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Community Cats Are Worth It!


Just in case you didn’t already know it, Mom L and Dad P have started a program in our forever city of Pittsburg, CA called Project Delta View Cats (PDVC). Of course I am the one who told influenced them about just how to go about doing this new Paw It Forward Project for me us. Not sure how they would have gotten this far without my steadfast incessant advice.

But we all know that our community’s abandoned, stray cats are worth every bit of effort we invest in helping them to live healthier lives and to over time have fewer of them left to fend for themselves. We are making sure the community cats we find are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and that their feeders are practicing the most neighborly methods of feeding them and caring for them so’s the whole neighborhood doesn’t see the cats as nuisances.

The hard working volunteers here at PDVC work nights and weekends to try to humanely trap the stray, abandoned, feral community cats we locate or feeders tell us about. Lots of times we work in teams when we have some trap savvy kitties to catch.

Cat trappers working out their strategy

You see this project those trappers are working on involves some down right trap wary cats. They even had one of them snoopervising them while they talked about how they were gonna approach this project that involve a mom cat and some pretty feral juvenile kittens.

Yeah, you guys try that. HAH!! Won’t work!

This smarty pants then went off to tell the other cats what we were gonna do. He hung around to learn that they were using both a regular humane trap and a drop trap!

Electronic drop traps can be triggered from a long distance

That reconnaissance cat watched until he knew just what the trappers were up to and then this is all Mom L saw of him again!

Off to tell the other guys what to look out for…heh…heh…heh

As I said at the top of this post, COMMUNITY CATS ARE WORTH IT!!

As for me, I have been snoopervising from my favorite sun puddle created by one of our skylights.

Snoopervising is such hard work!

Let me hear in comments how you help your community cats. You can also help us,, at Project Delta View Cats by visiting our website and dropping off a few green papers…heh…heh…heh! Thanks for coming to visit me today.


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11 thoughts on “Community Cats Are Worth It!

  1. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    I am catching up after w0orking away from home. THIS IS SO RIGHT!!!!

    I am working on poems right now!

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Well done, Savvy! Community Cats are awesome! We have TNR programs here in our town, and PAWS and lots of the other rescues here particpipate. 🙂

  3. Yup, in the wilds we have to keep our wits about us, but for all that, having been through the process myself the outcome is way better than if otherwise left alone. Paws up for all the great and undoubtedly trying and tiring work you guys do.

  4. I hope they catch those buggers like I was caught.

  5. The Mom and Dad have already figured out how tough it can be but purrsistence will win over time!

  6. We hope the volunteers can outsmart those cats. 🙂

  7. Salute to all of you kind hearted people! May your tribe increase.

    Emma and Buster

  8. How awesome that your human and the other volunteers are working so hard for community cats in your area!

  9. 15andmeowing on said:

    Your parents and the other volunteers are amazing.

  10. Carole Schulman on said:

    Savannah, your mom and dad are just the best! And I not only appreciate them, but the trappers and everyone who cares for the community cats. They are the total best.

  11. Good job, Savannah! Sometimes those humans need a little education on this point. I’m out there nearly every day helping community cats in my neighborhood and in my community, and occasionally in my city and region when we have a big project, and especially when we have a clinic, along with managing the website, parts of the social media, and all the PR. Kitties need ALL the help they can get!

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