Nor Cal but heck, it has been feeling like Spring since February showed up. But before February made its appearance, we had some nice cool weather and Mom L took out an old than dirt blankie she has had since her high school days! You KNOW that is old!

Well it seems that both TKS and I luvluvluv sleeping on this blankie. It is really thin, probably some acrylic thing not real wool, but holy mouses do we both think it is toasty warm and soft. So Mom L has been keeping this blankie over her at night so’s I can snuggle on it nice and close to her. Trouble is TKS also likes it so she sucks up to the other side of Mom L. For some reason Mom L doesn’t always appreciate bein’ the middle of a “kitty cat toasted sandwich”! She starts throwin’ off the covers and TKS and I go flying!

So Mom L makes sure we can use that yummy blankie during the day time for out naps if we want. I, as first cat, get dibs on it first or course. But surprisingly, I am allowing TKS to join me—and she is getting way closer than I have ever let her get.

Yeah, I know we both look pretty grumpy here, but we really did relax and nap together for a couple of hours once that smart phone left the room. There are only about ten inches between us. Heck, out tails could have been touching we were so close.

I have even been known to get up on the blankie even if TKS is there first. That’s something I never have done before.

We have both found that the Winter sun puddle on the day bed in Dad P’s office is best enjoyed in the morning. I usually retire to that spot after I finish my brekkies, but TKS has discovered it and on this day she beat me to it!

You can tell it was cooler than now by the next photos of me. I am lying on my special hand knitted pink blankie which is on top of my fave blue afghan. Mom L caught me early one evening as I was preparing to have my TV watchin’ nap.

Thanks for coming by to visit. I will have a post for next Monday about the cat colony Mom L and I have taken on as one of my Paw It Forward projects.


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22 thoughts on “Learning to Share My Space

  1. Well dun Savannah! Yur doin furabuluss. An Sage yur beein so kind an that has helped Savannah get closer….
    Yur Sisfurss of thee magick Blankit now!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

  2. You are lookin’ a little grumpy in that picture there, Savvy. Both of you are. But you know what? Maybe that has more to do with the pawparrazzi invadin’ your privacy than bein’ with your sister. You think that could be it? purrs

  3. We just LOVE all your blankets and napping spots, and even though we don’t all get along, either, we’ll take a cat toasted sandwich any day!

  4. Wow, Savannah! You’re a good big sister. Those younger black girl cats are so annoying! ~Bear Cat

  5. Oh my, that makes my heart smile to see you two so close like that!

  6. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    I am glad to see you are letting TKS get closer to you. You are making huge strides!

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am very impressed with your progress.

  8. Sharing a blankie is a big step. Well done, S. And smart move – sharing is better than missing out!

    Love and licks,

  9. The Island Cats on said:

    How nice that you and TKS are learning to share that blanket, Savvy. We would call that blanket the Great Equalizer!

  10. You don’t look grumpy at all in that photo, Savannah – I think you look content! We kitties do the half-closed eye thing when we are, and sometimes we also squint when we’re happy to be with our humans instead of slow blinking. My human has a hard time getting photos of me sometimes because I squint so much.

  11. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Your progress is amazing, Savvy ! Sharing a blankie with TKS so close, that’s great ! Purrs

  12. You are doing great Savannah! Sharing is never easy especially when a sun puddle is involved but you didn’t try and beat the cwap outta TKS. This is remarkable. Keep it up my friend.


  13. Savannah, it takes time to become BFFs. But it looks like you are well on the way.

  14. S & S….all yur blankitz iz awesum …we thinkz itz way kewl yur gettin ta
    bee besties !! 🙂 ♥♥

  15. Savvy, would you let your BFGF get that close? I think TKS is becoming your new BFGF and I’m not jealous at all!

  16. The OP Pack on said:

    You sure do have some comfy blankets for napping there. And how nice that you are letting TKS snooze so close to you.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. I, who am still a very untrusting soul, think your progress Savannah, is amazing. Your reports always show progress and the images do you justice and also your humans too for giving you the environment to flourish and develop in. Long may it continue!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  18. You both look furry sweet together on that blankie! You have made SPLENDID purrogress, Savvy! Is it really as much as FOUR YEARS that TKS is there! Wow! Doesn’t time fly?!
    WE like best to snuggle up with Mummy UNDER the duvet when it gets cold. She doesn”t mind being in the middle of a kitty sandwich. In fact, She calls Us her “furry hot water bottles” (mol).

  19. You have made giant strides! You two one treasured blanket? This IS a cause for celebration isn’t it.

    Well done Savvy!

    Marjorie and Silver

  20. how great that you both can BE together now… and a shared blankie makes a double blankie… or not?

  21. It is cold here, too, so my Kessie slips under the blanket with which I cover my duvet during the day, when the heating is low while I am away and work.
    And you two look fab together.

  22. Mew Mew hellos Savannah & TKS! I must say that you two sure look pretty relaxed together on that blankie. It looks like you’ve always been together. What a nice collection of blankies you have to snuggle up with too! I have a fav red one that my Auntie crocheted for me. It is the softest one in the house and it is saved just for my use. Winky winks!

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