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Nursing duty is not easy


I told you that Mom L has talking walking new-moan-yah, right?

Well that means I have become her Primary Caretaker of course, so I must spend most of my day and night with her in case she wants something. But I do have to call in the back-up nursing staff when I need a litter box break or a snack or just to stretch my legs.

But I gotta tell you, my back up nursing staff needs to get some refresher lessons on proper Mom L care taking. Why just look at how KK decided to pull her first shift!

Napping while on nurse duty!!

I just could not believe my eyes when I came back to find her snoozing away in a sun puddle in the cat tower that overlooks our bed where Mom L is recovering. And believe you me KK was sound asleep!


Well I sorted her out straight away and next shift she pulled she did so properly.

Nice tight snuggle next to Mom L

She faced Mom L and was snuggled as tightly as she could get to her leg so KK would know the instant Mom L needed anything.

As for TKS, she has has many years under my paw for nurse training and she has been pulling her shifts in a pretty responsible manner.

Good form, tight snuggle

Here she is snuggled tight against Mom L, but unfortunately she had her back to Mom L so’s no way would she wakey up if she couldn’t feel Mom L move. I almost dinged TKS for not facing Mom L like I trained her, but then I moved around to check out just how asleep TKS was. I was gonna give her a fright for not facing Mom L.

Never sleep on nurse duty

But I was caught by TKS who was in no way napping on her nurse shift! She was keeping a close watch for any movement from Mom L.

So as you can see, it isn’t easy being on round the clock nurse duty. I mostly pull the all nighter’s and stick with Mom L from dark until morning. But it sure does help having back up nursing staff. I just need to get KK back into some more training to make sure she stays consistent.

How do you handle your nursing duties when you are called upon?


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16 thoughts on “Nursing duty is not easy

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Well done making sure the rest of the staff is on point while helping Mom L get better, Savvy. We’re sending much love and healing purrs.

  2. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We hope your Mom is feeling better very soon ; she has the best nurses with you. Purrs

  3. I think Mom L is in very good paws for all her nursing needs. When Mom had knee surgery, I kept my head on her sore knee as often as possible. She mostly said, “Get your bony head offa me!” and “OUCH!” I’m not sure she appreciated my services as much as she should have….

    Love and licks,

  4. Wow, you sure have an excellent team there to take care of things when you have to take a break. I am sure it was a minor oversight on KK’s part, and probably just the wrong location choice—best intentions and all.
    Kepp up the great work Ms Savvy, and I am sure the staff will be in fine fettle very soon.

  5. Edie Chase on said:

    I hope your Mom is feeling better quickly. It’s good that you have 3 nurses on duty to attend to your Mom’s every need.

  6. Sheesh. You need better nursing help, Savannah. We sure hope Mom L is feeling better soon.

  7. Nursing performance is sketchy at my house. Could you please come straighten them out? I’m so glad you are in charge at your house; Mama L needs you!

  8. Y’all take good care of Mom L. and tell her we all send purrs and hugs.

  9. 15andmeowing on said:

    I hope your mom is better soon. XO

  10. Carole Schulman on said:

    Girls, please tell your momma that my mom once had that walking pew- moan- ya and it ain’t no fun. My mom and I both are hoping hoping that the expert nursing care will bring her around all healed up. XX
    Katie Isabella

  11. Hope the human slave gets better, soon. Allow KK some slack, she’s just a trainee nurse, she will learn in time. But she’s still young and not fully fit herself!

  12. I’m glad there are three of you taking care of your human while she is recovering from walking pneumonia! I’m sure she needs each and every one of you.

  13. Pee Ess. We hit “Post Comment” before We had finished. We meant to say “Get Well Soon” to your Mom.

  14. We suppose KK, being new to nursing duties, hasn’t completely learned the ropes yet, Savvy. But she will learn. Perhaps TKS can help with her training. You shouldn’t have to do effurrything by yourself and Sage seems to have learned well.

  15. that is a good idea to watch your mom from above so you can see everything from a higher purrs-pective. Hugs and POTP to your mom L.

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