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Friday Smiles


You are gonna like the memes I made JUST for you my readers!! Are you ready to get your smiles going??

Yeah, well TKS is not happy that our foster kitty, Ms. Kit Katie is trying to slip onto the side of the bed TKS shares with Dad P in our morning coffee and cat treat time. TKS can be such a brat!

Wait!! What??? Why no one can possibly accuse me of such behavior—ahem—right Mom L??? (silence of crickets)

Well, let’s just move along, ok?

Well for me this is a “no brainer”!! I like my toesies in!! Mom L keeps her under those covers like she thinks they are made of gold!!

Kit Katie is getting might tired of showing me and TKS her tummy as she tries to win us over. Mom L and Dad P don’t know what to do for Kit Katie, but they know she needs a more interactive home than what we can all provide. Please help us share Kit Katie across the whole of Blogville.

Here is a new badge for our precious foster kitty Katie.



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13 thoughts on “Friday Smiles

  1. Carole Schulman on said:

    Katie,Lilly…mom said her heart is really moved toward you two. I so hope someone will tae the two of you together. XXXX
    Katie Isabella

  2. Those Memes rock and are sooo true!
    Katie really is quite a star, and deserves that forever calm sensible home very soon—and not just because TKS ants her spot back on the bed 😉

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Katie is obviously a very sweet kitty, showing her belly like that to Savvy and Sage. We hope she finds her own castle real soon.

  4. As you might guess, my peeps have to keep their toes and everything else under the covers. Any skin showing is fair game for my teeth.Poor Katie. I wish you could find another foster home for her. Hope is Lilly doing now that she’s been returned again?

  5. Aw, Katie. You’re such a cutie. We can’t believe someone hasn’t given you the home you so deserve.

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    These are all great. Katie sounds like a sweetie.

  7. Katie shows off her tummy to the other cats? How sweet, even if they are rejecting her. I really hope she finds a home soon!

  8. Savannah we are rolling all over Dad with hearty meows at these wonderful Memes Purrs dear friend
    Timmy, Buddy and Family

  9. Those are so cute sweeties.

  10. Sheesh! And I thought ONE sister was bad! I don’t know how you do it, Savvy!

  11. TKS you said it right… houseguests are sometimes like da housekings LOL

  12. Bruce on said:

    Great work as always.

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