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TKS and KK Cat Chat


Well it isn’t often that we cats allow humans to catch us having a cat chat, but even with her cat-R-acts, Mom L was able to capture a silly cat chat between TKS and KK.

Hey Katie?!
What’cha want TKS?
Let’s have a contest

You can see that they were hangin’ out together, so of course a contest or game was gonna happen!

KK: “how’s about “who can look the cutest rolling upside down?” TKS: “Ummm…you mean with my head like this?”

Wow! Now KK is a master at this move.

TKS: “Perfect. Check out this move! My mouth is even kind’a open KK: “ohhh…nice one TKS

KK is so generous and always compliments TKS for her part in every game they play.

KK:” But look at mine with paws up!! TKS: “Yeah well I still think my twist with an inside out chin position is better

MOL!! TKS is still a competitor at heart!

TKS: “KK you do that upside down move all the time. Why? KK:” “Cuz I’m tryin’ to look vulnerable to you so you will wanna snuggle with me

Ahhhh—KK shares a truth.

KK: “So, is it working’ on your TKS? TKS: “*chuckle* Yeah ‘cuz now I play with you in the morning, but not so much with Her Royal Highness Savannah.

Yep, TKS got that right. I am not giving into KK’s “submissive” moves. Although I have tried a couple of playful lunges at her without any hissing from me. I’m not sure if that is “cat play” as I never had any other kitty help me learn what that is.

TKS: “*closes eyes and giggles* You got that right TKS!!

Sigh—now they both know I am a hold out!!

KK: ” Thanks for the contest TKS. It was fun” TKS: “Yeah kid, it was, wasn’t it”

Maybe one day I will be where TKS is; havin’ a cat chat with KK. Ya never know with me!!?









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13 thoughts on “TKS and KK Cat Chat

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love that TKS and KK are becoming pals,and teaching each other cat stuff. 🙂

  2. The Swiss Cats on said:

    It’s so nice to see you two being pals ! Purrs

  3. Edie Chase on said:

    You kitties are all so cute.

  4. The Island Cats on said:

    So nice seeing TKS and Katie getting along! Maybe with the two of them as friends, they’ll leave Savannah alone…for the most part. 🙂

  5. You two really have the seriously cute going on!

  6. So nice that both KK and TKS now has a furrend of play with. You still have Mom L and Dad P. I still have my stones too and I’m glad to have hooked you up with Pearl. I didn’t know she was still making them in her new home. She just sent me some nip though.

  7. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Hawwooo! Good to hear woooos are all getting on well, play bows,


  8. hay ewe galz, thiz bee de best conversationz we haz hurd ina long time !!

    N de food gurl still haz de stonez mom L sended her a veree long time ago….prettee kewl huh 🙂 ♥♥

    • Totally kuul! Mom L forgot she sent some to ur food service gurl. She had some made by @tinypearlcat to give to our volunteers with our Project Delta View Cats targeted TNR group. They loved them! @tinypearlcat moved from Washington where the stones are smoothed by the sea and sand to New Mexico where the stones are a bit more rough, but still so nice.

  9. Carole Schulman on said:

    Katie and Sage are pals…whew. Seriously. I am so glad. Savvy, please…you’ll be glad you did. A wonderful cat pile awaits you.

  10. It’s really nice they have each other to play with and learn from. Katie has been a wonderful addition to your family. She is such a sweet heart.

  11. I’m glad Katie and Sage are pals. Savvy, don’t worry about it. It will either come in its own time for you… or it won’t. I know your human will make sure you are happy and comfortable either way.

  12. cats are rockn roll in any way and we give you both 8 paws for your purr-formance

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